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According to the stars, each zodiac sign has an opposite sign. This is the sign with which one comes into most conflict. Who is yours?

Opposites attract but also often conflict. Find out what is the sign of the horoscope that gets you out of your temper and why it is impossible for you not to spark discussions.

Have you ever lost patience with the same people all the time? Sometimes we meet people with whom we have a great affinity and with whom we manage to relate extraordinarily. Unfortunately, we also have less fortunate encounters and we find ourselves having to share our work or private life with people who make us lose the light of reason, who we fail to understand, and who make us nervous.

Although you are a person who boasts great patience and skills of conviviality, you just can’t help but come into conflict with certain people. What if it was all an astrological question? The people you argue with maybe from your opposite zodiac sign.

Here is your opposite zodiac sign that you may conflict with

Throughout our life, we don’t only relate to the people we get along with. You may have to deal with people who seem to be the opposite of who you are.

These encounters can generate conflict, but also a great attraction. Your opposite sign is not necessarily your enemy. They are often your missing half, in the sense that their characteristics combined with yours would make you a wonderfully complete person. Find out who your opposite sign is :

Aries and Libra

Aries is a very self- projected sign while Libra thrives on connections with others and interpersonal relationships. While Libra, ruled by the planet of love (Venus) seeks a stable union that could evolve into marriage, Aries is a sign that he is fine alone and that he should avoid cohabitation.

Taurus and Scorpio

These two signs also have a big difference. While the Taurus is quite individualistic and appreciates their spaces and the company of themselves, the Scorpio is a sign that they like to share the home and everything they own and do not understand the Taurus attitude. Another reason for the contrast lies in the different perspectives that these two signs have. While Scorpio makes forward-looking plans, Taurus is a sign that lives a lot in the present.

Gemini and Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius are both curious, explorers, adventurers, sunny and hate routine. What sets them apart is that while the Gemini does it for personal gain and to feed his need for socialization, the Sagittarius does it to draw inspiration from other cultures. Gemini is more of a communicator while Sagittarius is a philosopher.

Cancer and Capricorn

These two signs are opposed above all to the concept of satisfaction. Capricorn works hard and relentlessly because they aspire to obtain financial security, their first source of satisfaction in addition to admiration.

Leo and Aquarius

These two signs mostly collide with the concept of creativity. Leo needs to express themselves and use art to impress others. Aquarius has an artistic streak with a humanitarian purpose, they use art as a form of denunciation. Another element of discord between these two signs is that while the Aquarius makes plans for the future and continually seeks solutions in case of problems, the Leo amuses himself and gives priority to having fun.

Virgo and Pisces

Virgo is a very perfectionist, methodical, scrupulous, orderly, and punctual sign. Nothing escapes the Virgin. Pisces is distracted, daydreams, and perpetually has its head elsewhere. While Virgo is an analytical sign and relies on reasoning, Pisces is intuitive and follows the reasons of the heart.

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