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Aren’t you curious to know the ranking of the zodiac signs who want to get married? Better know what your partner’s intentions are, don’t you think!

Okay, come on, you don’t need to get hot. Some people do not dream of marriage as people who… well, have been planning it since they are little!

No one says that marriage or decisions concerning the marriage should be an issue for you and your partner now.
Surely you have other things to think about than a marriage proposal! What we want to do today, however, is to try to understand which are the zodiac signs that can’t wait to get married.
Isn’t it that your partner is in this ranking while you… not?

The zodiac signs who want to get married: here is today’s horoscope ranking

But in short, tell us the truth: do you want to get married or not?
Some people can’t wait to walk towards the altar and others who just hear the word marriage need to smell the salts.
You, between the two, which side are you on?

Today we decided to ask stars and planets to draw up a very particular ranking: that of the zodiac signs that you want to get married to!
Come on, we all know that there is a risk of being able to fall in love with someone who sees no other steps than that of living together or, even, of the offspring.

Just the idea of marriage is the one that is not down: cakes to six floors, guests, receptions, and clothes to wear only once in life, yuck!
Then, however, we are excited about the white veil, those who have already planned to the last detail of every detail of their wedding.
Are you and your partner on opposite sides of the fence or are you on the same page?
Let’s find out right away with the ranking horoscope for today the zodiac signs who want to get married!

Sagittarius: fifth place

Unexpectedly, in our ranking today, we find all those born under the sign of Sagittarius.
This is a sign that it struggles, at times, in romantic relationships and that we would not have expected him to pay for the ” big day “.

Instead, however, and perhaps precisely because of his difficulty in relationships with others, Sagittarius is a sign that he is looking forward to getting married.
For him, marriage is the culmination of the efforts made to get closer to others, putting all his heart into a relationship with someone. In short: it is the right prize to love and Sagittarius wants to collect it immediately!

Aries: fourth place

Among the thousands of commitments of an Aries, we can well say that marriage is not only planned, it has also been planned for at least ten years!
The Aries has a tight schedule for their future, and almost always on their agenda is already scheduled their future marriage.

Maybe they don’t have a partner yet but they already know what the wedding date is and, perhaps, they’ve even booked the location years in advance.
The reason? The Aries can not wait to get married would be the crowning glory of their success, in life and love.
Those born under this sign have plenty to do “pay” to others, including of course also their ex. Marriage is the first step, along with several others, to show how well Aries … are doing well!

Taurus: third place

Dear friends of the Taurus, we know that instead of talking about marriage with heart-shaped eyes, you generally ignore it. Maybe you’ve been with your partner for ten-and-a-half years and yet you still ignore or dodge them when someone mentions marriage.

Is it possible that you don’t want to get married? Yet you are in third place in today’s horoscope ranking!
Ah, that’s what‘s happened: the marriage is something that people born under the sign of Taurus want so much that they can not help but feel extremely insecure about it …!
The Taurus is a sign that can not precisely establish itself in so many aspects of his life (which is not a business). That’s why, instead of admitting how much marriage is his dream, the Taurus “pretends” he doesn’t want it at all. Underneath, however, we can assure you that they dream of eyes open since they were children!

Pisces: second place

Make way for the bride or groom: they are of the sign of Pisces! Come on, stop being the shy, dear friend of Fish: we know that dreams a wedding in big, with a white veil, the church and the bells in the party and all your friends and loved ones close!
We also know that you are definitely shy and that therefore you would never admit (to yourself and even less to your partner) how much you dream of getting married.

Yet it is so! Even though they always have their heads in the clouds, we can assure you that when it comes to getting serious in love, Pisces are truly determined.
Of course: maybe it takes a while to find a soul mate and they are more in love with love, at times than with their partners.
But that doesn’t matter: Pisces dream of the white dress and we can promise you that they will have it!

If you are engaged to a person born under the sign of Pisces, we advise you to pay attention: there is a not remote possibility that he is ” circling ” you at this very moment.
They are lovable, graceful, hungry for love, and decidedly intriguing: you are already about to marry them and you have not even realized it!

Cancer: first place in the ranking of signs who want to marry

When it came to assigning the first place in the ranking of the signs that do not want to marry, the stars and planets had no doubts.
Dear friends born under the sign of Cancer, you will certainly know that you are the ones who dream of marriage most of all!

Cancer is a sign that you do not ruthless when it comes to talking of orange blossom.
They are happy when others get married, they never complain when they have to go to a wedding on August 14th (yes, this also happens) and, above all, they can’t wait for their turn!

Trying on clothes in a shop where they make you sip champagne? The Cancer is ready. Taste different types of cake for a whole afternoon, to choose the one to feed the guests? Count on Cancer as well. Lace, borrowed things and blue things, traditions, and the central nave of a church? The Cancer no dreams other than the marriage, whether in small or in large, traditional or very little special care.
Still here? If you are engaged to a Cancer would be much better to run and make them the proposal!

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