Find out how to manually calculate your ascendant.

Very often, when we read our horoscope, we also find ourselves having to deal with the ascendant, or with the sign that was at sunrise at the precise moment in which we were born. If the zodiac sign indicates how we appear to others, the ascendant reveals instead how we are deep inside and what feelings we feel based on the various situations. It follows, therefore, that knowing one’s ascendant and being able to consult it within an astrological character profile is very important to get a complete picture of the situation.
To calculate the ascendant there are many sites where you just need to enter some data to get a response. Sometimes, however, it can be nice to find out for yourself by doing the calculations by hand. If your desire is to go back to this data and understand in depth what are the steps to get there, just keep reading.

Manual calculation of the ascendant

First of all it is necessary to have the necessary data at hand to be able to carry out the calculation. These are:

  • The date of birth
  • The city
  • The time of birth

For the hour, if your family members do not remember it accurately (even a minute can make the difference), you can contact the municipality asking for the birth certificate where you will find the necessary data to start your calculation.

Another important aspect is given by the latitude. Those born in the south (from Naples down) will not have to make any changes, those born in the center (from Naples to Florence) will have to subtract 10 minutes from their date of birth while those born in the north (from Florence up) will have to subtract 20 minutes. Obviously, we are talking about Italy and for this reason, it is important to also consider the summertime. If when one was born it was in force, one must in fact subtract an hour from the time of birth and this is because daylight saving time, having been created for convenience by man, does not exist in astrology.

Once you have established the exact time in which you were born, you will need to calculate your sidereal time of birth . To do this, simply add the hour just obtained to the corresponding sidereal time and which can be calculated through a simple table where the number corresponding to the intersection of month and day of birth will be taken. There are several of these tables online, such as the one on the site

Once this new data has been obtained, the exact time of birth will be added to the sidereal time. If the result is greater than 24, 24 must be subtracted from the number obtained. If it is lower, it can be left as it is.

Finally, based on the number obtained, you can find out your ascendant simply by looking at the table below.

Between 00 h 35 ‘and 03 h 17’ → Leo Ascendant

Between 03h 18 ‘and 06h 00’ → Virgo Ascendant

Between 06h 01 ‘and 08h 43’ → Ascendant Libra

Between 08h 44 ‘and 11h 25’ → Scorpio Ascendant

Between 11h 26 ‘and 13h 53’ → Sagittarius ascendant

Between 13h 54 ‘and 15h 43’ → Capricorn Ascendant

Between 15h 44 ‘and 17h 00’ → Ascendant Aquarius

Between 17 h 01 ′ and 18 h 00 ′ → Ascendant Pisces

Between 18 h 01 ‘and 18 h 59’ → Ascendant Aries

Between 19 h 00 ‘and 20 h 17’ → Ascendant Taurus

Between 20h 18 ‘and 22h 08’ → Gemini Ascendant

Between 22 h 09 ‘and 00 h 34’ → Cancer Ascendant

In summary:
– Find out the exact time of birth
– If you were born in the south, leave it unchanged, if you were born in the center, subtract 10 minutes and if you were born in the north, subtract 20. If daylight saving time was active at that moment, subtract another hour.
– Add the time obtained with the sidereal time taken from one of the many online tables.
– If the number you get is greater than 24, subtract 24 from that number. If the number is obtained is less, leave it as it is.
– Compare your number with the table of ascendants and that’s it.

Now, whenever you read about the characteristics related to your sign, you will know that as regards the way of feeling, emotions and everything that has to do with interiority, it will be easier to know each other if you add to the reading of the zodiac sign also that of the ascendant.
That said, let’s find out how exactly each ascendant affects the zodiac sign.

Ascendant: this is how it affects the various zodiac signs

Aries: Gives motivation and creativity making you more impulsive and loving
Taurus:  Gives the will to live, the ability to make plans and poise
Gemini:  Gives a greater ability to relate and speed of thought
Cancer: Gives greater confidentiality and love for the family
Leo: Gives selfishness and desire to be superior to others
Virgo: Gives critical sense and ability to organize
Libra: Gives sociability and aesthetic taste
Scorpio: Gives the ability of introspection and courage
Sagittarius: Gives love for travel and generosity
Capricorn: Gives a sense of responsibility and patience
Aquarius:  Gives originality and need for freedom
Pisces:  Gives sensitivity and volubility

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