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Let’s find out if you are in the ranking of the zodiac signs that always make fun of you or if, unfortunately for you, you are on the side of those who are ridiculed!

Let’s face it: it happens to everyone, sooner or later, to become the protagonists of some joke or joke.
Nothing cruel or too elaborate : simply between friends or family, many times, real ” recurring ” jokes are created and it happens to play the part of the victim!

What we want to talk about today , however, has to do with a trait of some really interesting zodiac signs .
There are people who, in fact, never really stop making fun of others: are you by any chance among them?

The zodiac signs that always make fun of you: are you in today’s horoscope ranking?

You know you could be ” guilty ” too, right, of this character trait ? There are people who cannot pass an evening without joking or without making fun of others (and even themselves, come on). They certainly do not do it out of malice but perhaps, often and willingly, they do not realize that they are “a little ” heavy towards others .

Because? But simply because they tease everyone who passes in front of them relentlessly and this, in the long run, can be downright overwhelming !
How to recognize these people from those who joke but at least once in a while?

Obviously the horoscope took care of us to give us a hand: that’s why, today, we decided to draw up the ranking of the five zodiac signs that always make fun of you.
Tell us the truth: aren’t you also among the top positions of today ‘s ranking ?

Aquarius: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are able to make fun of others without truly ever stopping .
It’s not so much about being people who joke out loud or making precise jokes about others.

For Aquarius , what’s really important is just being cheerful , laughing and joking. They never really stop and sometimes this creates problems!
By dint of always joking, there are those who believe that the Aquarius is serious and, therefore, sooner or later, we end up getting misunderstood . For the Aquarius , therefore, there are only two  moods : either he never makes fun of (to avoid others accusing him of joking too much) or he jokes at full blast !

Aries: fourth place

To those born under the sign of Aries we  only give a fourth place even though we know very well that they deserve much more .
They too, in fact, really do nothing but laugh at others and with others day and night: if there is an Aries in a room you will inevitably hear loud laughter !

Aries are people who approach others through jokes , so much now that they no longer say anything serious except jokes.
Pleasing an Aries or being unpleasant to an Aries means hearing, in any case, the same amount of jokes or teasing .
What will change, ultimately, is their way of communicating the jokes to you: but you can be sure that it will never stop taking you for a ride !

Sagittarius: third place

We can do a test to immediately understand if you have ever been in class with a person born under the sign of Sagittarius : was there someone who was always laughing , no matter what was going on in the classroom? Then the answer is yes: surely there was a Sagittarius among you!

Sagittarians , in fact, are people who find everything (absolutely everything) extremely funny and never stop making jokes and laughing.
In the midst of the most complicated situations , they are always the first to laugh and make fun of you: it is impossible to escape their way of doing things and their jokes!
With Sagittarius you must always laugh: it is almost mandatory in this and perhaps jokes are the only thing that those born under this sign take really seriously .

Cancer: second place

What a surprise, those born under the sign of Cancer so high in the zodiac sign rankings that they always make fun of you! Is it possible that this is a mistake?
If you think so it is because, evidently, you have not yet met a person born under the sign of Cancer : they really never stop joking !

Maybe they try to make irony but so subtle that no one understands them or they use jokes as a defense mechanism . Maybe again, instead of introducing themselves for the people they really are, those born under the sign of Cancer tell colossal ” tales ” about them, trying to make you fall into a trap and then reveal that everything they said was a lie .

Why do they do it? Simply because they find it hilarious to joke with others, confuse them and make fun of them.
It sounds strange, given how kind and cute they are, but that’s right: Cancer is one of the zodiac signs that will always make fun of you !

Scorpio: first place in the ranking of the zodiac signs that always make fun of you

Make way for those born under the sign of Scorpio : they are the ones who can never  stop making fun of you!
To see them, of course, one would never say: in everyday life, in fact, Scorpios are very serious and staid people , always careful to emanate a perfect image of themselves!

As soon as you get to know them better, however, you will immediately realize that those born under the sign of Scorpio are real jokers and not only: they never stop!
From ” practical ” jokes , organized in ways that scare you or make you believe something strange to real teasing, there is no escape. Scorpio is always laughing … in front of you (And sometimes even behind your back : we have to unmask them).

Scorpios are like this: they don’t easily talk about feelings and struggle to express what they feel. If they like you or if they have an interest in you, however, you can certainly expect to be teased constantly and incessantly!

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