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According to the stars, our zodiac sign influences our eating habits. Here is the favorite dish of each sign.

Your date of birth may have to do with your food preferences. This is determined by a survey commissioned by a well-known food delivery service, Uber Eats. The preferences in terms of food were examined in relation to the dates of birth and therefore the astrological sign. 

We have revealed to you what you should eat to stay healthy according to the stars , today we tell you what your favorite dish is. If the answer is correct, will you still believe that astrological predictions are not reliable?

Here’s what each zodiac sign loves to eat

The survey examined a thousand people, they are few but the stars are sure to understand the favorite dish of each sign starting from the characteristics of their personality. Hyperactive people will not like to laze around the table but will prefer fast and highly digestible dishes, the greediest signs will love sweets more than savory and so on.

Here are the conclusions:


The Aries native loves fast food, actually strives to eat healthy but cannot resist temptation as he is very impulsive. He needs substance as he spends a lot of energy for sure it’s not a salad sign but his favorite dish is: steak-fries


Taurus is a sign that loves tradition and loves sharing food with the family. He enjoys the little pleasures of life which include his favorite foods. He does not prefer refined dishes but typical dishes of the tradition of his country, perhaps to be shared in good company such as lasagna or macaroni au gratin.


Gemini is fascinated by food, he talks about food all day and if he watches a movie in the evening he doesn’t give up popcorn. This sign loves to try new things, and foods of different nationalities. This sign loves Chinese dumplings and timeless burgers.


Passionate about dinners and large tables, this sign always organizes last minute dinners. If his fridge is empty he will not hesitate to order Sushi.


Exhibitionist and very attentive to the line and its appearance, this sign in the kitchen is lazy, prefers to eat out where it can be noticed and can receive compliments. Leo loves original dishes but his favorite dish remains pizza, which he allows himself from time to time but with great pleasure.


Precise, meticulous and anxious, this sign is attentive to health and therefore to diet. It is a sign that he loves soups, vegetables and stew. Always on a diet. His favorite dish is pasta and beans or an omelette with onions.


Libra is a balanced sign, during the week he is careful to be able to take off some whims on the weekend. He loves authentic, beautifully presented, colorful and spicy Mexican dishes, but he can’t say no to a chicken in salt with new potatoes or stuffed peppers.


Scorpio loves impromptu evenings. He often invites friends and relatives at the last minute, loves fish dishes and cannot give up a Valencian paella .


Sagittarius loves parties, new encounters and travel. Renowned for his culinary skills, many star chefs belong to this sign. Too bad that he has his head who knows where and always forgets some ingredients for the realization of his recipe. His favorite dish is dry pasta or risotto.


Capricorn is a sign that he loves good food, food is sacred to him. He often eats the same things without wandering, his favorite dishes are simple and traditional like the timeless lasagna.


Aquarius loves tasteful foods. Curious and inclined to temptation, he tastes everything. He is more attracted to sweet than salty, in fact the baskets of shortcrust pastry and custard with fruit are his favorites.


Highly sensitive and empathetic, Pisces love hot dishes and love sharing them with the people they love. Flavors and simple dishes full of memories are his favorites, such as ham medallions.

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