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Find Out The True Happiness, Based Zodiac Sign

Yes, your star sign can determine what makes you happy is a state of mind

The meaning of happiness tends to be different for every individual. Some can find happiness by spending time with their family. Others find happiness in doing craftwork, while some people may find happiness in pursuing a career.

As we go through the journey of experiencing life in various stages, our perception of happiness can differ drastically.

Many articles have been written on the subject of happiness, and there are different definitions of what happiness truly is. We can, however, use a simple way to describe happiness and that is simply “how you feel”.

Happiness is also often seen as a person having a range of positive emotions or feelings about something he or she experiences. If you’ve run into some road blocks or been thrown some curveballs in life, you can use Astrology (modality and element) as a guide to understand how your horoscope sign can find happiness by taking simple steps or setting a goal

Aries – March 21 to April 19

The leader of the 12 zodiac signs, Aries is the first Fire elemental sign that we come across and its modality is Cardinal (taking action). Warrior-like and competitive, those born under the sign of Aries often attract people who admire them for their courage.

Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign, which is why those who belong to this zodiac find happiness when they take on challenges or are given leadership roles. Although they can succumb to pain and unhappiness, it does not take long for them to get back on their feet.

They love a good battle, be it at work or in a competitive activity, which gets their blood pumping and makes all things worth it.

Like all Fire signs, they dislike wasting time and prefer to plan ahead in the shortest amount of time, even though their plans can change along the way. Exercise and sports are two areas that can help them to release stress, and create a feeling of excitement or a sense of achievement.

Taurus – April 20 to May 20

The second sign of the zodiac is the capable and powerful bull, Taurus. There are a few ways that those born under the sign of Taurus can find their daily happiness.

Taurus belongs to the element of Earth and its modality is Fixed (being consistent). The key words associated with it are often “stable, responsible and stubborn”.

Setting goals on a daily basis helps them to achieve the most out of the day, and keeping themselves busy (slow and steady pace) brings them happiness.

Like all Earth element signs, a good comfortable bed and comfort food are other forms of happiness.

By creating a stable and comfortable environment for themselves and their family, those who belong to this sign will feel both mentally and physically secure. This will be their greatest happiness.

Gemini – May 21 to June 20

The third sign of the zodiac is the street-smart and wisecracking Gemini. Being associated with the element of Air, its modality is Mutable (ever-changing).

Those born under this sign are known to be witty, engaging and well-liked. One of the ways they derive happiness is by being among like-minded friends or associates. Sharing information and providing ways to solve problems make them feel good.

Being surrounded by different people or having opportunities to socialise also make them happy, so they’ll want to be sure they always look fresh-faced and radiant with the Clinique Even Better™ Refresh Foundation.

Knowledge is important to them. They love to share what they’ve learnt and learn what others share. Mental stimulation is a vital area to activate their happiness mode. Travelling while attending a workshop/course makes life even more interesting for them.

Cancer – June 21 to July 22

The fourth sign of the zodiac is the nurturing and motherly Crab, known as Cancer. Cancerians are known to be sensitive and emotional due to the sign’s association with the Water element. Its modality is Cardinal (taking action) and Cancer is known as the giver of life.

Feelings and emotions affect them the most, and this makes happiness all the more important to them. Due to their nature, if their emotions are not properly managed, they can easily get into mood swings and fall into depression.

Their happiness comes from spending quality time with and taking care of their family. However, there is a danger of giving too much and not getting anything back in return. In the long term, they can become an empty shell.

They will need to learn to pamper themselves once in a while. Doing meditation, going for spa treatments and listening to soothing music (or singing) bring them much joy and happiness.

Leo – July 23 to Aug 22

The fifth sign of the zodiac is the flamboyant and majestic Leo, the Lion. As King of all beasts, the Lion expects total respect and even submission from those who surround him.

The majestic Lion is the second Fire element that is associated with the Fixed modality (being consistent), which makes its Fire (or creativity) forever burning or everlasting like a shining star.

Happiness for Leos comes from either bringing an idea into reality or creating a revolutionary product that has an impact in the world. If people recognise their talent and gift, it makes their every effort more meaningful to them.

Like the consistent burning fire that dwells in their soul, Leos find passion and joy in creation, and that often brings them great success and fame.

