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Today we have decided to offer you the horoscope ranking that interests you the most. Oh yes, let’s talk about the best zodiac signs in bed: are you in the ranking too?

Who among us has never crossed our minds to find out how much and if we are truly experts … under the sheets, right?
Asking our partner, in addition to being rather dangerous, can also lead to inconclusive results. What boyfriend you would say never that you do not know us in bed?

Fortunately for us, stars and planets cannot lie and, therefore, are by far the best ” entities ” to ask such questions. What do you say: are you ready to find out if you are in the ranking of the signs of the zodiac who are true masters of eros?

The best zodiac signs in bed: here is today’s horoscope ranking

How well do you think you are in bed?
The answer, of course, not can it be positive: you’re really the best of all and most importantly, the best that your current partner ever had, right?
Well, today we can shake your certainties (sorry but that’s the way it is).

How? Certainly not coming to check what you do under (or above ) the sheets but drawing up a rather particular horoscope ranking.
It is one of the best zodiac signs in bed!
Today we decided to find out what are the five signs of the horoscope that have an innate talent for physical love.

Do you think you are in the rankings? If the answer is yes then you don’t have to worry – you will definitely be in one of these five positions, right?
If the answer is no… well, it might be time to start asking your partner some questions about your intimate life. And if your boyfriend isn’t in the standings either … you better run for cover immediately, don’t you think?

Pisces: fifth place

In fifth place in our ranking we find all those born under the sign of Pisces: yes, apparently making love with them is a real luxury!
The Fish are among the most disturbing signs and sensual horoscope: certainly, it is no coincidence that they are in this ranking!

Apparently, those born under this sign are among the people most ” capable ” when it comes to intimacy. They know tricks and secrets you have never heard of and they will bewitch you: seeing is believing!

Capricorn: fourth place

Even Capricorn, evidently, does not play badly between the sheets. What a surprise to find them in this ranking!
Those born under Capricorn, in fact, have a decidedly ” solid ” reputation: concrete and practical, it seems strange to us that they are in the ranking of the best signs in bed!

Yet Capricorn is a sign that has great inventiveness and, perhaps, unleashes it all with the partner! They are passionate and passionate lovers, who would do anything and who have no inhibitions. With them, there are no embarrassments and shame but just a lot of fun!

Cancer: third place

On the first step of the podium, we find all those born under the sign of Cancer. Apparently, they are extremely good under the sheets too!
Cancer is a sign that has a way of making extremely sweet and gentle at least until not tease her sensual side!

In fact, Cancer particularly likes to be able to “ give ” to the other, and under the sheets, he turns into a real … lion (pun not wanted).
A person born under the sign of Cancer can create a truly disturbing sensuality, which throws others into chaos. Once you have “tried” you will not go back: be careful!

Scorpio: second place

Apparently, even those born under the sign of Scorpio are truly fantastic intimate partners. We would tell you to try it to believe it (but we know very well how tiring it can be to deal with a Scorpio: you have all our sympathy!). The Scorpio is a sign that, though, as well as create problems and be very difficult, it is also very good in bed.

Will the game be worth the candle? The Scorpio, for example, is one of the signs more complicated from the point of view of sentimental but, apparently, extremely creative under the sheets.
What a dilemma!
According to the stars, however, those born under the sign of Scorpio are people who never stop working and who also have a clear view of the goal.

For them, the intimate relationship is like any other challenge they have ever accepted: they must be the best, at all costs! In short, apparently, the relationship with a Scorpio is perfect, fantastic, and really performing: what do you think, will you give it a try?

Sagittarius: first place in the ranking of the best zodiac signs under the sheets

It is useless to discuss or even try to argue: it is those born under the sign of Sagittarius who have the palm of the best under the sheets!
Who would have thought that Sagittarius was so good? After all, those born under this sign are generally quite shy and reserved, playful and childish.

Strange to think that not only in the ranking of the best zodiac signs at making love but they are also in the highest position!
After all, however, on closer inspection, we could have expected it: knowing how to make love is all a matter of… altruism!
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are among the most selfless and enthusiastic people in history: for them, the physical relationship is something that must please both of them and they are committed as never before!

Furthermore, those born under the sign of Sagittarius have ” magic hands “. They know how to use them very well (and in fact, they also have an advantage in all practical careers ). In short: it is now clear why Sagittarius is the best sign in bed! Hands of gold, enthusiasm, desire to do, and a very developed sense of altruism: they are the perfect partners … under the covers!

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