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Horoscope: here is your worst vice, according to the stars.

Each of us has flaws that we try to keep well hidden and that just cannot be changed. Among these there are obviously the vices and those ways of doing that once discovered can make living with others a little more difficult. The good news is that since no one is free from vices, others can never blame us, having to deal with their own. Today, therefore, after having seen how to make Christmas unforgettable and what love will be like in 2022, we will find out what our worst vice is and, of course, that of the other zodiac signs. To get a more precise picture, the advice is, as always, to also check the profile of your ascendant.

Find out what your biggest vice is

Aries – Lies
Your biggest vice? Often telling lies. This happens because in order to get what you want you do not look to anything else and if to reach the goal you are forced to tell a few lies, you do it without delay. Unfortunately, however, sometimes you tend to lose control of the situation and find yourself at the center of lies bigger than you and all at the risk of messing up your life. So why not try to abandon this vice in order to live your days more serenely? Sometimes, you can even use the truth to get what you want. Seeing is believing.

Taurus – Greed
Your need to constantly satisfy your needs often leads you to be greedy. This happens when it comes to accumulating money, eating or drinking, and even receiving attention from others. A way of doing things that leads you to focus more on quantity than quality and which over time can make you less sensitive to the things around you and which if taken differently could make you much happier. The advice of the stars is therefore to learn to enjoy every little thing without always wanting more. It will certainly seem difficult to you but over time, if you work hard, you will be able to feel richer and happier.

Gemini – Falsehood
Sometimes, in order to make things look more beautiful than they are, you tend to invent stories that could hurt others over time. You don’t actually need to do this because you are a very interesting person and that others love to hear about. By continuing like this, however, you risk losing the measure and changing reality too much, ending up hurting others. Try looking at things from another point of view. You will find that they are often beautiful even without being enriched with details. And then, do you want to put the difficulty in having to remember them all?

Cancer – Obsession
When you like something or someone you tend to be obsessed with it, not thinking about anything anymore. This leads you to put aside people who are nevertheless important and stop engaging in the many activities you did before falling victim to your latest infatuation. An attitude that can make you lose sight of the really important things, making you find yourself alone once it’s over. Always remember that everything can end and that no matter how much you like it, it is always important to continue with your life, also taking care of something else. This way you will be less prone to disappointment.

Leo – Self-centeredness
Your excessive self-centeredness and the desire to always feel at the center of attention lead you to no longer be able to see who is around you. And as much as a world to your size is rather pleasant, in the end you would be able to do very little by yourself. The advice of the stars is therefore to put aside vanity a little and to shift your attention to others and their qualities. Receiving a sincere and heartfelt compliment from you will make them so happy that they will soon find themselves reciprocating with equal generosity, still going to satisfy your needs. Interesting, isn’t it?

Virgo – Envy
There is little to do, yours is perhaps the most envious sign of the zodiac. Whether it is material or quality objects that you see in others, your envy ignites suddenly, leading you to desire what you do not have and to always feel dissatisfied with what is instead already in your possession. Since you’re not happy with that anyway, try turning envy into an opportunity to give more in order to get what you want. In this way, in addition to achieving your goals, you can feel proud of yourself and experience a positive emotion.

Libra – Vanity
Vanity like few others, you are always too caught up in your image and this leads you to forget about others or not to pay attention to the many beautiful things that surround you. As admirable as it is your always wanting to improve, every now and then try to focus on what is invisible to the eye but clearly evident to the heart. You will immediately feel enveloped by positive feelings that will remind you that there are so many other things in the world to pay attention to. Seeing is believing.

Scorpio – The passion for excesses
For you, nothing is ever too much and this way of reasoning pushes you too often to excesses, making you lose sight of the really important things. Whether it is interpersonal relationships or goals to be achieved, when you start you do it without stopping and without paying attention to anything and everything happens without restraints of any kind. An attitude that if in some areas can lead you to success in others can have the opposite effect and put you on the road to destruction. The advice of the stars is therefore to learn calm, actions, thoughts and emotions.

Sagittarius – Infidelity
For you the very concept of fidelity represents a sort of imprisonment and you have always loved to feel free to be able to go wherever you want and to do what passes through your mind in every single moment. Being with you is therefore really difficult, especially for your need for freedom which always makes you unpredictable. But try to remember that others have feelings and try to go out to meet them, offering all your sincerity. In the end, this will make the difference and improve your interpersonal relationships.

Capricorn – Manipulation In
order to get what you want you are willing to make false cards and this often leads you to manipulate events and even people. An attitude that in the long run, especially if discovered, can create important problems for you that could undermine friendships or important relationships. The council of the stars? Learn the pleasure of unpredictability and let things take their course. Not having to follow plans will make your life a lot easier and keep your relationships safe.

Aquarius – Self-celebration
Although your way of doing things makes you appear as a modest person with low ambitions, in reality you hide within you a soul that is always ready to incense itself, sometimes even for rather common actions. The truth is that you believe a lot in yourself while, on the contrary, you tend to judge others too easily. Balancing these two tendencies would allow you to empathize more with your neighbor, which may even be enjoyable.

Pisces – The need to dream
As beautiful as dreaming is, transforming it into a need is equivalent to having a rather difficult vice to manage, especially when life presents you with practical situations that in some way should be faced. Even if with difficulty, therefore, you should learn to manage your way of being, relegating dreams to a part of your life and making sure that it does not touch what instead needs a concrete presence and ready to seriously evaluate every aspect that has ahead. It may be hard at first but you have the capacity within you to do it.

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