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Who are the shyest zodiac signs in the whole horoscope? Let’s find out right away together to understand if he will ever try with you!

Does that guy (or girl) you like have sweet eyes at you but doesn’t seem to want to make the first move?
Whenever you meet him (be it on the bus or at a party with friends ) it always seems like something has to happen between you but… nothing ever happens in the end?

Wait, don’t start to despair – have you ever thought you might be dealing with a really shy person?
How do you know right away if he’s… too shy to talk to you? Simple: thanks to the horoscope, right?

The most timid zodiac signs of the whole horoscope: are you in today’s ranking by chance?

Let’s start immediately with a question: do you think you are shy or do you know very well that there is hardly anything that can embarrass you?
If the answer is that you don’t know, then maybe you could find yourself in today’s ranking: that of the timidest zodiac signs in the whole horoscope!

We all can, sooner or later, of being embarrassed in front of a situation or a person in particular.

Not only is this normal but also extremely common: we are all shy, sooner or later, in life!
But if the guy you like can’t look you in the eyestammers when you’re around, or blushes especially when he sees you, then it’s time to get it straight.

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Let’s find out, first of all, if it is one of the five most timid zodiac signs among all those of the horoscope and then we evaluate an action plan.
If he is not in the ranking he may not be shy but just … not interested!

Capricorn: fifth place

Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and Capricorn what belongs to Capricorn: no, this is not a sign of people who are cold or not very fond of the company of others.
Or at least, not only!

The Capricorn can people timid, who are struggling to make contact with those around them. The reason is that being particularly overwhelmed with emotions, Capricorns often try to pretend they have no feelings. Seeing others who face them, manage to manage them, and “navigate” in their emotions, puts them in great difficulty!

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Cancer: fourth place

Well yes, even those born under the sign of Cancer can be very shy and this revelation could help you understand the reason for their way of doing.
Very often, Cancers are particularly noisy and seem very little shy.

The reality, however, is another: the cancer is so embarrassed so, for absurd reasons, which often end up trying to compensate by making … too!
After the first disastrous situations, Cancers will always prefer to stay at home and avoid others. The reason is that they are really shy and know they exaggerate a lot when they are in the company!

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Pisces: third place

Although they are people who do not mind being with others, those born under the sign of Pisces can be shy.
The Fish like to live in their fairy world where they do not worry about the feelings or situations of others.

Simply, the Fish are very distressed with other people. They fear they will be too enthusiastic about what they like, as people often look at them weird when they share their passions.
In addition, Pisces think they are not interesting: the result? They are very shy (at least the first few times you meet them!).

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Scorpio: second place

As? Are Scorpios in second place on our ranking today? But how is it possible that they are shy?
Trust the stars and planets: Scorpio not only are timid but they are also very good at hiding it.

As? Simply ignoring the other! The Scorpios have a very consolidated reputation as cold and unfriendly people, who do not like to mix with others.
The reason is one: at the beginning and if no one approaches them, Scorpios are particularly shy!

They need a boost to be able to join any social group: after, of course, they turn out to be leaders and also the life of the party and therefore shyness disappears.
In interpersonal relationships, however, you will always find this primary trace of shyness: only if they are extremely comfortable with you to do they become calmer!

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Taurus: first place in the ranking of the most timid zodiac signs of the horoscope

Finally, in the first place of our ranking, we must crown as the timidest of the horoscope those born under the sign of Taurus.
Dear Taurus, just be shy, you are no longer children!

The Toro is often held up as a real or perceived rude: the reason is that you embarrass a lot in situations social and rarely fail to make a good first impression!

Taurus is a sign that is particularly ashamed of… doing everything! He gets on the bus and starts to sweat: will he be embarrassed when he entered the doors? He enters a room and immediately thinks he wants to run and hide: will everyone be laughing at him?
Dear Taurus, we are sorry that you live life so crystallized by your embarrassments: at least, now, we know that you are simply shy (indeed, the shyest of the zodiac ) and not just strange!

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