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Horoscope: find out which house you should live in according to the stars.

When you are about to move house, the questions about the final choice are so many and may depend on personal tastes, needs related to the place where you work or the costs of real estate up to. What really matters, especially if you are preparing to buy, is not to limit yourself to choosing a house just because it is beautiful, in order to feel at ease and continue to appreciate it over the years it is in fact essential to follow your needs. Not all, in fact, are made to live in the same way. There are people who are more at ease if in large buildings, others who are inclined to live a little on the sidelines, and others who need a high floor or a garden in which to give vent to a passion for plants and flowers. . In short, the search for the right house is certainly very important and given that as regards the needs of each of us the stars have a certain influence, today, after having seen if and how moody we are and what is the defect that the partner may not like, we will find out which house is best suited to our personality.

Choose the perfect home following the advice of the stars

Aries – A high-rise apartment in a city center building
As dynamic as you are, your ideal home must be in the city center and possibly in a large building. In this way you can always have everything at your fingertips, feeling involved in city activities and never alone. In addition, a high-rise building makes you feel a bit like the protagonist of an important TV series, one where you are with friends and enjoy life knowing that you can always return to your cozy refuge.

Taurus – In a cottage in the countryside
If work makes it possible, the ideal place to live is a beautiful cottage in the countryside. Not too far from the city but secluded enough to give you the feeling of retreating to your own corner after a long day of work. Since you are a lover of the home, knowing that you have your own place to grow your plants is in fact a reason for joy and relaxation. Even better if there is a partner to share everything with whom to build something important.

Gemini – A city apartment with good lighting
A city apartment is what you need to be happy, even better if the house has large windows that can give light to the environment. As you need to always receive new stimuli, an apartment located in an area well connected to the rest of the city is better. This way you will always have everything at your fingertips and experiencing new adventures will be as simple as drinking a glass of water.

Cancer – The studio or the loft
For you, the house must be a welcoming place to recharge after a hard day. For this reason, you do not have big claims but you prefer something small, to be personalized so that you can feel only yours. And in the case of a partner or family? A nice loft to creatively make your own might be just the thing for you. What matters is that it is something welcoming and easy to rearrange so that you can spend your free time in total relaxation.

Leo – The sumptuous villa
Accustomed as you are to excelling over everything, you want your home to reflect your way of being. For this reason, the home that suits you best is an elegant villa where you can invite friends and work colleagues, putting yourself on display in order to be the center of attention. Obviously, the neighborhood must also be elegant, giving you the opportunity to always feel like a princess in her great little kingdom.

Virgo – A practical cottage
A cottage, perhaps with a small vegetable garden, is what suits you best. In fact, your practical sense leads you to want to do as much as possible on your own and what is better than being able to grow spices and vegetables at home? Not to mention the beauty of being able to enjoy relaxing afternoons enjoying the fresh air or entertaining friends with a nice barbecue. In short, you need a house that can make you feel on holiday at least on weekends, all in a contained and practical way, just what a villa can offer.

Libra – An elegant apartment
The type of house that suits you best? A beautiful large and bright apartment that you can furnish in an elegant way, giving shape to your aesthetic sense. The house, after all, is a bit of a reflection of who we are and what better way to experience it than by embellishing it with the right combination of furnishings, colors and furnishings? In this way you will always feel at ease, aware of living in a place made to measure for you.

Scorpio – The semi-detached house
Despite your attempts to show yourself independent and superior to certain things, affections are one of the most important things for you. For this reason, your ideal home is a semi-detached house that allows you not to stray too far from your family. Living like this will make you feel independent without going to scratch the need to have frequent relationships with the people you love.

Sagittarius – An apartment well connected by public transport
As a travel lover you are, your ideal home is a beautiful apartment located in an area well connected by public transport. That way you’ll always be ready to go visit friends, explore the city or grab your suitcase to travel the world. Your ideal place is therefore an apartment without too many pretensions but turns out to be an excellent base between your many trips.

Capricorn – An apartment in the suburbs
The house that suits you best? An apartment located on the outskirts and away from the chaos of the city. The ideal solution is something not too big but with a particular layout, able to make you always feel in a special place. Of course, it won’t have to be too far from where you work or from the city, allowing you to quietly live your daily grind, welcoming you into its peaceful calm at the end of the day.

Aquarius – A semi-detached house located in an urban context
Your need for tranquility makes you the most suitable person to live in a semi-detached house that does not oblige you to have to deal with neighbors but at the same time is in a context urban so you don’t feel completely isolated. A particular situation that is well suited to your eccentric character and always a little over the top.

Pisces – The penthouse
Your nature as a dreamer leads you to feel great in an apartment on the top floor, from which you can enjoy a splendid panorama capable of feeding your dreams. Even better if to complete everything there is a nice terrace to stay in when the weather is good and from which to admire the world out there, to greet in the morning with a cup of coffee and to admire at night, when the darkness allows you. to observe the world undisturbed and with the mind already half in the world of dreams.

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