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Here’s How You Cope With A Near-Relationship Based On Your Zodiac Sign 2022

It’s anything but easy to break a near relationship no matter who the one leaving.

Nonetheless, it is something that most of us have experienced and that we all deal with in a different way.

Here’s how you deal with the breakdown of a quasi-relationship, depending on which zodiac sign you belong to.


If you belong to this sign, you recover from every failed relationship, including those that were only halfway, by rushing to someone new right away.

While some might say it’s unhealthy and the wrong way to move forward in life, the truth is, this method works great for you.

When you meet a new person you just don’t have time to think about your heartache and before you even know it you’ve forgotten what happened.


As stubborn as you are, you view every pain as your personal defeat.

You suppress your emotions and you don’t allow yourself to be sad because you see it as a sign of weakness.

Your goal is to get back on your feet as quickly as possible and prove to yourself that no one can conquer you.


Instead of seeing the end of your relationship as the end of the world, you do your best to learn from it and see it as a valuable lesson.

You start to see this relationship as a good practice for something serious that will happen in the future.


When it comes to how you half-recover from a relationship, you’re doing it the old-fashioned way.

You don’t sleep, don’t eat, and blame yourself for everything that has happened.

However, this is not a bad thing – you are simply giving yourself time to grieve and the opportunity to drive all the sadness out of your system.


If you are a Leo, you are recovering from an almost relationship by severing all ties with your ex.

You delete all your photos together, block it from everywhere, and avoid all the places you might meet it.


Like everything in life, you rationalize things when your relationship ends.

You put all of your ex’s bad characteristics on paper and force yourself to realize why things between the two of you wouldn’t have worked out even if you had stayed together.


Once your near-relationship is over, you immediately start to blame yourself for the things that go wrong.

You reread all of your old texts and replay your entire relationship in your head, trying to determine if there was anything you could have done differently.

Instead of hurting yourself, remember that some things aren’t right for you, and this break-up can’t be all your fault.


The way you try to get over your near-relationship is by turning to partying, booze, and one-night stands.

Instead of assuming that this toxic lifestyle will help you heal, know that it’s not a way to fill the void your ex left behind.

Instead, it can have a counter effect and only make your pain worse the moment you get sober when you have to deal with whatever has happened.


When your near-relationship breaks down, you seek solace in the work.

While self-improvement is always a good thing, it’s not a way to run away from your problems.

Just occupying your mind all the time will not make your pain magically go away no matter how much you want it to.


You are not someone who will complain about the way things turned out or that you weren’t able to build a real, committed relationship with your ex.

Instead, you regret letting them in in the first place.

You are guilty of not doing better and you can’t forgive yourself for allowing the wrong person to break your walls.


If you are Aquarius, you will seek comfort from friends.

You keep talking about your ex and your past relationship to the point where you annoy everyone.

However, if these are the people who truly love you, they will understand that this is your way to heal and let go of all your sadness.


No matter what type of romantic relationship we’re talking about here, the biggest problem you have with breakups is that you don’t accept them.

At first you live in denial and expect your ex to come back, then long afterward you continue to live in the past, thinking about the different ways you could get back together.

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