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Astrology: find out what never to do on a first date. The opinion of the stars for each zodiac sign.

The first date is certainly an important moment for the future of a couple. Right from the start, you can understand some of the other person’s ways of being and bring out various sides of your character. You know each other through words but also with looks and gestures and you understand if there is certain alchemy or if it is better to limit yourself to simple knowledge. Going out together for the first time is certainly exciting but it also hides several pitfalls that can sometimes lead to making the wrong gesture, risking ruining everything. There is no magic formula to make things go well and there is always the rule of simply being yourself because conquering someone with a lie means carrying on a story made of lies and unhappiness for both. If you want to hope to impress, however, you can choose not to make unnecessary but often decisive mistakes. These are moves that can be good for some and very bad for others and that largely depends on the way of being and thinking of those in front of you. Since in part, the stars also influence these aspects, today after seeing how to best spend the last Sundays of September and which are the truest zodiac signs, we will try to understand what never to do on a first date with a certain zodiac sign. It goes without saying that if you also know the ascendant of the person you’re dating, your chances of succeeding double. Do not worry, however, these are still general indications, the rest will be done by mutual attraction and the desire to get to know each other and to start a possible story together.

Horoscope: what not to do on a first date with each sign of the zodiac

Aries – Never Be Predictable
Those born under the astrological sign of Aries love to be constantly surprised by life and, of course, by people. To hit the mark on an appointment it is therefore important to interest them from start to finish, talking about themselves and their interests, without being afraid to show themselves different from the others. Within the normal limits, a certain form of originality is very appreciated and seen as something interesting that pushes the natives of the sign to want to know more. Furthermore, betting everything on curiosity and never appearing predictable is something that amuses them and that makes them decide to continue the meeting, immediately asking for another appointment. The watchword is therefore to fascinate, giving your best to avoid doing or saying things that may sound trivial.

Taurus – Don’t give up right away
The natives of Taurus are a bit of the old way and even if they will try to say and prove the opposite, they always appreciate the woman who knows how to make herself known little by little and who is in her way difficult to conquer. Having to struggle to get his attention makes them feel at stake and that’s something they usually enjoy. This is also combined with good manners, a certain elegance in the ways of doing things, the ability to listen, and the desire to share a special moment. Therefore, never give yourself up immediately, tell too much about yourself, or make it clear that you intend to forge ahead. The natives of the sign love to proceed slowly to enjoy the moment and make the knowledge something special to make it last as long as possible. In this way, their interest will skyrocket and so will the desire to see each other again.

Gemini – No boredom
Going out with someone of the sign of Gemini can be a very delicate phase as the first parameter on which they will be based in the possibility of being bored. The natives of the sign, in fact, literally hate boredom and for this reason, they are strongly afraid of approaching someone who can make them try it. On a first date, it is therefore essential to avoid creating moments of emptiness that may appear slow in any way. Much better to always keep an eye on the situation to correct the shot at the first yawn or, even better, to prevent this from happening. In some ways, it can be a bit stressful but the way they do it and the affection they know how to give will by far repaying any effort.

Cancer – Never go to noisy clubs
Cancer natives love calm and expect something intimate and private on a first date. Beyond choosing where to go, therefore, it is always good to make it clear that you want to know each other, avoiding situations in which you have to scream to be heard. Being able to make them feel at ease is undoubtedly the best choice that can be put in place and this means avoiding proposing beautiful places but too full of people. Much better to opt for quiet scenarios, perhaps even romantic ones, and act calmly to give time to get used to the situation and to dissolve any initial tensions. In this way, it will be possible to create empathy, which is very important for them to choose to proceed with knowledge.

Leo – Don’t put yourself in the center of attention
Going out with someone with the sign of Leo means not putting yourself at the center of attention all the time but also being able to maintain a certain balance, able to make it clear that you are ready in spirit and also interesting but not interested in overshadowing the others. The natives of the sign tend to look for someone who can be considered an equal but at the same time ready to act as his shoulder, without ever taking away the spotlight, indispensable for them to feel happy. If you want to continue the knowledge this requirement must always be kept in mind, without making you believe that you are devoid of character because, absurdly, it is another thing that they just do not accept.

