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Today we decided to reveal what are the humble false zodiac signs: don’t you think you are in this ranking? Let’s find out the truth right away!

It will have happened to you too, at least once in your life, to want to boast of something but pretend absolutely the opposite.
Maybe it was a time when you knew you were going to get praise, virtually sure, and pretended to be mocking yourself or not wanting to be the center of attention.

In short: pretending to be humble is absolutely not crime and the police will not arrive with lights and sirens explained to arrest you at your home, that’s for sure.
What we can do, however, is trying to understand which are the zodiac signs that pretend to be unpretentious practically every day of the year. Aren’t you curious to find out if you are in our ranking today?

The humble false zodiac signs: here are the top five positions of today’s horoscope ranking

There are people who, even in the face of lavish praise or goals achieved after so much effort, do everything to hide in the sand.
They certainly do not do this for any reason in the world other than, simply, their humility and modesty. As admirable as these people are, however, it is also true that the more they hide, the more others will try to celebrate them!

This mechanism is well known by all the ” false humble ” of the zodiac (and also, simply, of our lives).
After working hard for an outcomehumble fakers want to be celebrated and praised – they just don’t want to say it outright!

Have you ever met someone who claims to hate their birthday and then, every year, organizes or has their friends organize at least a week of celebrations?
Or has it ever happened to you to sit in front of a friend of yours, talking about more and about the hand until he, absolutely out of nowhere, asks you: ” But you don’t ask me anything about my last great success ?”.

Well, if one or more of these situations have already happened to you, then you have surely met a humble fake. If, on the other hand, you don’t really know what we are talking about, we have bad news for you: you could be the real false humble of the zodiac!
Let’s find out today’s ranking together!

Pisces: fifth place

Sweetkindgraceful, never out of place: those born under the sign of Pisces seem truly humble to us, don’t they?
Too bad that, often and willingly, they are not like that at all but they are … definitely false! Pisces are people who live ” disconnected ” from others and always on another planet … at least as long as it suits them!

They don’t mind being modest fakes: don’t worry about Pisces, they don’t need help. Their self-esteem is pretty high!

Aries: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Aries are very humble people … just pretend! Aries is one of those signs that always speaks of itself in derogatory terms, only that while it does so it takes the opportunity to tell you all its life About him, deathmiracles, and successes!

Aries, in fact, is a true humble fake: he knows what he is doing and when he has done something great and is certainly not ashamed to ” show it “. Then, Aries always and constantly pretends: we all know, however, that true humble false hides under his coaxing!

Virgo: third place

Those born under the sign of Virgo know well how sincerely little humble and falsely modest they can be. After all, in fact, Virgo is a sign that she doesn’t spare hard work and puts great effort into everything she does! From the look she has in the morning when she leaves the house, to the words that come out of her mouth, to her work tasks, you will never find that Virgo is out of place.

Compliments, for the Virgin, are the daily bread: she expects them and she expects them even done well! She will always try to downplay it even if, in reality, she can’t wait for you to let him know how good you know they are!

Leo: second place

Leo is also a sign that tries (and often succeeds) to mask his arrogance by pretending to be humble.
Leo is certainly not a sign that is afraid to show his successes or to be praised for his greatness of him; what he likes most of all, however, is to pretend that others want to celebrate itagainst his will!

In fact, Leo is a sign that works hard and wants its results to be recognized only when it can show itself completely.
Along the way, when you have to get down and work, the Lion says he hates how others try to praise him … this, however, is a beautiful lie, just a humble false sign!

Leo, in fact, is one of those signs that expects nothing but compliments, admiration, and lavish praise. You absolutely can never guess when is the best time to compliment him. Leo will always pretend to be truly humble!

Libra: first place in the ranking of “humble false” zodiac signs

Dear friends born under the sign of Libra, the time has come to confront, perhaps, one of your worst flaws. Not only are you absolutely not humble (which, of course, is not a crime) but you are just a fake modest!

Libra, in fact, is a sign that highly values its successes and hard work. Nothing wrong with that, of course: it is a sign that is very committed and that has a great reputation for success, often going so far as to usurp what is not his!

For Libra, therefore, being false modest is mainly a  modus operandi: instead of seeking and asking for their own praise, those born under the sign of Libra pretend nothing has happenedUnderneath, however, they really expect you to be aware of their many qualities and would even go so far as to make you bearish figures to let you know!

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