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Please don’t make that face: you would immediately prove that you are one of the most dangerous zodiac signs in the horoscope! Do we check the ranking?

We know that the thrill of danger can transform even the most insipid person into a real Adonis but here we are exaggerating!
Today we want to discover the zodiac signs that do not care at all about danger and that indulge in attitudes … let’s call them the limit.

Won’t you be among them?
Let’s find out right away with the first five positions in the ranking of today’s horoscope: we would never have to agree with those who said that we were just dangerous!

The most dangerous zodiac signs of the horoscope: here is today’s ranking

Brrr, what a fear, here come the most dangerous signs of the zodiac in the whole horoscope!
No, do not worry: this is not a parade of Frankenstein, mummies bandaged or witches from hat to toe.
Today we have decided to ask stars and planets to help us identify the most dangerous signs.

Could you also be in the top five of our ranking?
We don’t want to imagine that a gentle and quiet person like you could even become ” dangerous “.
How could you?

Sure, the standings of today reveal not only what are the most dangerous signs of the zodiac, but also why.
Maybe you are a fine connoisseur of the human soul or you can judge others without really ever stopping.
Hey, aren’t we supposed to be careful around you?

Taurus: fifth place

When they want, those born under the sign of Taurus can become truly manipulative. You cannot do anything on your own because Taurus will immediately make you realize that you have made a mistake and also that you have disappointed him. And you don’t want to disappoint the Taurus, do you?

Those born under this sign are extremely difficult people to please who will always make you believe that everything that happens is your fault.
Very good at demolishing you in words, at making you psychologically ” succubus ” to their way of doing, those born under the sign of Taurus are among the most dangerous signs of the zodiac for a reason. Watch your back when you are with them!

Gemini: fourth place

It is impossible to understand how dangerous a Gemini is until you find yourself in an awkward position next to him.
Especially when Gemini wants something from you, we can truly tell you that you are in danger. Help!

The twins can become as obsessive and inappropriate as a few in the world. They are capable of truly scary ” acts of love “, especially when you have made it clear to them that you no longer want to deal with them.
Always ready to threaten unspeakable and irreparable consequences, those born under the sign of Gemini can scare you when they get involved. Be careful with them, their inconstancy is painful but their love can be truly frightening!

Cancer: third place

Like? Those born under the sign of Cancer on the first step of the podium of the ranking of the most dangerous zodiac signs? But isn’t it that we were wrong?
Not and, if you think so, you have never angered someone born under the sign of Cancer.

Who was born under this sign is a very dangerous person when he gets involved or when he feels hurt. Better have him on your side! Very capable of destroying others with just a few well-placed words, those born under the sign of Cancer can almost ” read ” inside. They already know what your moves will be and they are always one step ahead of you: they are good at reading human nature, at understanding its ways, reactions, and actions. Be careful when you anger them: Cancers can destroy you

psychologically, sometimes without saying a word to you. You will be afraid to meet them on the street!

Capricorn: second place

Have you ever heard of an angry or angry Capricorn? Have you ever felt his coldness when he loses faith in you, the terrible way he talks to you and looks at you? Well, then you already know why Capricorns are in second place on our ranking today.

Focused, precise, and tireless, those born under this sign are very dangerous when we talk about work and social relationships.
You can fail once or twice and that’s it: Capricorn won’t give you any more chances!
Accustomed as they are to keeping everything inside, to never showing (and not analyzing) feelings or emotions, those born under the sign of Capricorn can clean up around them in no time.

They are not afraid to start over from head to leave you behind and never to the courtesy to look you in the eye or talk.
Be careful around them: if a Capricorn has decided to “eliminate you” for them you will not exist anymore!

Scorpio: first place in the ranking of the most dangerous zodiac signs

Cold, precise, with clear ideas, and (often) decidedly revolutionary and reactionary. Who are we talking about? Ah but Scorpios who win the ” crown ” of the most dangerous zodiac signs of the horoscope! After all, we know Scorpios well by now – we know how scary they can be!

This is a sign, in fact, that certainly does not skimp on outbursts and anger. Scorpios are people who have very clear ideas and behave accordingly. There is no room for cowards, the faint of heart, or for people who want to betray them to some degree.
And what betrayals!

Those born under the sign of Scorpio always have one eye open, even when they sleep. They are capable of ” sniffing out ” your weaknesses precisely because they know them well. Near a Scorpio you will have no escape: they will sting you as soon as possible and leave you in oblivion. Dealing with them is the scariest thing you can do… in the zodiac, at least!

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