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Let’s find out together the ranking of the five most liar zodiac signs of the horoscope: are you in the ranking or do you want to tell us no?

Have you ever told a lie?
No, don’t lie right now in answer to this question: of course, you happened to tell a lie!
It doesn’t matter how big or when you said it: we all know that no person in the world has ever let out a little lie.

Of course, there are people who, however, tell full-blast lies so much that it is very difficult to understand how or when they tell the truth.
If they ever say it!
Who knows if by asking stars and planets we will finally be able to understand something!

The most lying zodiac signs: here is today’s horoscope ranking

White lies, with long or short legs, said for a good purpose or used as a real weapon.
How many times have you ever told a beautiful and good lie?
We all know that, often and willingly, lies are something we say to ” defend ourselves “.

Maybe someone is pressing us with inappropriate questions, maybe we want an easy way out of a thorny situation or, maybe, we don’t want to be accountable to others for our behavior. In short: there are millions of reasons to tell a lie, maybe a small one or to help us get through the day.

Some people, however, have a real and their passion for the lies so much one thing in industrial quantities.
To recognize these liars (who obviously would never admit to being such), we thought about asking the stars and planets for help.
What do you say: in the ranking of the most liar zodiac signs could there also be your sign or are you sure you are innocent?

Aries: fifth place

The Aries are the real liars: it’s time to expose them! Those born under this sign struggle, to tell the truth, to themselves and others.
They do not bother to tell the truth because, in theory, thanks to their gab they always manage to ” turn the omelet “.

Aries are skilled speakers capable of convincing you of everything and the opposite of everything. For them, telling a lie is like playing a good game that they are very knowledgeable about.
They have fun, they always get away with it and manage to create dramas even in situations that would be completely harmless. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Capricorn: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Capricorn are very particular people when it comes to lying.
They would say that more than lying there is a problem of completeness of the information: Capricorns never tell “the whole” truth!

Of course, from a strictly formal point of view, this is not lying. On the other hand, however, to get the truth out of the mouth of Capricorns you have to ask them exactly the right question, well thought out and precise in every detail. Otherwise, it happens that Capricorn simply does not speak: of course, he does not even lie, but he knows very well that he should say something more than he is doing! In short, Capricorns are liars who cannot be called that. But know that they are very good to hide things and pull them down until the last possible moment!

Sagittarius: third place

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are people who can easily become liars and, for this reason, we have given them the first step of our podium today.
First, Sagittarius is a sign that they don’t mind hiding information and not saying things as they are.
Of course: they are people who know how to keep a secret but also know how to lie a lot!

Secondly, Sagittarius ends up lying when he doesn’t know how to respond to the people in his life who ask him to account for his actions.
He can’t do anything about it: Sagittarius is a sign that he will never tell what are the real reasons that push him to behave as he does.
It’s okay if Sagittarius is an acquaintance of yours: but when he becomes your friend or your partner, drama can be pretty good!

Libra: second place

Like? The balance in second place in our ranking horoscope today, one of the signs more liars?
The answer is absolutely and obviously yes: those born under the sign of Libra are almost the most liars in the zodiac and lie at full blast!

Think about it: always cheerful and happy, spontaneous and generous, friends of all and without enemies. But where do these Libra find the time to always be so optimistic?
The truth is: Libra is a sign that, in general, is positive and happy and that makes problems to be friends even among strangers.
On the other hand, however, when Libra, like everyone else, has ” no ” moments, in which they feel sadder or simply envy or dislike … they lie!

Instead of telling it like it is or act in consequence, the scale is strength in relationships that would not want to pursue, in the face and tells lies flat out and does everything to seem increasingly happy.
Needless to tell you that their lies, to those who look at them a little shrewd, can be seen from a distance a mile. But it would be easier just to say the things as they are?

Gemini: first place in the ranking of the most lying zodiac signs

Dearborn under the sign of Gemini, tell us the truth: you know very well that you are the most lying zodiac sign in the whole horoscope, don’t you?
Rather than telling the truth (and even answering this question honestly), you would do anything: we know you well!

The twins are people who refuse to be ruthless when it comes to lying.
For them, there is only one goal: to be calm and not have to worry about others!
For Gemini, lying is something that has to do, mainly, with their way of relating to their ” multiple ” personality. One day the Twins say one thing while the next they say another: they are people who lie almost out of necessity!

Also, remember that those born under the sign of Gemini are people who lie mainly to themselves. They have no qualms about lying because, for them, it is normal to never tell the truth: they will deal with the consequences later when they arrive!
Needless to tell you how it ends when a Gemini pretends or lies: almost always in tragedy!

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