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Here’s How Your Zodiac Sign’s Ruling Planet Affects Your Life

Understanding your governing planet is a good way to get to know yourself better.

All signs of the zodiac have a ruling planet and this is responsible for some of the essential traits of your personality. The planet in power can tell a lot about your true nature.

Find out the planet that rules your zodiac sign and how it can affect you:


Aries: Mars

Mars, the god of war, is your ruling planet. Mars is associated with action, desire, energy, determination and passion. Just like Mars, you are fiery and passionate. Overflowing with energy and enthusiasm, you are action oriented and very good at doing things.

You are ambitious and determined to succeed. On the other hand, you can be impatient and angry. Think before you talk. Finish what you started.

Taurus: Venus

Venus, the goddess of love, is your ruling planet. Venus rules money and love. The earthly and materialistic aspect of Venus is highlighted in this sign. You are stable, reliable, pragmatic and hardworking.

You value beauty, pleasure and comfort. In fact, you work hard to have more fun, but just like Venus, you can be vain and complacent.

Gemini: Mercury

Mercury, the messenger of the gods, is your ruling planet. The planet Mercury is associated with communication and self-expression. The intellectual aspects of Mercury are most strongly expressed in Gemini.

Like Mercury, you are curious, communicative and versatile. You are competent, intellectual and spiritual. Your excellent conversation skills help you expand your social circle. Mercury can also make you nervous, agitated and inconsistent. Stick to your plans, dear Gemini.

Cancer: Moon

Your ruling planet is the moon. The moon represents emotions, mood, needs, habits, reactions and the unconscious. The moon is associated with feminine energy. You are a sensitive and emotional soul. You have a compassionate heart and you take special care of others. Sometimes you let your emotions guide you. This approach to life can make you vulnerable, but it also makes you very intuitive.

Your ruling planet can strengthen your imagination, creativity, intuition and compassion. On the other hand, the Moon can also put you in a bad mood and make you irrational. Don’t let your emotions control you.

Leo: Sun

Your ruling planet is the sun. The sun represents our ego, our will, our vitality, our identity and our conscious mind. You are bold, proud, generous, warm and confident.

Just as the sun is the center of our solar system, you would like to be the center of attention. On the other hand, you can be proud, moody, arrogant and stubborn.

Virgo: Mercury

Mercury, the messenger of the gods reigns over the Virgin. The practical aspects of Mercury are most expressed in Virgo. You are logical, pragmatic and focused on details. Mercury helps you make decisions in the most practical and rational way possible. You have a powerful mind that helps you learn, analyze and focus on the details.

You aim for perfection in everything you do. But it can also make you very critical of yourself and others. Learn to look at the situation as a whole. See the beauty in the imperfections.

Libra: Venus

Venus, the goddess of love rules Libra. Venus is associated with love, harmony, balance, fairness, beauty, grace, charm, justice, serenity and cooperation. You are ruled by your heart. You are a charming and friendly soul who seeks love, peace, balance and harmony in life.

Venus has improved your artistic skills and opened your eyes to beauty. You like to surround yourself with beautiful things. You are a diplomat and you can see different versions of a situation. On the other hand, you can be complacent and indecisive. Make a decision and stick with it.

Scorpio: Pluto

Pluto, the god of hell, is your ruling planet. Planet Pluto is intense and passionate. Pluto is associated with transformation, renewal and rebirth. You are focused and nothing can distract you from your goals. You have a deep inner need to seek the truth and discover the hidden things.

The truth will eventually set you free. Pluto gives you that ability to transform and walk a path for your greater good. Conversely, Pluto has an obsessive need for power and control which can be destructive.

Sagittarius: Jupiter

Jupiter, the king of the gods, is your ruling planet. Jupiter is about growth and expansion. Jupiter is associated with hope, faith, purpose, opportunity and growth. Jupiter is a planet of luck, abundance and optimism.

Like Jupiter, you are always lucky and optimistic. You are adventurous and you like to take risks because you are sure that everything will be in your favor. However, be careful not to be too confident and trust too much.

Capricorn: Saturn

Saturn is your ruling planet. Saturn is associated with restriction, limitation, responsibility, commitment, discipline and hard work. You are ambitious and work hard to achieve your goals.

You are determined to succeed against all odds, step by step. Saturn gives patience, wisdom, determination and focus. You are very realistic and pragmatic. On the other hand, you can be pessimistic and too cautious.

Aquarius: Uranus

Uranus is your ruling planet. It is associated with innovation, discovery, progress and novelty. Uranus is different from other planets because it rotates on a vertical axis. Just like Uranus, you like to be different. You are a creative and eccentric soul who loves originality and individuality.

Uranus gives you the strength to be independent and to stand out from others. On the other hand, you can be a rebel without a cause.

Pisces: Neptune

Neptune, the god of the sea, is your ruling planet. Neptune is associated with inspiration, dreams, intuition and spirituality. You are a dreamer. You are lost in the world of your dreams where everything is perfect.

Neptune pushes you to be very imaginative, intuitive, creative, kind and compassionate. Believe that the world is full of magic and you are always looking for that magic. On the other hand, you can try to escape the reality of life by developing an addiction.

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