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Following a diet to pass the coveted costume test is something that concerns more and more people, especially with the arrival of spring and after the Easter binges. In these cases, taken by the desire to lose weight quickly, we tend to look around for every possible solution. Given that to have concrete results it is always better to ask for help from a good nutritionist, following the diet consistently and without unnecessary shortcuts, why not try to find out what the stars recommend in these cases? Yes, the zodiac sign that accompanies us from birth can also influence this aspect of our life. You never would have said that, huh?
So, today we will find out together what type of diet is best to follow and what is the approach of each sign toward good food and, in particular, diets.

Aries – the diet to follow in the company
Your impulsive nature and the impatience that distinguishes you make you a subject not exactly suitable for following a diet. The desire to get results immediately can in fact lead you to lose the consistency necessary to eliminate those extra pounds. The advice of the stars, in addition to that of reducing bread and pasta a little in favor of vegetables and lean proteins, is therefore to find a diet partner, someone with whom to compare. Your innate competitive streak may push you to fight with more conviction and help you achieve the desired results.

Taurus – the elaborate diet
Going on a diet for a good food lover like you is truly a tall order. Your combativeness, however, guarantees you the achievement of results, as long as you can find the type of diet that suits you best. Since a restrictive diet would end up saddening you more than it should, it is better to focus on a diet that is as healthy as possible, free of sweets and fried food but based on elaborate dishes, where spices and good fats prevail over the rest and vegetables. take the place of bread and pasta. Creating always new and colorful dishes and taking particular care of the table and the appearance of the food, will help you not to feel the weight of the diet, perhaps even leading you to love it, especially once you reach the finish line.

Gemini – the always different diet
It is difficult for someone born under this sign to be in the position of having to follow a strict diet. Sometimes, however, the need to lose a few pounds can appear at the door. In this case, the most appropriate solution is to always follow a different diet that does not end up getting tired ahead of time. The most suitable foods, unless you have particular allergies or intolerances, are vegetables and legumes. Vegetable proteins are also very suitable and can help you create new flavors with a slightly exotic trait. Another way to continue your journey with more conviction.

Cancer – the comfortable diet
Most likely you are a lover of natural foods and little artifacts, that is, those that somehow recall childhood memories. A point that plays clearly in your favor but which on the other hand has the negative side of associating emotions with food. For this to work, your diet must be calm and relaxed, without unnecessary restrictions and with natural foods and wholesome flavors. Taking comfort from it will help you not to overdo it and continue until you reach your goal.

Leo – the energy diet
Your being always on the alert and ready for action leads you to need a lot of energy. For you, the ideal is a diet that derives from proteins, while for sweets and condiments you have to pay more attention as it is subject to exaggeration in their consumption. Your willpower makes dieting a fairly simple undertaking to manage and it will be enough to take it as a challenge to ignite in you that proverbial passion that drives you to fight to the end.

Virgo – the well-researched diet
It may sound obvious but the right diet for you will have to be well-researched and with several stages to go through and overcome. A sort of path where each step is already prepared from the beginning. Only in this way can your passion for perfection find fertile ground, leading you to follow a controlled diet with relaxation. The most suitable foods for you are macrobiotics to which you can combine new flavors deriving from whole grains and vegetable proteins. The stars recommend good chewing which is usually one of your weak points.

Libra – the beautiful diet for the eyes
Your love for beautiful things also extends to food. Normally it is difficult for someone in the sign of Libra to need to go on a diet, should it happen the only way to follow it successfully is to create dishes that are beautiful even before they are good. The eye wants its part is a saying that, in fact, fits you perfectly and that if followed scrupulously will help you face every meal with renewed serenity. As for foods, the most suitable are fish, rice and vegetables.

Scorpio – the balanced diet
This is one of the signs of the zodiac who loves food the most, especially if it is elaborate and with a particular presentation. You like to eat both with your eyes and with your mouth and have always favored strong flavors full of flavor and spices. Although you can enjoy wholesome foods, your way of being often pushes you to excess, making you lose sight of the way forward. For you, therefore, a balanced diet is necessary that allows you to eat everything in the right doses and that also gives you the pleasure of sweet and savory, both to your taste. Dried fruit and products derived from soy are preferred. As for the diet, all you have to do is decide you want it to get your results.

Sagittarius – the fun diet
To be able to follow it, your diet needs to be fun. It is therefore good to start studying a plan that includes special meals, training to be integrated and goals to be achieved, perhaps with some greedy rewards but in line with weight loss. Your tendency to excesses risks leading you to often need a calorie restriction, so it is better to start working on a sort of food re-education that pushes you to follow the right path as much as possible without having to resort to a new diet every bit.

Capricorn – the easy diet to follow
Those born under your sign generally either love food or tend to feed only out of necessity. In both cases, however, there is always a weakness that can lead to having to go on a diet. Whether it’s sweets in general or chocolate, the only diet that works for you is the one that is simple to follow and that gives you the impression that you don’t need any particular sacrifices. The fight, in this case, is not for you and the only risk is to abandon the path just at the beginning. So try to find someone who can follow you and if you can also include physical exercise. It will help you to follow everything more rigorously.

Aquarius – the unconventional diet
To succeed you need something that doesn’t get bored and that knows how to surprise you day by day. For you, therefore, you need a diet as varied as possible and that includes simple foods that you like so much but revisited in ever new ways and able to whet your often demanding palate. The possibility of following it with excellent results is all there and largely depends on the commitment you decide to put into it. When you want you can give your best and this is just one of the many challenges to be taken with the right commitment.

Pisces – the super colorful diet
Your love of good food is beyond question as well as the ability to create really good dishes. A skill that you could use to your benefit by transforming tasty dishes into healthy and dietary ones. In this way your diet will be functional, especially if rich in colors given mostly by vegetables. For you, in fact, it is good not to overdo it with fats and sugars. Proteins (including vegetables), vegetables, nuts and soy derivatives are instead optimal and will help you make food even more fun and with different flavors than usual.

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