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Like? Thing? Is there a ranking of the most anxious signs of the zodiac? Are you there? You’re not there? Should you tell someone? Ok, come on, let’s stop teasing you: let’s check the top five positions together!

Let’s start this horoscope ranking today with an important question: Do you think you are the most anxious of all the people you know? If the answer is yes, it means that, in all likelihood, you have the anxiety of being anxious: perhaps you don’t need this horoscope ranking !

Come on, let’s joke: let’s find out immediately what are the signs that can’t help but always imagine the worst scenario!
(And, as a result, they make you imagine it too!).

The most anxious signs of the zodiac: are you also in today’s horoscope ranking?

Some people cannot help but live in a regime of constant anxiety. They are those people to whom, as soon as you mention something, a scenario of pure and true terror opens up in front of your eyes.

Like? Did a colleague say anything about their work? Well, they prepare to resign, apologizing for wasting everyone’s time.
Does the boyfriend have to tell them something? They spend hours and hours sobbing, convinced that the end of the relationship has come.

In short, we understand each other: the anxious exist and are among us. While seeing the glass full of problems is a complication in itself, indeed, anxious people (by dint of having anxiety ) are right sooner or later.
How about: is it worth finding out which are the most anxious signs of the horoscope (so you can keep an eye on them)?

Taurus: fifth place

Ford Taurus, anxiety is a trusted companion. Dear Taurus, we are sorry to tell you but it is evident that this is the case!
After all, Taurus has always been anxious about everything and everyone: work, relationships, daily chores, or whatever else comes to mind.

Those born under the sign of Taurus are those who constantly mull over their words and actions until they are exhausted.
The reason? Simple! They are among the most anxious signs in the whole zodiac!

Virgo: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Virgo can be truly anxious when they want. The Virgin is a sign that should have everything perfectly under control, ordered, and precise as only they can imagine.
When, unfortunately, things don’t go the way the Virgin wants, open up heaven!

For Virgo, being anxious is simply something they feel when other people can have control over them.
Impossible to try to make them think: either you do as the Virgin wants or the Virgin will be anxious!

Pisces: third place

Empathic, a little disorganized, convinced that they have always forgotten something important. Dear Pisces, you know very well that you are very anxious but there is a twist: by dint of pretending not to be, you end up wallowing in anxiety even more!

Those born under the sign of Pisces are people who struggle enormously to hide their anxiety and they succeed only with unspeakable efforts. What happens, therefore, is that they are now used to moving in a whirlwind of anxious thoughts and terror that constantly envelops them. But wouldn’t it be better to just admit that you’re anxious ?

Cancer: second place

Impossible to try to defeat the anxiety of those born under the sign of Cancer. Anyone who knows a Cancer knows: they always think of all scenarios, for better or for worse!
Cancer is that sign that is always at hand everything you need to survive in an apocalypse.
It starts from the bottle with water, passing through handkerchiefs and plasters, ending up with medicines, books to pass the time, and a snack (of course. Impossible to run out of food!).

The reason? Cancer does not believe that there will be a holocaust Nuclear short but, simply, is anxious!
Always concerned for his and others’ well-being, Cancer is a sign that they struggle to manage their emotions when it comes to anxiety.

So if you’re dating Cancer, always remember to text him as soon as you get home. He won’t be quiet until you let him know he’s okay!

Aquarius: first place in the ranking of the most anxious signs of the zodiac

Well yes, dear Aquarius, you certainly imagined you were in the ranking of the most anxious signs of the zodiac but not to occupy the first place, right?
Ah, no, you imagined it: there is nothing to say, your ” anxiety ” has thought of everything!

Accustomed as they are to worrying and taking care of others, those born under the sign of Aquarius are people who have a strong need for order and control.
When something escapes their hawk’s eye, anxiety starts to devour them and you can rest assured that Aquarius will do whatever it takes to get back on track!

The Aquarium is people who think always an option for most, that maybe you have not realized.
They must always have a plan B or a way out: most of the time they are right but, often, they risk becoming suffocating!

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