Zodiac Signs


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The stars reveal to us which are the zodiac signs that despite the hard head have a heart of butter.

Each zodiac sign has unique characteristics, some are very affectionate others reserved and others are cold in appearance but have a huge heart. The way each zodiac sign expresses its feelings is different. Do not be fooled by the hard head of these signs, in their chest beats the most tender heart of all.

The way we express our feelings largely depends on our childhood experiences. Often the way we grew up reflects the way we behave as adults. In addition to this, the type of heart one has also affected, and this depends on the character and innate personality.

Here are the signs with the tenderest heart of the zodiac

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These signs are extremely tender, they are affectionate and know how to bestow love and affection without reserve. Being with these signs is pleasant, reassuring, and romantic. These signs know how to go beyond our flaws and love us as we are. With them, you will find a haven.


Cancer is a sign that has a strong attachment to family. His golden heart is well known. To make his loved ones happy, he is willing to do anything. Cancer is tender, loving, and caring and in love, they are even more so. His partner is his most precious treasure and he can’t help but cuddle and praise him. His heart is kind, he is unable to feel grudge or malice.

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Leo is an eccentric sign and loves to strut but behind that strong egotism it beats has a tender and loving and very sensitive heart. Leo does not show his great love to everyone, but only to those who will be able to give him love and affection. Before letting go, the Lion must be sure that he will be reciprocated and he must put his trust in others.

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Libra is a very romantic sign even if it doesn’t show it. He always cares about others above all he makes sure that tranquility and harmony reign in his home. Libra needs to maintain a balance, even in love. Although she doesn’t often talk about love, she expresses her feelings about him through gestures or gifts.

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Pisces is an extremely sensitive sign, loves love, tenderness, and loves to have feelings, to feel the heart beating and the butterflies in the stomach. He dreams of a fairytale love relationship for life, a relationship where there is no room for problems, misunderstandings. This sign needs to create a strong intimacy in the relationship and to do so it constantly communicates to the other what it feels. This sign is always happy for others, does not feel jealous, and is incapable of evil deeds.

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