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Here is the winning strategy for losing weight after the holidays based on your zodiac sign.

With the end of the holidays and the many meals with friends and relatives, many found themselves with a few extra pounds and the desire to get back into shape immediately. Among the thousands of diets available it is easy to fall into confusion and find yourself no longer knowing which one to choose. Given that to lose weight in a safe way it is always better to contact a good nutritionist, there are small strategies that can help us not to fall into temptation and to eat correctly despite the desire to continue giving it all with pandoro and panettone. So today, after seeing what the new year will be like for each zodiac sign, we will try to play a little while discovering what dietary advice the stars have in store for us.
As always, since it is something that has to do with feeling, the advice is to also check the profile relating to your ascendant in order to have a more precise picture of the matter.

Lose weight the right way thanks to the advice of the stars

Aries – Avoiding the Extra Tastes
According to the stars, your main problem is all the extra treats you allow yourself during the day. It would therefore be enough to be able to avoid them and go back to eating in a balanced way and therefore without too many sugars or foods rich in fats to lose weight without particular problems. If you want to regain your ideal weight without problems, therefore, try to make all possible temptations disappear and focus on healthy foods to munch on during your hunger pangs. Radicchio and fennel are a good way to chew without taking too many calories. And if you’re in the mood for something sweet, try a few slices of apple sprinkled with cinnamon. You will satisfy your need by eating healthily. You will see that in the end the result will gratify you more than you think.

Taurus – Indulging in some light treats
Since your greedy is what gives you problems when it comes to diets, the only way to get back to your ideal weight is to get around the obstacle. This means satisfying your need for sweets but without diving into those of an industrial type or in any case too full of fats and sugars. Luckily, there are perfect substitutes that can guarantee you flavor without going out of line. A few examples? You can create a cream with bitter cocoa, stevia and a drop of milk and spread it on wholemeal rusks for a healthy snack but with a chocolate flavor. An alternative is a sweet to be made by placing a couple of dry biscuits in a glass, alternating them with cinnamon-sprinkled Greek yogurt. Leaving them in the fridge for a couple of hours, you will get an excellent and low calorie spoon dessert. The best to take off the whims without guilt.

Gemini – Replacing alcohol with sparkling water
Often your problem is the aperitifs you love to indulge in with friends after a tiring day at work. This is all very nice but it can create problems in the waistline, slowing down the weight loss you would like to achieve after the holidays. A remedy? Substitute alcohol for sparkling water or, at most, sugar-free orange juice and prefer a small square of cheese with small pizzas and so on. You can indulge in just a couple of olives if you really feel like it but without focaccia or chips. Even small portions of the tastings present at the aperitifs, especially if consumed every day, can in fact limit weight loss and this beyond any diet you choose to do to get back into your jeans after eating at the holidays.

Cancer – Avoiding Candy
Your usual diet isn’t that bad. What you care about are the sweets or chocolates that you often find yourself nibbling between meals along with some other delicacy.
These, taken together, create an underlying problem that prevents you from losing weight and that in times of stress can increase to the point of becoming the reason for new pounds that would then add to those gained during the holidays. Better to opt for sugar-free candies to keep in your bag or, if you really want something sweet, candied ginger to make at home using sweetener instead of sugar. This way you will satisfy the need for sweets without continually attacking your figure.

Leo – Giving you a menu to follow
When you decide that something has to go one way, your willpower grows out of all proportion leading you to follow every self-imposed rule to the letter. If after the holidays the desire is to lose weight, the best thing you can do is therefore to set up a rigid menu to follow so as to be sure not to run the risk of giving in to unnecessary distractions. If you want, you could even insert some exceptions to the rule, such as a pizza on Saturday night or a sweet to be enjoyed in the middle of the week. What matters is not to give the green light to the daily rewards that would end up making you accumulate more weight, ending up making you more and more nervous. Better an attack strategy.

