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Discover the signs of the zodiac who are best at telling lies.

When it comes to interpersonal relationships, sincerity is almost always at the first place among the requirements that each of us desires. You always hope to be able to count on the people you love and to be able to trust others. The fear of being disappointed or discovering a betrayal or a lie is so great that it often pushes us to be suspicious, to stand on our own, and to investigate others to catch them in error or to ascertain their actual sincerity. For this reason, the ranking we are going to explore today will not be the happiest.

After seeing q which are the most jealous signs and what are the most anti-social, it will try to understand what are the liar’s zodiac signs of the zodiac. Because even if it is difficult to believe, and above all to accept, the stars also govern this aspect of the personality, making a certain sign more or less inclined to lie. But be careful, reading that a certain sign is particularly good at lying does not necessarily mean that it chooses to do so but that it simply has the potential. He could also be a person who is good at lying but who has chosen to always be honest for you. In short, before reaching conclusions it is always better to remember that, stars or not stars, each person is a case apart. Not to mention that in these cases the ascendant must always be considered and that you could also be among the signs that are good at lying. Are you ready to find out?

The best lying signs of the zodiac

Aries – The Occasional Liars
Aries doesn’t like to lie, mostly because they don’t want to have to remember everything said. If necessary, however, they are very good at omitting important details, thus giving an idea of ​​reality very different from the actual one. This aspect of theirs often helps them to appear more brilliant than they are. Something they often do even without realizing it.

Taurus – Those good at omitting things
Taurus natives demand sincerity from everyone around them, which is why they will always strive to do the same by avoiding unnecessary lies. On the other hand, if they know that something can be uncomfortable for them, they will avoid saying it, limiting themselves to omitting the realities that they think it is not necessary to know. For this reason, we must always pay attention to non-verbal language, through which, at times, he happens to betray himself.

Gemini – The narrators of alternate realities
Anyone who knows many people born under this sign will be ready to swear that they are among the most liars in the zodiac. In reality, theirs is not a real attitude to lie as a way of reinterpreting events. Aware that everything can be seen from different points of view, in life they prefer to choose their own, making it credible to anyone who will be ready to listen to them. Among the things they say, therefore, there will never be absolute truths but not even total lies.

Cancer – The sincere fakes
Those born under the sign of Cancer seem to be the most sincere people in the world. In reality, they are very good at hiding their feelings, so much so that they do it first of all with themselves. Their lies, therefore, are not exactly bad, but extensions of the realities they tell themselves to feel better. If they have their idea of ​​things, then, regardless of whether it is true or not, it will be really difficult to make them change their mind, because before sharing it with others they will have convinced themselves.

Leos – Honest for convenience
Leos don’t like to lie. In life, they are already too busy with commitments and work strategies to deliberately choose to tell the false. It is much easier for them to say things as they are. Strong as they are, after all, they are certainly not afraid of the wrong opinion. Inside they know very well that they can convince others of their ideas and if necessary they are also ready to do so. However, what they say is always true. Almost.

Virgo – Sincere only out of laziness
Those born under this sign are probably among that least good at lying. Having to remember what has been said, putting together more lies, and flaunting a reality that does not exist, are things far from their way of being. Lying makes them feel uncomfortable, giving them the feeling that they are not themselves. If they do, then, they tend to curl up or get grumpy. In short, they should be always sincere because as liars they are really bad.

Libra – Intermittently sincere
Those born under the sign of Libra do not particularly like lies but if they need it they are ready to compromise with themselves by changing the cards on the table. When they lie, however, they tend to self-convince themselves of what has been said, partly to be more credible and partly because in this way it will be easier to keep one’s version of the facts. It will therefore be a matter of lies always based on real things and for this reason, very difficult to recognize.

Scorpio – Potential Liars
Scorpios are one of the best signs of lying. For them, telling a lie is like an art. They package and refine it until it becomes real. Thankfully, they don’t like the lack of sincerity and wanting to surround themselves with like-minded people, they always try to appear for who they are. When they decide to tell a lie, however, it will be virtually impossible to find out.

Sagittarius – Liars when necessary
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius do not like to lie but are ready to do so repeatedly if this can help them get in the way. Their ability to lie, however, is not always at the top, and at times they may betray themselves by not remembering certain details or by showing a background of insecurity in what they say. Discovering them, therefore, will be quite simple, especially for those who have known them for a long time.

Capricorn – Those who lie for their gain
Capricorns do not like to lie but tend to alter reality by telling only a strictly personal version and are usually inclined to agree with them. For this reason, it is very difficult to tell when they are changing things or are sincere. A problem that those who know them well will often find difficult to accept while it will not be noticed in the least by those who, on the other hand, know them only superficially.

Aquarius – Born Liars
Yes, those born under the sign of Aquarius are the best at lying. Firstly because they manage to live very well even without knowing what others think of them and secondly because in life they prefer to look at their interests and say only what can be useful to them. They only manage to make some exceptions with the people they care about but only if they know they can feel accepted for who they are. Obviously, in that case, they will also demand sincerity from the other side.

Pisces – Those sincere by vocation
The natives of this sign deeply hate all forms of lies. For this reason, they tend to always be sincere, and in order not to lie they are ready to change reality to make it more akin to the lie they should tell. Therefore, you can trust them. Of course, if it were a question of protecting the people they love, perhaps they could prove themselves far better than they believe. But under normal circumstances, what they say will practically always be true.

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