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Don’t Try: 4 Signs That Will Never Love an Aries

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“How can you not love Aries?” – exclaim people whose heart is once and for all occupied by a beautiful fiery creature. “Why love him?”, the guys will ask in response, who, at the sight of Mars’s ward, begin to get nervous and angry. We will find out under what signs of the zodiac these citizens were born, and why Aries has no chance.

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The astrologers of that it is only necessary for a calm and balanced sign of the Earth to notice Aries on the horizon, as he immediately loses his temper and becomes furious. And the thing is that they are too different, because the impulsive, freedom-loving and quick-tempered Aries literally drives crazy and incredibly annoying calm and conservative Taurus , and it should be noted that these feelings are mutual. Of course, both affection and sympathy have a place to be, but you shouldn’t even think about love – they will never be together, because, as the song says, they are not a couple at all.

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The slow pet of the Moon, prone to self-contemplation, feels like a brake next to the energetic Aries, and even an avid critic. How to love a person next to whom the mood and self-esteem are falling? Better Cancer will crawl into his cozy shell or go in search of someone more calm.

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Aries runs, the earth trembles – still, because the fire of Aries is a real volcano, it is chaos. A disciplined Virgo will not be able to withstand such a test. It’s understandable, because the Virgin falls into hysterics from the crumbs on the carpet, and the pet of Mars is not able to maintain order – it’s boring.

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Dreamy water creatures swim in their cozy world and are not going to destroy the created harmony. And Aries does not fit into this ideal picture at all – how can you love such a restless and irresponsible person? But Pisces don’t like it. Aries is hot, and indeed, he is somehow too fast. Let’s sail away before it’s too late – they say Rybki and are carried away to their quiet and calm pool.

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