Virgo – Putting away all temptations
There is nothing to do, if there are panettone and nougat in the house, your need to eat them is such that you can even give in several times a day. Better to take away the temptations, giving them to friends and putting what is left out of sight. You could use panettone and pandoro for breakfast, accompanying them with a coffee and making them the only extra of the day. For the rest you will just have to be patient, focus as much as you can on your commitments and avoid thinking about what you keep in the pantry. The results at the end of the month will pay off the sacrifices made.

Libra – Allowing yourself a small daily reward
When starting a diet, one of the hardest things to do is to insert some gratification every now and then. When you make a commitment, then, to taste extra things you do not even think about them, but you run the risk of wanting them to the point of losing control at the first opportunity which can be a bad day at work, a moment of stress or a person. that we can’t stand. To prevent this from happening, it is better to prevent, giving yourself a little whim every day. A chocolate after a meal, a chocolate to share with someone for the next snack and a cappuccino to accompany a chocolate biscuit on a gloomy morning. In this way, knowing that there are always less than 24 hours until the next taste, resisting in moments of stress will be easier and the diet will not suffer external attacks.

Scorpio – Avoiding Hunger Pangs
Your willpower is such that if you decide to go on a diet, there is no one in the world who can stop you. Your only obstacle is therefore hunger, which in times of stress could cheat you, causing you to falter and eat something you didn’t plan on. To prevent this from happening, it is therefore important to eat properly, making sure that you always have something with you to eat in case of sudden hunger. In this way you will be able to dispose of the weight accumulated during the holidays and return to your ideal weight in the shortest possible time, making the period of deprivation as short as possible.

Sagittarius – Not going on a diet
It may seem counterintuitive but the best way to avoid adding pounds to those already taken is to not go on a diet. Having impositions, in fact, would make you so nervous as to self-boycott yourself, thus making any kind of sacrifice useless. Better to avoid the diet altogether, limiting yourself to eating healthily and indulging in extra foods without too many problems. The only thing you will have to try to do is not to overdo it too much, halving the doses of sweets and trying to insert them only when you have an incredible desire. In this way you will not have to say no to dinners or invitations to aperitifs, relying only on your ability to self-control, strong in the knowledge that at any time you could change your mind and give yourself something good.

Capricorn – By decreasing the amount of sugar
Since you basically know how to control yourself well but you tend to fall into the calculation of macro nutrients and sugar quantities, a valid alternative to lose weight without a hitch can be to create foods to eat yourself without too many thoughts. Light and low-fat cakes and biscuits will allow you to eat in a normal and even greedy way without overdoing it. Same thing goes for the main meals that you can control while maintaining their taste. Sometimes it is enough to reduce the quantities of what you eat and all by only 10% to get results in a short time and without going hungry. And when you really want something sweet, you can always focus on homemade desserts that will satisfy you without weighing you down too much, allowing you to find your figure in a short time and with little effort.

Aquarius – Cutting Down on Seasonings
Your diet is not made up of excesses but of too many seasonings. So, to quickly get back to your ideal weight, just cut back on the toppings, replacing them with healthy alternatives. Butter, mayonnaise and sauces can be replaced by extra virgin olive oil and Greek yogurt while the salt can be alternated with cooking spices that are sometimes able to give even more flavor. As for sugars, it is better to focus on cinnamon and stevia, able to give sweetness without weighing down the figure. Red meats can be replaced with white ones and fatty cheeses with light ones. A few precautions that will help you get back in great shape much sooner than you think.

Pisces – Creating delicious menus
When you leave the holidays, one of the hardest things is to go back to menus that are suddenly less colorful and tasty. Since for you the sight of what you eat is at least as important as the taste, a winning strategy will be to create menus that are beautiful to look at and good to taste. A piadina stuffed with low-fat cheese and crunchy vegetables will be, for example, a pleasant diversion as well as a slice of homemade cake with genuine ingredients, to be eaten for breakfast or as a snack. What matters is the choice of the right ingredients to be combined in a balanced and pleasant way for the palate. And since there are no limits to eating well, choose the right dishes too. By taking small and colorful ones, the food will look more and will already look more inviting. Even satiety will come first, making you feel more satisfied immediately. Seeing is believing.

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