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Don’t Tell These Signs That You Miss Them If You Want Them, Look For Them

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What good is it when people fill their mouths saying they miss you? You’re welcome, someone who really wants to spend time with you is capable of anything. There are zodiac signs who are tired of pretty words, who are not willing to continue to deal with promises that do not have a date. They want you to tell them where and when they see each other because otherwise, the words remain in the air. If you want themlook for them, show how much you care about them, and let them pretend. If you do not have the courage to make a space in your agenda, better not try it, because the world is full of liars. Look, do not tell these signs that you miss them, if you want them, look for them:

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1.- Leo 

Leo, he doesn’t want you to fill his tray with pretty messages or tag him in posts that describe all the love you have for him. He wants to see actions, not to be dealing with people who fill their mouths bragging how much they love him, but in the moments that he needs to support the most, nobody shows up. Leo is tired of pretexts, he does not have time to listen to arguments that lead nowhere. If you really want to change and show that you care, start with facts. It is a sign that is not there to guess the feelings of the other, but not to beg. Now, what you are looking for are reciprocal relationships, if someone is not prepared to give everything that he gives, it is better that he follow another path.

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2.- Sagittarius 

It may seem that the liberal part of Sagittarius is not picky, because, in reality, they do not want to become a toxic person. However, he knows that he does not have the need to be begging anyone for attention. He remains silent, waiting for the person to make a change, but if he does not see that there is an intention, forget it, he is not going to get hooked on anything. It is a sign that you know what you want and when you feel uncomfortable with someone, you prefer to thank them for what they had and say goodbye in the best way. It is not there to have unstable relationships, in which they love you today and who knows tomorrow. When his philosophical part enters him, he understands many things. For example, that you do not want to be with someone who gives you hugs from afar when you can do it from the front.

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3.- Taurus  

It is simple, Taurus likes to be told things to his face, he does not beat around the bush, when someone cares he does what is in his power, and a little more, to show the person that he has a place in your priority list. We are talking about one of the busiest signs of the zodiac, his mind never really stops, and his list of activities is the same. So if he has time, so does the rest. He is not to tolerate a bond in which only hearts are sent by messages, those paper relationships are not his thing. If you care as a friend, lover, or family member, take the reins and show with an unexpected visitor that you really want to hear from him. Do not tell him that you miss him if you really want him to go out and look for him. You know his address, what is your excuse?

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4.- Gemini 

Gemini has a strong personality, those who know him know it and also know that he hates to pretend something that he is not. When it comes to relationships, he is capable of breaking all kinds of barriers in order to get what he wants, let’s say he throws himself into the ring at the least expected moment and can talk about anything, thanks to the fact that his intellect allows him to reach places. unique. Although, people may mistake him for being a bit cold and not being able to show his true emotions. However, it does not intend to fall into the nonsense of the unfinished, that type of relationship that does not lead to anything, and that only waste your time, because the person lives it saying that he misses you and at the same time does not move a single finger to see you. I’m sorry, but that way Gemini doesn’t want you in their life, you show it or you leave.

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5.- Scorpio 

If your intention is to keep a Scorpio interested while you drag them off, let me tell you that you are going the wrong way. It is a sign that what he hates the most is that his emotions are minimized, he is not going to allow them to hurt him, much less play with his way of loving. In those cases, his authoritarian and analytical side comes out, let’s say that Scorpio has the gift of putting you in your place and reading your primer, what do you want? If your goal is just to hang out, then don’t waste his time by saying words that aren’t born to you. Scorpio has also had loves that are passing through, he has no problem with it, but he does with liars. You don’t want to hear someone tell you they miss you all the time and do nothing to change the situation. If so, you better look the other way.

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6.- Aries 

The fact that Aries is last on this list has nothing to do with their capacity for tolerance. That is, when he realizes that the other person is only playing with his feelings, he puts up a barrier without thinking about it at that moment. Aries, is very strong, he has war in his soul, you do not know it, but you do not want to awaken his bad side because you will end up regretting it. It is a fiery, authoritarian sign and when he feels that they are only seeing his face, his uncontrolled side comes out. He is not afraid to say what he thinks, if you start telling him that you miss him, he will face you until you can no longer tell the truth. Aries loses charm easily and more when it comes to a person who just wants to bring him behind him as if he were a lapdog. Forget it, that does not work with Aries, if you are not ready to show emotions better say goodbye.

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