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Astrology can reveal to you which are the most manageable and quiet girlfriends based on their zodiac sign.

As you probably already know, astrology has a special interest in everything related to our personality and relationships. The interest in couple relationships stems from the fact that they represent an important part of our life. Here is the ranking of girlfriends from worst to best according to astrology

Girlfriends according to the horoscope, from worst to best


Being in a relationship with a Scorpio woman can be tricky because her frankness leads her to always say what she thinks. Some may believe she is tough, but the fact is, she doesn’t like going around it. She does not appreciate the fact that her mistakes towards her are multiplied and she pays attention to each of them.


A woman born under this sign can easily be so hard on herself that she thinks she isn’t doing enough for you. You tend to easily fall into self-criticism and jealousy. She is the type who often requires proof of love.


The impulsive nature of the Aries woman risks making you make hasty decisions without considering the risks involved. Her tendency to dominate can also give you the impression that you are losing control of things in the relationship.


This woman is the type who clings to her freedom so much that she can give up on you for fear of losing it. She knows how to be independent but she will want you to be very busy making efforts to win her over and she is not ready to go after a man. She has a good heart and is very intuitive and no man will be able to deceive her.


The Cancer woman loves to please not only herself but her partner as well, sometimes she can do too much and expects the same from her partner, which tends to be problematic. Her sometimes unrealistic expectations of her can make her unhappy and threaten the stability of the relationship.


Courage, pride, and ambition are what best define the Leo woman, but be careful because she can also ask her partner to follow her example, otherwise the door opens to conflict.


In a romantic relationship, the Aquarius woman can show a rather particular complexity, as she is torn between attachment and independence which, according to her, gives her life meaning. Her freedom is therefore the red line for her not to cross. Boredom is her worst enemy and she only feels fulfilled with a dynamic but good-natured man.


The dual personality aspect of the Gemini woman can be very difficult to manage in a romantic relationship. Because she can be attractive and the next moment is frivolous about her need for chills. This split personality can easily make you question her sincerity.


The Capricorn woman is the type who achieves her goals and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She expects her partner to do the same, she tends to take more initiative in the couple, especially about responsibilities and problems to be solved to safeguard the relationship.


The extroversion of the Libra woman makes hatred of loneliness a crucial aspect, so she tends to seek contact with others frequently. You will understand that Libra’s jealousy and temperament don’t mix. She is balanced, charming, and charismatic and will make her partner his priority.


She is one of the easiest girlfriends in a relationship, but only after breaking the ice by helping her overcome her reserved nature, which can sometimes play tricks on her. She is also a very caring woman just waiting to give you what you want for five times her!


This woman is the true embodiment of passion and devotion in a relationship. It is enough for him to see that her partner follows the same rhythm as her to be ready even to collect the stars for the happiness of her lover.

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