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He is the stingiest sign of the zodiac, he pays close attention to money, has a strong sense of saving and an exaggerated attachment to money.

Stingy, stingy, stingy, miserly, these adjectives describe this zodiac sign well with this great sense of saving and reluctant to spend his money. He is an earth sign, thrifty and careful, he never gets caught up in shopping like Aries, Scorpio and Leo do, on the contrary he avoids it. Before spending his money he thinks about it 10 times. Every penny of him is sacred.

Filling the cup is one of his favorite hobbies. It’s a provident sign that he thinks about his future and never makes rash decisions. We are talking about the sign of Taurus, it is he who wins the title of the thinnest sign of the zodiac.

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Taurus is the most money-obsessed sign

Earth signs such as Taurus are rational and grounded signs. He is a very responsible and foresighted person, the tank of his car will never be red, the fridge is never empty and his account is never broke. The native of Taurus values ​​well how to spend his money and does so only in case it is strictly necessary. This is why it is called a mean sign.

Taurus is a sign that he has a strong attachment to his family and goes out of his way for their well-being. He makes many sacrifices for this he does not intend to frustrate them with unnecessary expenses. The Bull is able to walk many kilometers to save the money on the bus ticket or do without dinners, holidays and various gifts. He renounces comfort in order to accumulate money. This means for him having to give up the comforts and pleasures of life, or rather only the material ones, alternatively he dedicates himself to many activities that are good for the heart but not bad for the wallet such as walks in the woods, homemade food.

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The Taurus is not fashionable, it does not need the latest technology or trendy clothes. The Taurus is simple and essential, he does not miss anything only he does not feel the need to surround his life with superfluous things.

His disinterest in material goods is a gift that many would like to have for this he is envied.

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