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7.8 billion human beings populate the earth, each belongs to one of the 12 zodiac signs, one sign is much less populated.

The stars reveal to us a curiosity concerning the zodiac signs or that there are signs that are much more populated than others therefore more common and a sign that is particularly lacking therefore defined as rare and they also explain to us the strange reason at the origin of this phenomenon.

The inhabitants of the earth are not evenly distributed in the zodiac. There are more common signs than others. If you often happen to be surrounded by the same sign all the time, it is no coincidence. This happens to you because evidently, those signs are more numerous. For example, you may know many Taurus but few Scorpios and Aquarius.

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What is the rarest sign of the zodiac?

Statistically, it would seem that there are more births in summer than in autumn.

Until the postwar years, autumn was lacking in births, consequently so were the astrological signs belonging to this period. Signs such as Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius were therefore less common. This trend has reversed over the past 30 years and Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius have swarmed the zodiac with participants.

The birth peak has shifted from summer to fall. To date, the month with the most births in the world in October, followed by January and August.

The signs of winter are currently the rarest. Among the less populated signs, we find Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries.

Aquarius is the rarest sign of all, perhaps because in addition to being a winter month it is also the shortest month of the year.

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What is the Aquarius native-like?

This sign is rare in every sense because it is among the most extravagant and particular signs there are. In addition to being very independent and not accepting any form of coercion, imposition, or order, these signs very linked to freedom are also extremely sensitive and fragile. Although he is very patient and understanding he feels very hurt when others don’t do the same for him and don’t try hard to understand him.

This sign often shows that it needs solitude and those who know it know that their balance is very fragile, let’s say rather unstable.

In love, Aquarius is devoted and for a long time but tends to run away in case of frequent misunderstandings.

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