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The stars reveal to us the sign that he does not like manifestations of affection in public and that at times he is insensitive and detached.

He is certainly not the type to huddle and cuddle in a public place. It is unlikely that he will compliment you or give you tenderness in front of friends or relatives. It is a sign that as a couple he loves to preserve your intimacy. Also, when intimate confidences are made to him, his reaction could leave you stunned. It is as if he does not care, in reality he does not like to make judgments and therefore listens without doing much else. Did you understand who we are talking about?

Among all the signs of the zodiac, he is also known for his precision and for being a high-level perfection. Tidy, well organized and never late. He is very fussy. Perhaps this makes him more distinctive than his tough guy armor. The sign of which we have just given you a detailed description belongs to Virgo.

Virgo is the sign that seems most insensitive of all

Hard on the outside and tender on the inside, this sign plays tough. Tend to be distrustful, he finds it difficult to open up to others. As a couple, she has trouble showing their love even over time. The Virgin is literally incapable of affectionate manifestations in public, she does not come naturally to him, she finds it a gesture of lack of modesty. In fact, he is known to be, let’s say, not very tactile.

Both in love and in friendship, Virgos tend to demonstrate their attachment to others through concrete, regal actions, rather than through affectionate gestures and fuss. The element of this zodiac sign is the earth. Her influence on her makes him a sign with a head on his shoulders, that she knows what she wants and how to get it. For this sign, actions are undoubtedly worth more than gestures!

Don’t be surprised by his constant complaints. Virgos are usually very sensitive and suffer from frequent anxiety states. She complains a lot and never suits him anything.

If he does not show affection in public, it is not because he is not in love but because he hates to be noticed and prefers to link certain gestures to the private sphere.

Even towards his family it is like this. You will hardly see him hugging and cuddling his family, even when the situation requires special comfort. Finally, if you try to hug him in public thinking you like it, you are mistaken. This type of effusions make him feel uncomfortable and embarrassed and are considered by him to be real shortcomings and violations of his privacy and his living space.

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