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Every Zodiac Sign Has Its “I’ll Love You Until…” What’s Yours?

Aries: “I’ll love you until you surrender in every way.”

Aries isn’t afraid to go after what they want. They will chase and hunt endlessly. That’s why you will lose an Aries as soon as things get too easy for them.

They enjoy the thrill of the chase, so it’s advisable to leave a little mystery hanging between you and your Aries partner. Otherwise, they will get bored.

Keep them busy. Always let them chase after you and do their best to keep you in their life. Then they will spend their whole life knocking you off of your feet.

Taurus: “I’ll love you until you hurt my feelings.”

A Taurus has a soft heart underneath that tough exterior. They don’t let anybody in easily but once they do, their love is unbreakable.

However, if you play with their feelings, if you hurt their heart or make them feel insecure about you, you will lose them for good.

To avoid that happening, stay true to your words. Make your promises come true. And by no means insult them in any way.

There is always a way to say things nicely without making them feel humiliated. Words can hurt and you can never take them back, so be careful.

Gemini: “I’ll love you until you try to double-cross me.”

A Gemini resents nothing more than a person looking at them from above, thinking they are intellectually superior. They will see right through any manipulation scheme going on and put a stop to it.

They are communicative and smart so they appreciate someone they can bond with on some deeper intellectual level. However, they won’t forgive anyone who thinks they can outsmart them.

Be straightforward and clear about everything you say and do—that’s really the only way to stay with a Gemini.

Cancer: “I’ll love you until I don’t lack emotional safety.”

Cancer is a highly emotional and compassionate sign. They always try to understand people and give them the benefit of the doubt. They are the ones who would do anything for love.

Be that as it may, what they crave the most is emotional safety. They need to be reminded daily that they are loved and appreciated. They need someone who is sure of their feelings.

Going back and forth and being indecisive will make a Cancer lose trust and run as fast and as hard as they can from you. So if you can’t tell them where you stand, don’t even bother to date them.

Leo: “ I’ll love you until you take me for granted.”

By default, a Leo is the loudest and most confident of all zodiac signs. They will be equally confident in and invested in their love relationship.

They love themselves but they will love their partner just as much. They will do everything in their power to make them happy and satisfied.

But once they feel like there is no reciprocity and that the other side doesn’t even recognize their efforts, a Leo will slam the door and never look back.

If you want to keep a Leo in your life, follow their lead. Invest equally, respect and appreciate them, otherwise you will lose them.

Virgo: “I’ll love you until you break my trust.”

There’s nothing that a Virgo appreciates more than honesty and loyalty. If you lie to them or, God forbid, cheat on them, you can forget about them for good.

They will erase you from their life forever. Lies are intolerable, no matter the reason. They know that the basis of any relationship is trust. Once broken, it will never be the same again.

If you are serious about your relationship with a Virgo, stay trustworthy. There is no room for white lies, lame excuses, or unfulfilled promises. They are all about honesty.

Libra: “I’ll love you until you disturb my peace.”

Hectic relationships full of conflict and disbalance are not made for a Libran. They are the diplomats and peacemakers of the zodiac.

If the relationship they are in doesn’t flow in harmony and sends them on an emotional roller coaster ride, it’s only a matter of time before they decide that enough is enough.

A Libran has a forgiving nature so they won’t give up on anyone so easily. But if they find themselves in some hectic situation, it will gradually make their love fade away and they won’t be able to forgive forever.

So, if you are serious about dating a Libran, don’t mess with their inner peace.

Scorpio: “I’ll love you until you lie to me.”

A Scorpio in love is really something remarkable. Their love is full of acceptance. They won’t care about your past, your flaws or the things that make you feel ashamed, as long as you don’t keep them a secret or keep secrets from them.

Secrets have a habit of coming out and once a Scorpio finds out that you have been lying to them, they won’t be able to let it go so easily. Sure, they might forgive you, but they will never forget.

They will hold resentment inside that might eventually make the whole relationship crumble. So, whatever you do, be honest about it and a Scorpio will love you with all your perfections and imperfections.

Sagittarius: “I’ll love you until you kill me with pessimism.”

The belief that something better is waiting for them just around the next corner is the driving force behind a Sagittarian. They have a positive outlook on love, work, life and any situation before them.

That’s why someone who only focuses on the negative is not the right match for them. All that pessimism will drive them crazy and make them pull away from a relationship.

If you want to keep your relationship with a Sagittarian, make sure to look on the bright side of things. Be their greatest supporter and not someone who holds them back with negative thinking.

Capricorn: “I’ll love you until you give up on love.”

A Capricorn is love in itself. They are ready to go above and beyond if they feel that love is real. They will love unconditionally, support and try as many times as necessary to make things work.

The only time they give up on love is when they see that there is no point, that all the efforts and investments are only coming from their end and that the other person is not involved in any way.

They will eventually get exhausted by that entire situation. So if you want to stay loved by a Capricorn, make sure that you reciprocate all that they are giving you to keep your love alive and constantly work on bettering your relationship.

Aquarius: “I’ll love you until you stop being yourself.”

An Aquarian will value nothing more than a person who has embraced their own individuality, someone who is not afraid to speak their mind and state clearly their opinions on certain matters.

Aquarians value people who are genuine and intelligent and not those who are conformists who just nod their heads and agree with everything they say or everybody else says.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and stay true to your morals and principles. Even if they don’t agree with you, Aquarians will applaud you and stay intoxicated by your passion and uniqueness.

Pisces: “I’ll love you until you make me question if I am your one and only.”

Someone with a wandering eye and a flirty nature isn’t the right match for a Pisces. Even if the situation doesn’t go beyond ‘innocent’ flirting, they won’t be able to tolerate it.

If there is a seed of doubt planted in their mind that they are not the only one you think about or share your bed with, they will run as fast as they can from you.

So if you are serious about your intentions with a Pisces, don’t make them doubt you. Make sure they know they are your one and only and that there is no one like you for them in this world.

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