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Are you one of those zodiac signs who hate Valentine’s Day with all their heart? No, don’t try to ignore it: today’s horoscope ranking will tell us the truth anyway!

We know, we know: you’ve already said yes to your partner regarding dinner out and maybe you’ve even got him a gift.
Underneath it all, though, you can’t help but hate the party of lovers with all your might.

You do not do it with a conscience: it is really that you can not stand Valentine’s Day!
Come on, don’t worry: you are not the only one in this situation. Therefore, we have decided to let you discover which are the five signs that hate celebrating the party of lovers!

The zodiac signs that hate Valentine’s Day: you are not alone, here are the top five

Some people love to celebrate Valentine’s Day: they buy anything heart-shaped, hang pink swags and expect to go out for dinner on February 14th.
(Hey, let’s not forget that February 14th is still very cold!).

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Well, this is a ranking for all the people who hate doing these things: yes, dear zodiac signs who hate Valentine’s Day, this is the ranking for you!
Here, among the top five positions, you will find other “friends” zodiac signs who cannot help but hate the party of lovers with all their heart. How about: would you like to meet the next people who will listen to you complain about February 14th ?

Scorpio: fifth place

What a surprise to find those born under the sign of Scorpio … only in fifth place in our ranking today!
We would have expected to find the practical and down-to-earth Scorpio much higher in the ranking of zodiac signs that hate Valentine’s Day, right?

Scorpio is a sign that he does not completely hate Valentine’s Day: he likes to celebrate it if the partner likes it but, if the partner does not remind him of it, Scorpio forgets precisely about this holiday.
For them it is a boring interplay between the numerous commitments they have: they hate him but without passion!

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Capricorn: fourth place

If we could have expected to find Capricorns in today’s ranking, perhaps we will be amazed to see them only in fourth place.
Yes, dear friends of the horoscope, Capricorns hate Valentine’s Day: it doesn’t matter if they told you that, in reality, they are happy to celebrate it!

As with everything about them, Capricorns hate having to do something of a necessity. Here, then, that the party where lovers are expected to celebrate becomes an annoying date rather than a pleasant recurrence. Don’t overdo the pressure on Capricorns when it comes to Valentine’s Day!

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Gemini: third place

On the first step of the podium of the zodiac signs that hate Valentine’s Day, we meet all those born under the sign of Gemini.
This is a sign that he cannot help but be and always go against the tide: let alone if he likes to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Gemini always gets into trouble when it comes to doing something for others in an ” obligatory ” way.
If they feel they have to give a gift because there is a party designed specifically for that, rest assured that they will try in every way to pretend nothing has happened. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but sometimes seeing a Gemini gnorri on Valentine’s Day, while pink heart-shaped festoons flock around him, can make you laugh!

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Leo: second place

As? Those born under the sign of Leo do not like Valentine’s Day because the focus of the question is not on them but … on the couple!
Dear Leo, it is useless for you to make that face: we know very well that you hate Valentine’s Day and a good part of the reason is really that you are not the center of attention!

It is difficult for Leos to let others take all the limelight. And this, unfortunately for the people who are close to them, also includes their partners!
Of course, Leo is also a sign that they get angry and get excited quickly: that’s why Valentine’s Day is a real stumbling block for them!

They don’t want to go out when everyone else goes out, go to dinner when everyone else does, celebrate by buying the same gift that everyone else is buying.
In short, Valentine’s Day, for Leos, is a far too basic party that flattens them: don’t force them to celebrate it with you!

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Sagittarius: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that hate Valentine’s Day

Dear Sagittarius, you thought you would (as usual) go unnoticed on our radars, didn’t you?
Too bad that stars and planets can see even without radar (pass us the joke) and they told us that you are at the top of the zodiac signs that hate Valentine’s Day!

As independent as you are, it’s already a miracle if you Sagittarius are in a stable relationship. You generally hate serious relationships and cannot truly suffer from an intimate relationship with another person. Sagittarians can only be with the person who will love them for life – other relationships are just too close for them!

And when it comes to Valentine’s Day, all Sagittarius are secretly shaking. They hate the idea of ​​having to celebrate such a gooey and sticky anniversary, made just for people who aren’t as independent as they are!

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