Virgo – Aug 23 to Sept 22

The sixth sign of the zodiac belongs to the often well-groomed and organised Virgos. Their intelligence and analytical abilities often lie hidden behind a cool demeanour.

Virgos are associated with the Earth element, which makes them grounded, sound and practical. The Mutable (ever-changing) mode provides them with the strength to amend, repair and adapt to circumstances easily.

For that reason, Virgos find happiness in providing solutions and solving problems, especially those that require mental and will power.

Many Virgos have noble aspirations that – if they manage to make it a reality (such as building a library, a shelter for pets or planting more trees to save the environment, etc) – bring them great satisfaction and happiness.

Libra – Sept 23 to Oct 22

The seventh sign of the zodiac belongs to the charming and graceful Libra. As they are popular and pleasant, most people are unable to resist becoming part of a Libra’s social circle.

Libras belong to the Air element and their mode is Cardinal (taking action). They naturally bring happiness to many people around them, often supporting others in need.

However, they often have difficulties in solving their own doubts and hurdles. Libras sometimes overthink a problem and stress themselves out unnecessarily.

Happiness to Libras is to ensure that their living environment is tastefully decorated, and getting a good feng shui check helps to bring balance and harmony into their lives. The best way of bringing happiness to Libras is to have them share their worries and problems with a group of caring people.

Scorpio – Oct 23 to Nov 21

The eighth sign of the zodiac belongs to the mysterious and highly intuitive Scorpio. Many people think that Scorpios are deadly and creepy, but in reality, they are feisty and brave.

The secretive Scorpio is associated with the Water element and its mode is Fixed (being consistent). This explains their intense and deep feelings towards life. Whatever they set their sights on, their emotions become their greatest shield.

Scorpios have a tendency to hide their feelings and the action they need to take is to learn to forgive and heal, to open up and let go of past hurt. In turn, using this awareness to help others heal and move on will bring them fulfilment and happiness.

Sagittarius – Nov 22 to Dec 21

The ninth sign of the zodiac belongs to the philosophical and whimsical Sagittarius. The half man and half horse Sagittarius is the last Fire element, and its mode is Mutable (ever-changing). This explains the Sagittarian’s love for freedom, travel and pursuing wisdom.

Sagittarians love a good adventure, and a job that has travel opportunities and offers them growth. Learning also brings them happiness.

They are often optimistic, and it is rare that they are sad or unhappy. Sagittarians must learn to avoid indulging in bad habits such as drinking alcohol or risky gambling/investments. Those born under this sign can consider joining a group of supportive friends for a spiritual retreat – it will be the most ideal way of connecting to their happiness.

Capricorn – Dec 22 to Jan 1

The 10th sign of the zodiac belongs to the serious and practical Capricorn. Capricorns take pride in their work, and are known for their work ethic and ability to withstand pressure.

It’s the last of the Earth elements and its mode is Fixed (being consistent) – this translates to Capricorns’ natural capability to apply their talents, build assets and find resources at work.

Happiness is associated with new projects and receiving the rewards they deserve upon completion of the work. Work gives them a chance to prove their value and worth, and it is rare to find Capricorns that retire early.

Besides work, their love for nature makes going for a good hike in the woods another way to open up their emotions and show their appreciation for nature’s beauty.

Aquarius – Jan 20 to Feb 18

The 11th sign of the zodiac belongs to the friendly and innovative Aquarius. Those born under this sign have unique personalities and eccentric ideas that often inspire others to pursue their own dreams.

The element associated with Aquarius is Air and its mode is Fixed (being consistent). This makes those who belong to the Aquarius sign a pillar of strength among their community and organisations. Their happiness and satisfaction come from setting goals to help communities/charities or from carrying out futuristic ideas.

Friendships mean a lot to them, and having one or two friends who care for them genuinely is good enough. Other forms of happiness include having their own personal space, and trying out new high-tech gadgets.

Pisces – March 21 to April 19

The 12th or last sign of the zodiac belongs to the kind and dreamy Twin Fishes known as Pisces.

Pisces is naturally represented by the Water element and its mode is Mutable (ever-changing). Pisces generate changes through their intuition, their spirituality and their compassion. They bring comfort and peace to others and get affected emotionally by what they see or feel (through others’ sufferings).

Their willingness to sacrifice themselves for others to be happy or successful may be commendable, but in the long run, it brings deep emotional scars and pain to them.

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