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The stars reveal the number of adequate hours of sleep that we need to wake up in the best possible way according to our zodiac sign.

How many hours should you sleep to feel good when you wake up? Many health experts have spoken out on the issue and have defined the optimal hours of sleep in the fiction of the age of individuals, today it is the stars that give us this response.

Each zodiac sign would have a specific personality and character traits that would make it more or less in need of specific hours of sleep. Here is exactly how many hours you need to sleep each night based on your zodiac sign.

How many hours should we sleep per night, according to our sign?

A night of restorative sleep is undoubtedly the optimal way to wake up in shape and in a good mood. Many people sleep too much or too little and this affects their vitality and beyond.

Some people lack sleep balance and often go to sleep late when they need to wake up early or end up spending a whole day in bed sleeping. Sleep should be as regular as possible, that’s how many hours the stars advise you to sleep


Natives of this sign are vital and energetic, hyperactive and tireless. 6 hours a night is enough for them .


Taurus natives like to laze around and like to spend a lot of time in bed. In fact, they tend to sleep too much. Taurus should sleep 7 hours a night and that’s it.


Natives of this sign love company and small talk and would spend the whole evening talking. The Gemini often forgets that he should sleep 8.5 hours a night and therefore go to bed earlier in the evening.


Cancer like Gemini needs 8.5 hours of sleep a night. Being an empathic and sensitive sign, he often needs to sleep more than others to recover from his emotions that often destabilize his days. This sign worries too much during the day.


Leo needs 6 hours of sleep every night. It is an energetic and vital sign, it recharges quickly but sometimes feels the need for an extra nap. The stars advise to indulge this need by resorting to afternoon naps from time to time.


Libra is not much of a sleeper. If he sleeps too much, he feels nervous and unproductive. Even natives of this sign need 6 hours, the important thing is that they are hours of uninterrupted sleep otherwise they will feel devastated upon awakening.


Virgo should sleep from 8 to 10 hours every night , this sign suffers a lot from the effects of tiredness and lack of sleep, when it sleeps little it shows a certain irritability, a drop in morale and a discreet mood.


The native of Scorpio only takes 6 to 7 hours a night to be fit and perky.


Sagittarius is always sunny and positive, in order not to lose their smile they should sleep 8 hours a night . He often forgets to do this because he is the king of parties and tends to be a night owl. If he gets enough sleep this sign wakes up with brilliant ideas.


Capricorn is too busy with work and things to do to sleep and is content with 6 hours. Let’s say that they are sufficient even in the opinion of the stars.


For Aquarius, sleep is a matter of mood. This sign needs 6 to 10 hours of sleep, not every night, but depending on how their mood fluctuates. Usually 8 hours are ideal.


We know this is the sign that but dreaming and fantasizing most of all. For the great dreamer of the zodiac, the stars have designated at least 9 hours of sleep per night.

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