Virgo – Don’t upset your routine
Virgo natives are extremely sedentary and calm-seeking people. If you go out with one of them it is, therefore, important to be able to create a context in which to make him feel at ease without boring him by offering him the image of something he already knows. The trick with them is to know how to surprise them with little things that revolve around their routine, creating a diversion that is small enough to be appreciated. Hating the news, in fact, out of the ordinary twists would end up confusing them, making them feel uncomfortable. Much better to bet everything on simplicity but with an eye for detail.

Libra – Don’t Do Things That May Look Unpleasant
For Libra natives, it is imperative to be nice and fashionable. Being somewhat unpleasant on a first date can annoy them to the point that they can’t wait to end it. Lovers of beautiful things, even in relationships imagine someone who always knows how to show himself in an orderly way and who takes care of himself and of what is around him. Elegant ways, a kind way of speaking, and kindness that also hints at that of the soul, are qualities that they consider very important and for which they could end up losing their minds. On the contrary, people who are too direct or who show not having polite ways would end up being immediately discarded.

Scorpio – Telling Lies
If there is one thing that Scorpio natives expect at any level of knowledge it is sincerity. Added to this is the fact that they almost have a certain sense of lies, which they also tend to trust a lot. If they sense that the person in front of them is lying or tends to blow things up to make a good impression, then, they immediately stiffen, starting to distance themselves. To have any chance of reaching the end of the first appointment and to be able to count on the possibility of having a second one, it is therefore essential to put sincerity first, which will certainly be recognized and appreciated.

Sagittarius – Showing monotony
For an appointment with someone born under the sign of Sagittarius to be successful, it is essential to show that you are dynamic and have a great desire to always have new experiences. For them, it is important to be sure that they can have fun and not go towards a possible ratio that is stale or even boring. Wanting to accompany them on their mental and real excursions is always a good business card to which you can add that given by sympathy, another important aspect for them. What matters is never to give them the feeling of being tied to monotony or the need to live things by establishing a certain routine, because it is something that they hate deeply and that would push them to stay away.

Capricorn – Show little irony
Capricorn natives love bright people, show some irony, and, if desired, a spirit of self-criticism. The way to make a first date fail is therefore to show little irony and inability to grasp their need for life which results in the search for people with whom to share points of view and important moments. To move forward in a possible relationship (as well as on an appointment) it is therefore important to give the best of oneself in this sense, without showing long faces or little propensity to catch or make jokes. The watchword is fun because those born of the sign love to relax to the maximum in the few free moments that they allow themselves and for sure they are not made for people who just want to pass the time.

Aquarius – Being too chaotic
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are eccentric people who have a very particular outlook on life. For them, the ideal first date must aim at getting to know the other person and discovering any points in common that can create the basis for a future relationship. To ensure that the first date is not a disaster, you should therefore avoid extreme ways of doing things or that show a desire to party and surround yourself with the chaos that usually pleases many people but that natives of the sign detest. An encounter between two such opposing worlds would be impossible due to their way of seeing things, leading them to try to close any form of contact as quickly as possible. Much better to make things progress in small steps.

Pisces – Do not appear too closed
The natives of Pisces are probably the sign that among all is the one who knows how to open up completely to the world of dreams and other people. So when they interface with someone they like to feel at ease and fantasize about who they are in front of. If a bit of mystery can make it all more interesting, excessive closure risks making them feel uncomfortable, distracting their attention from the knowledge that there should be, and leaving them with a sense of unfinished that could lead them not to want to repeat the process. what. Much better to be moderate but eager to get to know them and make themselves known. For them, empathy is everything and without a feeling at first glance, the chances that the knowledge goes well are nil.

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