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For This Zodiac Sign, The November New Moon 2023 Turns Everything Upside Down

Today, November 13, 2023, a brand new lunar cycle began with the new moon in Scorpio at exactly 10:27 a.m. As is usual for the new moon, it calls on us to clean up and transform our lives so that old burdens can be let go and new things can emerge. According to the horoscope, the lunar event turns the life of one zodiac sign upside down.


The star constellations influence each zodiac sign in many ways, and the November 2023 new moon promises a very special energetic shift. Namely for the zodiac sign Cancer.

The zodiac sign Cancer is ruled by the moon – so it’s no wonder that the new moon in November 2023 will play a key role and bring about profound changes. On the one hand, emotional blockages will be released, so that Cancers will have the opportunity to free themselves from stressful feelings. It is a time of self-healing and emotional transformation that can lead to the zodiac sign ending a relationship in which he has not felt comfortable for a long time. In the family environment, old wounds are healed.

The November new moon also encourages Cancer-born people to pay more attention to themselves. It is important to listen to your intuition and take time for personal development. Cancers may discover new ways of self-care, whether through meditation, wellness rituals, or spiritual practices. The newfound inner balance will have a positive impact on several areas of life, including your job! Take advantage of this momentum until the end of the year.

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