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This astrology calendar outlines all of the major astrological aspects for 2021, helping you plan for the year!

You’ll find the major links between the planets, retrograde periods, New and Full Moons, planets changing signs, and what it all means for February 2021. This has an impact on all of us in some way. The calendar uses the Eastern time zone.


Venus Enters Aquarius

There may be changes in love and connections over the coming weeks. Open up to new people and experimentation.

Sun In Aquarius Square Mars In Taurus

It can be easy to give in to irritation and annoyance. Try to have a physical outlet for frustrated energy.


Moon In LibraTrine Sun In Aquarius

There can be easy energy, and you may feel more comfortable with yourself and others.


Moon In Scorpio Square Saturn In Aquarius

Responsibilities may weigh heavily on you, especially involving other people. Try to find some space in small ways.


4th Quarter Moon Phase In Scorpio

It’s time to clean up and clear out over the next week, and this may be focused on finding solutions and tackling serious matters.


Moon In SagittariusSextile Venus In Aquarius

It can be easier to get along with others, and a positive attitude can be helpful.


Venus In Aquarius Conjunct Saturn In Aquarius

Restrictive energy may be dominant in your relationships as you have to be more responsible and considerate of others. This can be a good time to become more committed to good connections and pull back from unhealthy ones.

Venus In Aquarius Square Uranus In Taurus

There may be restlessness in relationships, but this can lead to impulsive behavior and actions that you regret later. Stay in control and focus on the source of what you’re feeling.


Moon In Sagittarius Sextile Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius

It may be easier for you to think outside of the box and find ways of doing things differently or reconciling with the past.


Sun In Aquarius Conjunct Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius

This is an excellent time to focus on a new beginning that opens up opportunities for your dreams. You can focus on this for the next 6-8 weeks.


Moon In Capricorn Conjunct Pluto In Capricorn

Work on transforming something small for the better. This helps you feel more in control.


Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius Square Mars In Taurus

Communication can be a huge struggle as you’re tempted to fight everyone and everything. Keep an open mind and try to be a better listener.


New Moon In Aquarius

Focus on what you hope your future will look like, and pursue opportunities to achieve your dreams. Take a long view of your life, and remain objective.

Venus In Aquarius Conjunct Jupiter In Aquarius

Spending time with others can feel good, and you may achieve more with a partner or group than alone. You may feel luckier than usual, and there can be ease and pleasantness to life.


Moon In Pisces S*xtile Uranus In Taurus

You can focus on being helpful in a broader sense and can focus on charity work or philanthropy somehow.


Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius Conjunct Venus In Aquarius

Take a different approach to how you deal with your relationships and the people in your life, and be open to changes that may be required. Reconnect with people from the past, especially old friends.

Mars In Taurus S*xtile Neptune In Pisces

You may be driven to embark on spiritual pursuits, and you can feel more connected to your spiritual self. Feed your spiritual needs, and share the good with others.


Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius Conjunct Jupiter In Aquarius

This can be a positive time to take a second chance, have an experience repeatedly, or broaden your mind in new ways.


Moon In Aries S*xtile Jupiter In Aquarius

You can feel optimistic about life and want to expand, explore, and pursue opportunities independently.


Moon In Aries Square Pluto In Capricorn

There may be challenges over power and control, and it can be easy to go low, but try to maintain some high ground.


Saturn In Aquarius Square Uranus In Taurus

It’s time to challenge the status quo and break down norms to make way for the new, the future, and possibility. This can be difficult, tiring, and frustrating in the interim, but ultimately paves the way for long-term growth.


Sun Enters Pisces

You can be more imaginative and creative, compassionate, helpful, and in tune with your intuition and spiritual self over the coming weeks.


2nd Quarter Moon Phase In Gemini

Take time to make adjustments over the next week with your plans and ideas.

Venus In Aquarius Square Mars In Taurus

You may be extra passionate and sensual, but this can lead to frustrations. Try to release the energy through creative pursuits. Otherwise, it can lead to challenges in relationships.


Mercury Direct In Aquarius

With the retrograde ending, you can start to feel like you’re getting back on the right track with your future and can start believing in your dreams again. You can slowly improve connections with others and be more comfortable working independently.


Moon In Gemini Trine Venus In Aquarius

You can get along better with others, and communication can be improved with little effort.


Moon In Cancer S*xtile Uranus In Taurus

You can make changes in ways that will improve your foundation internally or in your personal life. These can be changes that allow you to be comfortable.


Moon In Cancer Opposite Pluto In Capricorn

Others may fight you for power and control, but it may be a reflection of an internal struggle that you’re having with yourself. Look in the mirror and assess if that’s the case.


Mars In Taurus Trine Pluto In Capricorn

You can be extra passionate and driven with whatever you’re interested in and can dive fully into what you do. This is excellent energy for taking control, transforming, and moving forward.


Venus Enters Pisces

You can be more compassionate and empathetic in your relationships over the coming weeks. You may be more willing to make sacrifices for loved ones but need to be mindful of healthy boundaries.

Sun In Pisces S*xtile Uranus In Taurus

You can feel more comfortable with pursuing change in your life. Your instincts can drive you and act as a guide along the way, and you can stick with it once you get going.


Moon In Virgo Opposite Venus In Pisces

Other people may be frustrating, and there can be opposition in many ways. You may need to work on finding some balance in your focus on practical matters versus helping others.


Full Moon In Virgo

This is time to finish small projects, get work done, and get the little things out of the way. You can be productive and need to make sure you’re not pushing yourself too much and taking breaks as you need them.


Moon In Virgo Trine Mars In Taurus

Energy can be high, and your emotions can inspire you to take action in some way.

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