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What’s your dark side? Find out which is yours based on your zodiac sign.

Everything in the world is made up of light and shadow and this obviously applies to people as well. Between strengths and weaknesses, we all hide corners less in light and of which sometimes we are not proud. Points less in light that for some may even represent a dark side.

And since it is an aspect that can be influenced by the stars, today after seeing what is the thing that we should never say to the zodiacal signs, we will find out what the dark side of each of us is according to the stars.

Discover your dark side based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Pride
Well yes, you probably already knew about it but your darker side is what leads you to get stuck on things. Sure, many tend to confuse it with stubbornness but the truth is that what drives you to keep going even when you know you’re wrong is pride. An ugly beast that you just can’t get rid of and that, on the contrary, you almost seem to appreciate it to the point of not wanting to do anything to change. Be careful not to pull the string too hard, though. Because sooner or later it could break.

Taurus – Being possessive
It can be said that you are competing between two dark sides which are being jealous and extremely possessive. Between the two, however, what turns out to be more burdensome is your being extremely possessive both with your things and, in particular, with people. The problem, in fact, is that you don’t realize when you go over the limit. And that, in the long run, could lead you to take a step longer than you should. For this reason, working on it could be a great idea, especially in love.

Gemini – Incoherence
If you look at your way of being, incoherence is a distinctive trait that in many ways also characterizes you positively, making you original and unpredictable. When you tend to exaggerate, however, the risk is to tire those who need confirmation and, not finding one, ends up losing patience. For this reason, you should also learn to take into account the point of view of those around you. Only in this way, in fact, will you be able to enjoy healthy and pleasant relationships.

Cancer – Instability
It is said about you that you are touchy and moody and that you often tend to be temperamental. Your true dark side, however, lies in the instability that emerges in the worst moments – those in which you feel most vulnerable. When this happens, you give the worst of yourself without worrying about the consequences. And this can also lead to the end of important relationships. Which you could avoid by just controlling yourself a little. Or, learning to apologize.

Leo – Pride
Well yes, although it is generally thought that your worst flaw is always wanting to be at the center of attention, in reality, what distinguishes you in the negative is pride. Feeling superior to others is in fact something that happens to you often and that you don’t even try to control. An aspect that makes you lose points in the eyes of others and on which you should therefore work. After all, life isn’t always a race. And learning to enjoy the path in the company of others could be much more enjoyable than you think.

Virgo – Negative
Negativity Let’s face it, you have a lot of negative points. After all, precise, meticulous, and hypercritical as you are, you manage without too many problems to stay on top of those who have no way of experiencing your strengths. Nonetheless, your dark side lies in your negativity. You are in fact able to bring out the worst in any situation. And when you do, you’re good enough to be the first to get depressed. Starting to see things from a different and more sunny point of view would help not only the relationship with others but also your life to be more pleasant.

Libra – Indecision
Although in words you are a person able to convey serenity and trust, when it comes to going personal you often prove to be indecisive. A feature that you are the first not to bear and that is why it represents your darker side. The one able to make you lose your patience, to send you into crisis, and to make you lose that sense of balance that so fascinates others. Working on it by starting to make very small decisions and then increasing from time to time could be the right way to change things.

Scorpio – The Need for Revenge
Your dark side is practically there for everyone to see although it is much more dangerous than people imagine. It is about your need to take revenge for every little wrong you have suffered. Which is combined with your ability to always succeed thanks to ingenuity and patience. Those with whom you can wait for the right moment to act. Learning to let go, however, may be more enjoyable than you think. After all, even being Zen is something that belongs to you deep down. Why not focus on that?

Sagittarius – The superficiality
Of your flaws, what can be considered a dark side is your superficial being. It is in fact a way of being that often leads you not to worry about hurting the people around you. Which also makes you step on someone if that can lead to you getting what you want. Fortunately, you always have time to work on yourself. And by doing so you may realize how much being a little deeper hides many opportunities for happiness that, otherwise, you may not notice and never grasp.

Capricorn – Selfishness
True, many know you as a busy person with little time for others. When it comes to the dark side, however, one you should pay attention to is selfishness. When it triggers, in fact, you tend to lose the sense of balance, even playing dirty to get what you want. A way of doing things that risks making you estrange (even forever) from the people you care about. Working on it and learning to be both more sincere and more attentive to the needs of others is the step you need to make things better.

Aquarius – Self-centeredness
Maybe it doesn’t seem like it but you are an extremely self-centered person. And you are to the point that this is your dark side par excellence. When it comes into play, in fact, you tend to forget everything, becoming selfish and sometimes even grumpy. An aspect that does you no honor and that in some cases can even lead you to quarrel with those around you. Learning to also consider the importance of those around you is certainly the best way to find a sort of balance able to move away from this way of being too negative.

Pisces – The Melancholy Side
Although you are among the zodiac signs with the most positive sides, when you go to the dark sides there is little you can do. In fact, one can only focus attention on the levels of melancholy that you sometimes manage to put in place. Sensitive as few, you can transform this quality into something negative, and that without the right brake can overwhelm those around you. Fortunately, you are also able to notice this and remedy it. What would help you completely, however, is to learn just not to exceed certain limits. Only in this way, in fact, will your sensitivity be only a virtue made of light and devoid of any shadow point.

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