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Ready to find out which is the perfect flower for your zodiac sign? In fact, each of us has one: here’s yours!

Today we decided to discover with you which is … the right bunch of flowers to give you!
Did you know that every zodiac sign , in fact, has a flower that is the perfect one for him, capable of improving his day? Probably not: now, however, that you will read which is the perfect flower for you, all you have to do is go out, buy yourself a bouquet and feel how much power is released by having it close!

The perfect flower for every zodiac sign – here’s yours

Let’s start with the basics: why should there be a perfect flower for every zodiac sign ? The zodiac and the horoscope bind us by a million invisible threads that help us better understand ourselves and our life.

Just as there is a perfect stone for every zodiac sign or even the Greek deity that is associated with your month of birth , there is also a flower that is the right one for your sign. Aren’t you curious to find out which one it is?


To Aries we assign the lily of the valley as the perfect flower for the zodiac sign . The search for peace, the desire to finally find a safe shore is what transpires from both: both Aries and lilies of the valley!
You could learn something from your flower, dear Aries : to be less combative for sure!


The lily is the flower that we can assign to all those born under the sign of Taurus . It represents strength and determination, especially when there is no other alternative!
For Taurus the lily is a practically obligatory choice: able to withstand the elements, graceful but also practical and ready to get busy!


Dear Gemini , for you we have no doubts: the perfect flower for your zodiac sign is absolutely the rose .
Beautiful but with many thorns: you would like to be able to grasp it but, if you get distracted for a moment, it really hurts! Anyone who has ever been engaged to a Gemini can confirm: the rose is the perfect flower for them!

Cancer: here is the flower of your zodiac sign

Homemade, simple, which can be found everywhere: dear Cancers , do not be offended if we assign you the daisy flower !
Your flower is what it is most anyway but, for this very reason, it is more appreciated and more beautiful to look at. Like you Cancers , the daisy is a dear friend, a familiar presence that we are always happy to see!


The perfect flower for the Leo zodiac sign is the sunflower . This flower, which rises higher than the others and which moves conspicuously following the sun, perfectly represents the Leos . Protagonists, excessive and over the top and for all to see!


For the Virgin , however, the perfect flower is that of the narcissus . Wonderful, perfect, beautiful to look at and… sometimes a little tiring because of all its beauty, right?
Dear Virgo , you are so precise that you often seem inaccessible. Sometimes you are but, just like the narcissus, wouldn’t you want to be more “friendly”?


The perfect flower for the sign of Libra is the oleander flower . This plant (beautiful but poisonous, so be careful) produces beautiful, brightly colored flowers that are perfectly visible and “detach” against the green background of the stem. Libra is exactly like an oleander: boisterous, real beautiful and immediately noticeable… sure, sometimes there’s a nasty surprise waiting for you too !

Scorpio: The perfect flower for your zodiac sign is the orchid

Let’s face it: how many orchids did you get in case they died because you didn’t understand absolutely what they wanted from life? Scorpios
are exactly like that: beautiful and highly coveted but also very difficult to keep “at home”. A Scorpio is a delicate creature, strong but with many needs and requirements.


A mysterious flower of them is the flower that we will assign to those born under the sign of Sagittarius . Sagittarius , in fact , is a difficult sign to understand but fascinating and independent… just like the lotus flower!
Surrounding yourself with these flowers, dear Sagittarius , could help you understand how others see you!


Dear Capricorn , you couldn’t help but be beautiful red poppies ! Capricorns and poppies look alike for numerous reasons: they are resistant, discreet even if they are easily noticed and have no intention of failing in their role! Like a Capricorn , the poppy represents fidelity of purpose, security and lack of laziness!


For those born under the sign of Aquarius we can say only one thing. Dear Aquarius , the perfect flower for your zodiac sign is jasmine !
Very fragrant, it can be seen and heard from afar and, just like you, it is always present! Climbing, it helps and supports others without whom it could not and would not want to live.

Pisces: The flower for your zodiac sign is hydrangea

To Pisces , on the other hand, the horoscope assigns hydrangea as the perfect flower . This flower that divides into a myriad of petals and creates a feeling almost of a new one represents very well those born under the sign of Pisces !
You are mysterious, you do not like to show off but you attract everyone with your bright and beautiful “colors” to see: Fish and hydrangeas if they understand it perfectly!

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