Horoscope: This is how the various signs of the zodiac behave when they get angry.

Anger is a strong and annoying feeling both for those who feel it and for those who receive it. Often instantaneous and difficult to control, it bursts from one moment to the next bringing out the worst in people and creating tensions that in the worst case can become real rifts, leading even the most solid relationships to crumble. Of course, not everyone responds the same when they get angry. There are people who hear it mount slowly and who manage to control it, others who become victims, finding themselves in spite of themselves to give vent to it at times by saying or doing things and regretting it shortly after. Whatever the reaction, the reasons that lead to acting differently when feeling angry they are multiple and may depend, on the one hand, on the triggering cause of the moment, on the relationship one has with the people involved, on the current situation and on any precedents. To all this, obviously the character and temperament of the person who finds himself experiencing this feeling and, needless to say, the type of influence of the stars are added. In fact, even the zodiac sign you belong to can make a difference. Today, we will find out how each sign gets angry.

This is how the zodiac signs manage and show their anger

Aries – Raging Anger
Those born under the sign of Aries are people who live according to their emotions. This instinctive being of theirs leads them, therefore, to express anger in an impetuous way, so as to surprise those who are in front of them. Although they are used to sudden outbursts of anger, however, their anger is an end in itself and, once vented, it quickly fades, making them return to what they always have been, so much so that they forget everything in a short time. Likewise, they are quite inclined to forget any wrongs they have suffered and already vented.

Taurus – Explosive Anger
Taurus natives tend to be peaceful and take life as it comes. For this reason, even in the face of certain wrongs suffered their first reaction is to endure in silence, making an effort to let everything slip on them. Unfortunately, however, when the measure is full, the reaction they have is really extreme, literally causing them to explode, to the point of even saying what they do not think in order to let off steam for everything they have endured over time. A way of doing things that can often lead to real crises with the people involved who, unaware of being victims of a repressed anger that has grown over time, find the treatment received excessive, to the point of being able to even end any relationship.

Gemini – Compound anger
Gemini are people with a dual personality, prone to having rapid changes of mood that lead them to manage things in an always different way. Towards anger, their way of acting is absurdly enough consistent and rather calculated. In fact, even in the most critical situations, their reaction will be apparently calm and mostly based on words. Be careful, however, because the natives of Gemini know how to hurt with the tongue and each of their sentences, even the most apparently random ones, will always be calculated and aimed at hurting leaving their mark. A way of doing things that helps them to let off steam without ever losing control, well aware of their skill in entering the psyche of others, remaining there even after each relationship has been closed.

Cancer – Capricious anger
Those born under the sign of Cancer tend to be touchy and ready to tie every little wrong suffered to their finger. In case of anger, therefore, their most classic reaction is that of a real nervous breakdown with a lot of long faces and tantrums sometimes carried on even for a long time. If there is one thing that they are not really capable of doing, in fact, it is to forget or set their ego aside from possible conflicts. For them, every slightest disagreement is thus a valid reason to make war. An open battle from which they will withdraw only when they are sure they have won.

Leo – The irrepressible anger
Those born under the sign of Leo often have real attacks of anger that can break out at any moment. Blinded by what they feel, they usually ignore the context or the place in which they find themselves, giving free rein to their feelings and all even at the cost of staging real scenes. A way of doing which they do not even regret and which they simply consider their own trademark. It is therefore useless to expect an apology. If the natives of Leo get angry it is because they believe they are right and, whether it is true or not, they will always behave accordingly, perhaps expecting an apology but certainly without thinking, even remotely, of having to do it to others.

Virgo – Frequent anger
Virgo natives are probably among the signs of the zodiac most prone to outbursts of anger. The way they feel is explosive and pushes them to the point of jumping for every little thing. So, even if at times they try not to show it (with bad results), when they can no longer hold back, they end up completely losing their temper, screaming and even reproaching mistakes of months or even years before. Unfortunately, you smoke as they are, not making them angry is practically impossible because you never know for sure what turns them on, so when you are in their company, it is always better to be ready, because at any moment they could go crazy. The positive side? They light up and spend quickly. Be careful, though, because at the next attack of anger, they will pick up exactly where they left off.

Libra – Civil anger
Well yes, those born under the sign of Libra are not used to giving in an outburst. Taken to elegance and impeccable ways of doing things, they tend to express any negative feeling with extreme calm, perhaps too much. For those around them, in fact, it is difficult to understand when they are actually angry and who are the people who just do not tolerate. The only hope is to ask them direct questions. In that case, in fact, they will open up as never before, giving vent (always with extreme elegance) to their thoughts, thus demonstrating that they also have very poisonous words towards those who in some way have hurt them.

Scorpio – The Vengeful Anger
The natives of Scorpio are the ones who, of all, have the worst kind of anger by far. Attentive to every nuance, they will know how and where to hit those they consider opponents. Because whenever they feel betrayed or hurt, the perpetrators of this evil in their eyes will become real enemies for whom they will cover anger even in the years to come, even meditating on revenge. In short, angering those born under the sign of Scorpio is never a good choice, unless you shamelessly love the danger and the feeling of having an enemy ready to do anything to harm you.

Sagittarius – The unforgiving anger
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are usually so quiet and dedicated to living in their own world that they hardly have feelings of true anger. When someone overdoes it or the situation gets heavier than expected, however, their anger breaks out, breaking out in an unpredictable way and leading them to behave in a completely different way than usual. Furthermore, their anger will not tend to diminish but will remain constant for a while, leaving them on theirs for a long time and leading them to harbor resentments for the people involved. In short, if you have the opportunity to choose, it is preferable not to pull the race, thus avoiding to infuriate them.

Capricorn – Punitive anger
The natives of Capricorn feel anger very often, although they manage to rationalize it and contain it, if they deem it necessary. When they feel that the actions of others are interfering with their serenity or with the style of their life, however, the feelings they feel become stronger, leading them to let off steam and say what they think. Likewise, they will have no problem eliminating loved ones from their lives as well. The positive side? In the face of sincere apologies, they are always ready to forgive and take everything back as if nothing had ever happened. But be careful, because repeating a mistake twice is not something they can bear and could lead to the definitive end of any relationship.

Aquarius – Hidden Anger
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are usually quiet people who hate having strong feelings like anger. When this happens, they really have a hard time managing it just as they can’t compare with others. This means that, in the face of a wrong that is impossible for them to forgive, the first choice is to interrupt any relationship, avoiding giving explanations. This sort of escape depends precisely on their total absence of desire to put into action a quarrel from which they would not know how to get out if not draining all their energy. In short, when they disappear completely, it is very likely because someone or something has made them angry.

Pisces – Self-destructive anger
Pisces is one of the signs that he should never get angry. Their inner world is made up of positive thoughts and feelings that leave little room for anger or hatred. Because of this, they always tend to justify and forgive others. When the wrong they have suffered becomes too great not to be seen, their emotions then take over, leaving them at the mercy of a blinding rage that leads them to harm themselves and whoever triggered the problem. Having to deal with them in moments of anger will therefore be particularly unpleasant because they will dramatize everything, carrying out an endless scene. Likewise, if they were to decide to keep everything to themselves, they would do so by mentally distancing themselves, thus creating an irreparable fracture. If you care about them then.


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