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Find out what sweet to give for the Befana to each zodiac sign.

With the arrival of the new year and the desire for parties still present, the thought that soon they will have to resume the usual rhythms brings with it a bit of sadness. And given that the witch thinks about taking away the holidays like every year, what better way to make this day sweet than to give sweets to your friends? It can also be a useful idea for those who have forgotten some Christmas present and do not know how to return a sudden gift. Well, the epiphany is a party that also lends itself to this, providing the right ironic key to play down a late but certainly felt gift.
Today, therefore, after having seen what 2022 will be like for the various zodiac signs and what is the best good resolution to put into practice for the new year, we will try to find out which is the right sweet to put in the sock of every friend or acquaintance, adult or child.

Here is the perfect Befana sweet for every zodiac sign

Aries – Puffed rice and chocolate bars
Those born under the sign of Aries are dynamic people who, while loving sweets, always keep fit and above all in motion. For this reason, in their stocking they can not miss some bars that you can always carry with you, perhaps to be consumed after a run or a workout. Protein bars could also be particularly welcome, as long as they are greedy to see and eat. And if you add a little thought like a friendship bracelet to the treats, the gift will be even more beautiful both to give and to receive.

Taurus – Greedy but Healthy Treats
The natives of Taurus love treats and love to eat. Their stocking will therefore have to abound in variety, ranging from greedy chocolates to real sweets such as filled pastries and small disposable snacks to always carry with you. Even better if you manage to insert something healthy in the fray to allow it to give in to the throat even on diet days or in which they should remain more rigid. Their greedy side will make them appreciate this gesture and the gift will be more than appreciated.

Gemini – Mixed and filled chocolates
Those born under the sign of Gemini love surprises and things that need to be revealed little by little. For them, therefore, the perfect treat consists of a series of masked chocolates. Chocolate coins or chocolates that recall Christmas through the shapes of Santa Claus will work well. Among these, filled and above all mixed chocolates should also be included. In this way, each new taste will be a surprise able to surprise and amuse them, which is also what they particularly care about.

Cancer – Classic Chocolates
Cancerians love simple things. All the more reason to surprise them with a selection of special and different chocolates. Even better if among these there are classic ones and able to remind them of those eaten in childhood. One thing they always appreciate is being able to travel through memories. This is why, if a long-standing relationship binds you, a note that reminds you of it or some object that brings back the memory of those moments will be much appreciated. In this way, the stocking will become a special and unparalleled gift.

Leo – Greedy nougats
Those born under the sign of Leo always love to feel at the center of attention. Their stocking will therefore have to be special and filled in very carefully. Among the desserts that cannot be missed, there are nougats, even better if covered with chocolate. Eating them is always a pleasure and will make him understand that you have thought about them carefully before choosing what to buy for him. Normal chocolates are also welcome and if you want to win them over, you can think of an object that can represent them, such as a mirror for her and a pen for him.

Virgo – Some special candies and treats
Virgo natives love to be surprised, which is why their stockings should have different treats, all unique. You can go from candy canes and gummy candies to filled chocolates and mini nougats. A mix capable of keeping them busy and making them appreciate research and choice. Furthermore, by opting for more types of sweets it will be easier to circumvent their critical spirit which, as he knows them, is always lurking and ready to point the finger at the smallest flaw in everything.

Libra – Light sweets in a particularly neat sock
Those born under the sign of Libra are people who care a lot about both aesthetics and the care of their person. For this reason, the right sock for them must show itself taken care of from the outside. Choosing a particularly beautiful or even personalized one is, therefore, a choice that, by itself, is a winner. As for the interior, the advice is to opt for light sweets, perhaps to accompany some rare exceptions. This way they can eat them without putting them aside for fear of putting on too many extra pounds.

Scorpio – Lots of mixed treats
The natives of Scorpio are people who love to feel pampered. A sock that speaks to them and that fully represents their tastes will therefore be the best choice to make. The desserts to choose from can range from sweet charcoal to filled chocolate, perhaps going on particularities such as filled chocolates or special flavors such as pistachio or cherry. The curiosity to taste them will already be a cause for joy by itself, making your gift particularly welcome. In the same way, if you want to give something more, you can insert a small object, such as a personalized card or a small object that reminds him of you even when the sweets are finished.

Sagittarius – Snacks or exotic chocolates
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius love to travel both physically and with the mind. What better way to make them happy, then, than to give them a sock that contains sweets that come from all over the world? It will be a way to allow him to travel with taste and to remember desserts he has already tasted or to explore ones he has never tried. A gift that will surely please him making them feel the center of attention.

Capricorn – Licorice and different treats than usual
Capricorn natives love fancy things. Their stocking, therefore, must not lack some particular sweets and others that they may not know at all. Having to discover them will charge them with adrenaline giving you the certainty that the gift will be more than appreciated even in the following days. For an extra touch to your gift, you can insert a small calendar for the new year perhaps with something they like as a theme. This way they will remember your gift for the whole year.

Aquarius – Gummy candies
Those born under the sign of Aquarius love to be surprised with different things than usual. For this reason, a sock that they will certainly enjoy must include gummy candies and other sweets that are fun as well as good in their eyes. Biscuits depicting animals or a few lumps of sweet coal, if mixed well with normal chocolates, will be a fun diversion for them and able to make them appreciate the gift more.

Pisces – Fine Chocolates
The natives of Pisces love everything that warms the heart. Packaged chocolates that show that they have been designed with particular attention will therefore be a truly special gift. Better to opt for quality than quantity, perhaps adding a greeting card and some biscuits that can make everything more playful. In this way, the sock will be a very special gift for them and able to give them the right emotion.

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