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That your best friend is one of the most jealous signs in friendship in the whole horoscope? Let’s find out together thanks to today’s ranking!

It really happens to everyone, sooner or later, to be jealous of a friend.
It is not something that strange or that unusual and it is also generally a sign that we are feeling neglected or that our lives are changing.
In short: no one wants to make you the trial , especially when we talk about jealousy, but surely we want to know who are the zodiac signs that … give in to temptation !

Stars and planets have helped us to draw up this ranking of very particular jealousies.
Ready to find out if you or your best friend are extremely jealous of each other?
(And maybe even why!).

The most jealous zodiac signs in friendship: here is today’s horoscope ranking

When we talk about friendship we have to be really careful : there are so many different degrees and types of friendships that there is always the risk of offending someone!
There are childhood friends , best friends, friends made in the workplace , friends from school , friends of friends who later became your friends and … so on and so forth. But how many people do you know in your life?

Obviously we use the word ” friends ” but there are many other terms with which to define the degrees of knowledge between two people.
What we want to ask the stars today is to draw up the ranking of the most jealous zodiac signs in friendship , in order to understand how to behave with them.
What do you say: could you or your best friend be on the leaderboard today?

Cancer: fifth place

We all know by now that Cancers , in addition to being kind and maternal, can also be quite manipulative .
With friends and friendships, therefore, Cancers become extremely jealous even if in a truly devious way.
Given their attachment to others and the fact that they would really do anything for their friends, Cancer often expects from others… absolute loyalty !

For Cancer , a friend is someone who is always and absolutely always there in time of need . Every slightest mistake can cause a truly decisive and tremendous response. Cancer is famous for suddenly breaking off friendships with people who have not respected … tremendous jealousy !

Aries: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Aries , although they struggle to admit that they have deep feelings for other people, are very jealous in friendship .
You absolutely cannot imagine the hysterics and tragedies that Aries can cause if you dare to respond first to a third friend in common than to them!

Aries are people who are very jealous of their friendships and would like to be everyone’s best friends, always at the center of every emotional and social relationship .
They absolutely cannot accept that others enter into other friendships or that they may prefer someone over them. Aries
is not only jealous – they are also extremely possessive!

Virgo: third place

Although they are decidedly independent people , who care little about what others do, why and wherefore, those born under the sign of Virgo are extremely jealous of their friends.
They certainly do not do it because, according to the Virgin , there may be someone better than them in the world , this is not.

What happens with the Virgin , often and willingly, is that it is a sign that she is struggling to forge friendships with everyone.
So, when they finally give their friendship to someone , for Virgo it’s about having to deal with a person who will be by their side for life.
The ” unfortunate ” friends of the Virgin therefore cannot have other types of relationships or friendships in their life: they must always and only be with the Virgin !

Libra: second place

Those born under the sign of Libra are people who have absolutely no problem showing that they are jealous of their friends.
No one can get in the way of a Libra and the people they consider friends – let’s not joke!
Libra is capable of getting jealous and carrying out complicated plans to ” take revenge ” on friends who, according to her, turn their backs on her.

Too bad that Libra behaves so a little with anyone: from roommates to acquaintances , passing through the ” best ” friends or those he has known for a lifetime.
Everyone is treated the same: like a treasure that Libra cannot do without and that she cannot share with absolutely anyone!
Here, then, that Libra often ends up being exaggerated and extremely dramatic : those born under this sign are capable of getting hysterical even for people they have seen even once or twice in their life!

Certainly Libra tries to make others feel ” excluded ” through a long series of ” tricks “: code words , stories that only her friends can understand and secret handshakes . Unfortunately, all this ends up intruding on his truest relationships (which he should, instead, treat with more knowledge of the facts). Libra , unfortunately, has a great fear of being alone: ​​that’s why she behaves like this !

Leo: first place in the ranking of the most jealous zodiac signs in friendship

Don’t even try to look at the friends of those born under the sign of Leo : they are hers and hers alone! Leo
, in fact , is a sign that struggles not a little to leave their friends freedom of movement, space or action. This is an extremely jealous sign of his friendships with him: he is the king, not only of the savannah, but also of jealousy!

The Leos , in fact, are people who struggle not a little to establish relationships with others. Their friends are generally the closest they have had since childhood!
Not knowing how to meet new people (and having a hard time when they find themselves in situations involving new encounters) Leos have developed a truly unique jealousy about their friends .

Leo is a person who definitely does not mind showing his arrogance and his possessive way of doing things . From this point of view, therefore, for them friends are almost a second family , the one (they often say) that they “chose”.
When one of these friends turns against the Lion , open heaven: the Lion considers it a mortal sin and cannot truly forgive the other!
Let alone if new friends are introduced , who maybe draw attention to them: the Lion hates them with all his heart!

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