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Who knows if you will be in the top five positions of the zodiac signs that seem hard but are not? Let’s find out now!

An angry look, scary tattoos, the gait and stride of those who never have to queue because everyone lets them pass first.
Hey, but you’re hard!
No, no, don’t do that: we certainly didn’t want to make fun of you, quite the opposite!

What we want to know, however, is whether under your armor as a man (or woman, why not) ” who must never ask ” is hiding by chance a real sweetie.
We are certainly not making the rules but stars and planets: ready to see if your sign is in today’s ranking?

The signs that seem hard (but that are not really hard at all): this is who I am according to the horoscope ranking

Yes, that person who inspires you so much fear, who always appears sulky and with whom you cannot talk probably cries like a baby in private!
Hey, we’re certainly not trying to make fun of people showing their feelings or crying – being in touch with their emotions is great!

There are people, however, who seem tough to us.
We have never seen them in difficulty or moved, we have never seen them suffer for anything. They’re real rocks, and let’s face it, they even look pretty scary at times!

We are sure that there are people like this: all in one piece, who are not afraid of anything and who under their armor have… another armor!
Those we want to deal with today, however, are all those zodiac signs that seem hard but are not. Ready to discover the ranking?

Gemini: fifth place

We put those born under the sign of Gemini only in fifth place in our ranking because they often and willingly reveal their true nature to others.
What true nature? Ah but that of the sweethearts made and finished, which just can not hide for too long.

At first glance, however, Gemini seems to be tough. They have complicated personalities and the people who meet them for the first time are almost frightened by their emotional ” detachment “. (Except to discover, later, that this detachment just does not exist!).

Pisces: fourth place

Of course, you will argue, we already know that Pisces are generally very emotional people, full of feelings and emotions.
In reality, however, Pisces are people who manage to hide their fragility very well!

From the outside, in fact, despite daydreams and the always lost gaze beyond the horizon, Pisces seem real ” hard “. They don’t cry when they are left, they never let off steam with friends or girlfriends, and they never talk about how they feel.
Of course, when maybe they have come out of the storm they can give some hints to their weakness but, in the moment of sadness, we can assure you that you will see them hard as a rock!

Aquarius: third place

Those born under the dell ‘sign Aquarius are people always very busy, they do not seem to have time for feelings, especially personal ones.
They spend enormously on everyone else, always making themselves available and neglecting or putting their own needs in the last place.

What happens, often? That Aquarians feel they are ignored by everyone, never cared for: no one cares about them or their feelings. Everyone “takes” without ever giving anything in return. The aquarium, however, tends to hide their feelings until they explode: then yes you’re in trouble!

Leo: second place

Even those born under the sign of Leo do nothing but hide their feelings every day and for this reason, they often do not seem very friendly.
They have a killer look, they don’t like meeting new people and when someone becomes more popular than them, they generally get offended to death!

The Leone are people who bring with them insecurity deep-rooted: thinking of having to ” blackmail ” emotionally others and are extremely loyal friendships (even when they should not) because they want to maintain the same relationships forever.

What often happens is that the Lion becomes dominated by the character he has created and that, for this reason, he is unable to get rid of him.
From the outside, it seems hard the hard everyone but inside often is suffering and also very. Try to give him a hand!

Capricorn: first place in the ranking of signs that look hard (but are not at all)

Obviously, in the first place of our ranking today, we could only meet the Capricorns.
Well yes; precisely the Capricorn, the ones that seem the hardest, the most unpleasant, and the evilest of all the zodiac signs are real Cuddly!

Those born under the sign of Capricorn are generally people who have no contact with their inner world at all. Or rather: they have no idea how to communicate with others and do not know how to articulate their feelings orally: not a small problem, don’t you think?

As a result, Capricorns look extremely hard and angular from the outside but, when you get to know them better, they suddenly become real sticks of butter.
(They melt right away, not like butter just taken out of the fridge). Do not be fooled by Capricorn: needs throughout your love!

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