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Emotional balance and finding the needed security in your life will be prominent with this transit. For many of us, the year has made us deal with challenges, emotional upheavals and threatened our emotional security. 2021 was littered with tests and trials, especially when Saturn entered Capricorn and we were all left scurrying about trying to find some grasp on our own reality as we were led into a deeper despair. This is quite different compared to the turmoil of Saturn in Sagittarius, which made us feel an existentialist nostalgia, whereas this Saturn transit in Capricorn is really “punishing” us for not learning some lessons we have avoided. This year we were forced to face the tasks and the criteria in order to have a soul growth. If we are still in a melancholy state after this year filled with eclipses that left us broken and empowered…you still have a lot of growth to do. As the year progressed, we should have been able to see our wrongs and tried our best to correct them. It was a time for inner growth (be it emotional or spiritual), it was a time to learn to be selfless and it was a time for us to embrace empathy. Finally, as we close out this year, we look back and should congratulate ourselves for making it this far. For those who started their Saturn Return, stay strong and for those who are still shaken from the residue of Saturn in Sagittarius, keep going. Finally, for those of us who rose from the challenges and came out stronger than ever, congratulations and continue to do you.

The Full Moon has now entered into her domain of Cancer. She has enlightened us and is now softer than the wrath we felt during eclipse season as well as Cancer season. We are now recovering from the aftershock and we can accept the nurturing side of the Cardinal sign. Here we come in tune with our emotions and think about what makes us happy. After a tough year, it only makes sense that we want to approach the next year with a clearer mind and harmonious spirit. Appreciate this Full Moon because it will bring out the loving side in you as well as help awaken that warrior spirit within. This transit will make you feel somewhat at peace and if it does not, consider taking a few days to break free from the internet and meditate. Now to see how the Full Moon impacts the signs.

Aries – Time to focus on you and the emotional healing that is needed. Those around you will need you strong and resilient for the next challenge that 2021 will bring about. You are the matriarch/patriarch and the encouraging spirit at home. Make sure to shine brightly and to keep your head up.

Taurus – Appreciate the harmony and blessings this transit will bring since it will help to heal and nurture your creative side. There will be a lot of inspiration during this Full Moon, so put your plans into focus and make things work. Dreams will be stronger than usual and your bonds with those around you will strengthen as well through communication. Your words are powerful, use them wisely.

Gemini – You will feel enlightened and confident in yourself. The material things will take less of a meaning as you consider new ways to grow your finances or purge the things that are no longer needed. This is a great time to sit back and take into account the things you need and do not need; this also means people in your life that are not helping you get stronger emotionally and spiritually.

Cancer – It is your time to shine as you feel a wave of reassurance and confidence in yourself. When the Moon is in your first, you will feel euphoric and mentally balanced. Here we have someone who becomes the visionary and is not afraid to dream. Love this time and moment and flourish because this wonderful feeling will lead you into a brighter and more loving 2021.

Leo – This would be the perfect time to meditate and relax. Take into account some of the things that have been bothering you and try to let go of any negative feelings in your life. This phase will make you want to avoid being in social circles for the time being. Collect yourself and then come back out to enjoy the festivities and wonders of the end of the year.

Virgo – A great time to reconnect and enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by the people you love. This is not a moment to be afraid, but to expand and connect to the world and people around you. Virgo has worked hard this year and has probably hibernated from everyone. Time to come out and be unafraid to shine.

Libra – You will become more popular and gain some form of recognition with this transit. Keep the blog up to date, go out and enjoy the festivities, but be careful not to be sloppy because your actions will be scrutinized during this transit.

Scorpio – Learning is always key for Scorpio and this is a wonderful opportunity for you to reflect on the past and future. Come into contact with some new ideology or channel your spiritual side. A good time to consider learning a new trade, skill or just read up on things that have you curious. Your words are powerful and will impact many people as they will see you as a mentor.

Sagittarius – A good time to consider your spending habits and how you can tackle any financial insecurities you might be having. The Moon illuminates this house during the transit, so do not be afraid to seek financial advice or help from other trusted sources. Read up on things that interest you and try to connect with the person you’re partnered with (if you’re in a relationship) so you can find other things to make your bond stronger.

Capricorn – Independence will come to mind as you consider the status of your needs, wants, and desires. Work has taken precedence over a lot of things this year, so there are many questions on your mind. 2021 will have you working harder or focusing on your personal and intimate relationships. However, I have a feeling that this time of year will make those who are partnered feel stronger than ever. New business prospects are also on the horizon, so this is not exclusively romantic. Severing ties with employers can be another thing. This is a time for harmony, balance, and self-love. The love you give to others will be magical and passionate.

Aquarius – Before entering 2021, you might be considering adopting a new regiment or a health routine. The Full Moon allows you to visualize and plan for it. If you were debating it before, consider taking the necessary steps after receiving guidance from trusted and certified nutritionists (or even your doctor) before taking the leap. At work, the energy might become more nervous, but you will happily take on any challenges in the new year.

Pisces – New Years’ will be a moment of celebration and fun. You will feel alive as you come together with friends and/or family. If you were feeling melancholy, this Full Moon serves to change your outlook for the better. This is your time to shine and become fearless. Stay safe and enjoy.

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