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What are the darkest, darkest and darkest signs of the zodiac? According to the astrologers on the podium there are these 3 signs. 

According to astrologers, our astral belonging affects our personality and therefore our behaviors. Even if the moods of the moment, the different situations, our life experiences can determine our reactions, the zodiac sign is a factor that cannot be considered extraneous to all this. Today we reveal who are the 3 zodiac signs considered the darkest. Extremely sensitive, they suffer a lot and get depressed easily.

Each of us has strengths and weaknesses and also a bright and a dark side . Even if some people give the impression of being positive, optimistic and smiling, they could hide a dark soul. These people are not immune to sadness and it could strike them unexpectedly and even violently. They try to hide their moods but often deny themselves by showing themselves melodramatic. Do you think you are part of this ranking?

Here are the 3 darkest signs of the zodiac

We’ve revealed who the most loyal signs , the most jealous signs , or  the smartest signs are.  Today we reveal who the darkest signs of the zodiac are.

1. Sign of Sagittarius

Unexpectedly Sagittarius is on the podium in this ranking. Such a positive, generous and selfless sign is hardly thought to have a dark soul. This sign is very special. In good times, when he has no significant problems he is joyful and one cannot help but notice it. The point is that it changes radically as soon as he experiences a moment of difficulty by withdrawing into himself. He enters a phase of blockade and denies anyone any form of contact and access to his feelings. It cannot be said of him that he is a sign that strives to overcome obstacles, but instead tends to be overcome by difficulties.

2.Sign of Gemini

In second place we find the sign of Gemini. We know the duality of this sign, its instability and its mood swings. Despite being sociable and sunny, she runs into moments of a great inner grayness. Impossible to fully understand them. Sadness takes hold of him without warning because of his demons. His biggest gripe is that he can never fight the feeling of missing something. This feeling makes him feel frustrated and this is compounded by his innate inability to handle stress which causes him to sink and feel overwhelmed. He too goes through periods in which he feels a blockage and does nothing but complain and isolate himself from everything and everyone.

3. Sign of Libra

Finally, in third place we find Libra. We know about him that he is fascinated by luxury, beauty and that he spends his life seeking balance in every area of ​​his life. He hates conflict and is usually a diplomatic and optimistic person. Even the heart of this sign goes through phases that are difficult to bear. The problem with him is that he expects too much from others and from himself. He is never really sure what he wants and what he does and as a result he starts grinding black as soon as something starts to go wrong. Being good at managing emotions externally, they disguise their mood well.

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