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Are you on the list of the most touchy signs of the zodiac? If you’ve already started to get offended and sulked, you already know the answer!

Have you ever been offended?
What a question, the answer is obviously yes, right? Some people do nothing else from morning to night and people who, fortunately, rarely take it.

In the ranking of the horoscope today we decided to expose these zodiac signs that just can not help but take on staff.
Very little is needed to contact against and it takes years to bring them back on your side ready to find out if there are you also in the ranking of today?

The most touchy signs of the zodiac: discover today’s horoscope ranking

You know that friend to whom you cannot say anything without carefully evaluating the tone you will use?
Or take for example that colleague of yours who when you mention work or love suddenly becomes very short-tempered?

If you know these types of people, the ones you always have to pay attention to when talking, then today’s horoscope ranking can be really useful to you.

Today we are talking about all the most touchy zodiac signs in the horoscope: we hope not to find your sign in today’s ranking, right?
Everyone happens to take a comment or a consideration personally, perhaps made without thinking by other people.

To these zodiac signs, however, everything seems an offense or a dig cleverly aimed at their tender heart.
Is not it better to know before what are the people who could become very touchy, so you calibrate your own words around them?

Pisces: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Pisces are people who can easily be offended if you catch them on a bad day.
Since they are used to being on their own, Pisces are also people who take the observations of others particularly badly.

What do others want from them? Why continue to make observations or comments on them? Pisces take it particularly hard and, with their sensitivity so developed, they end up feeling bad. Touchy yes but also very emotional: better be careful around them!

Scorpio: fourth place

Like? Are those born under the sign of Scorpio in the ranking of the most touchy signs of the zodiac?
But how is this possible? Aren’t Scorpios rough and emotionless?

You couldn’t be more off-track: Scorpios are very emotional people who hide their feelings well but who have tons of them!
For this, often, the words or observations hit them deeply and they end up reacting in the only way that does not seem to be weak: by getting angry!
They are very touchy: we have warned you!

Cancer: third place

On the first step of the podium, we have to say, we find all those born under the sign of Cancer.
Dear Cancer, we ask you if possible not to be offended this time (although you are in the ranking of the most touchy signs of the zodiac ).

You are touchy, it’s time to acknowledge it! Every little observation resembles a stab in the heart and makes no secret of it.
Your feelings are so many and it is impossible to stem them: each person must know how much he has hurt you and how! Come on: we know that being touchy, for you, has more to do with pride than with real anger. Wouldn’t it be better to try to avoid taking offense at everything? Otherwise, you will spend your whole life angry!

Taurus: second place

Those born under the sign of Taurus hide their touchiness very well but trust us: not only are they touchy but they are also very sensitive about it.
In short: in telling him that they are touchy the Taurus behave in a particularly irascible way, becoming, then, even more touchy.

It is a circle or a dog biting its tail: impossible to get out of it!
The Toro are people who often end up getting in the situation uncomfortable or he does not like and then downloading the blame on others suddenly become touchy.
What was right for him a moment before, all of a sudden (or so it seems to others), has become unbearable.

Dear Taurus, let’s face it: you are touchy people and it is better to make it clear right away. Do not accept situations or compromises when you know that, after a while, they will become close to you. Better to say what you want right away, without driving others crazy!

Leo: first place in the ranking of the most touchy signs of the zodiac

We are sure that, after reading their sign at the top of the ranking of the most touchy signs of the zodiac, all the Leos were mortally offended. (Proving that not only are we right but that it is also impossible to deal with them, given how touchy they are: you can’t tell them anything!).

The Leos, unfortunately for them, are particularly touchy people who experience every comment and every action slightly disagreeing with them as a real offense.
Those born under this sign are people who feel very protagonists (and sometimes they are too) and who, therefore, often take personally whatever happens.

According to Leos, everything that happens in the world is because of them or against them. Impossible to get them off their pedestal or prevent them from being offended when you try to give them advice or an opinion: you have been warned!

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