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Astrologers pronounce themselves on the most spendthrift signs of the zodiac. They can’t resist the temptation to shop.

If you’re always broke and can’t save a penny maybe you can blame the stars. Some zodiac signs are born spenders and often get caught up in a shopping spree. Find out if you are part of them.

Managing your finances is not a game and it is not at all easy. Many people find themselves spending more than they earn each month and always having money problems. Resisting the urge to shop is impossible for them, and their home may be full of useless items. Find out who I am.

Here are the 5 most spendthrift signs of the zodiac

If you are part of this ranking you may not be the right person to manage the finances of the family, better delegate to those who can not give in to unnecessary expenses.


Aries likes to enjoy life and not make sacrifices. He loves company, hanging out with friends, and having a busy social life. To attend all these events he also wants to be impeccable: clothes, perfume, hair in order, etc. All these outings are expensive but they make him extremely happy, the only one crying is his wallet.


Cancer is a sign that they love their family very much and love to make their loved ones happy. For himself and for those he loves, he spares no expense. All he does is repeat only this then that’s enough but practically he does it every day and in the end, it is not so pleasant not being able to make it to the end of the month.


Leo is a sign that has a hard time recognizing the futile from the necessary. For him, everything is indispensable and he needs many things. Too bad that he neglects to take into account the fixed monthly expenses that he has by ending up going out of budget. Luxury and beautiful and good things attract him too!


Libra is a refined sign, very esthete and with a great taste, cannot remain impassive in front of elegant things and with a certain style. He always justifies himself by saying that it is an unmissable offer but in the end, he cries along with his wallet.


An impulsive and passionate sign like Scorpio cannot resist the temptation to make a deal. This sign is the classic spree type. Shopping gratifies him and gives him immense pleasure, for him the money is only for this, to take away many whims. What a satisfaction!

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