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Doomed to suffering: which zodiac signs are the easiest to break a heart

Astrologers told which representatives of the astrological dozen dissolve in partners.

Representatives of several signs of the zodiac have to suffer more than others because of feelings. Astrologers told who is most worried about love dramas.


As it turns out, Geminis are nervous and rely on attraction to their partner more than the rest of the zodiac signs. They always strive to please their soul mates. Gemini is not characterized by selfishness and in this regard, they often forget about their desires. Sometimes representatives of this zodiac sign give themselves so much that they cannot stop, Gemini lose their heads from falling in love and follow the feelings.


Libras try to avoid and resolve conflicts at all costs. They want partners to adore them. When there is trust in a couple, Libra can be selfless. And this is precisely what sometimes goes sideways for them, because a partner can use the location of Libra to their advantage exclusively for themselves.


Sagittarius can seem very demanding in love , while they are vulnerable and open to new relationships, behave honestly towards their partners. Unfortunately, soul mates can easily hurt representatives of these zodiac signs. 

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