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The zodiac signs with their heads in the clouds are people you generally can’t count on. Because? Well, isn’t it obvious?

How many times have you happened to talk to that friend of yours and, after opening your heart to her, she looked at you with vacant eyes and asked you: ” Excuse us what were we talking about ?”.
Apart from the anger that her reaction triggered in you, let’s face it: you already knew that she would go like this. After all, that person always has their head in the clouds … just like these zodiac signs!

The zodiac signs with their heads in the clouds: here is the horoscope ranking

We all know that there are people who, no matter how hard they try, just can’t keep their feet on the ground.

The reason is simple: they are part of the ranking of zodiac signs with their heads in the clouds!
These are signs that they just can’t help but spend all their time staring at people in the void, as they think… well, nobody really knows what they think!

So, how about: could you be in today’s horoscope ranking?

Cancer: fifth place

Cancerians , of course , will not like being in today’s ranking of zodiac signs with their heads in the clouds .

Dear Cancers , we know that you believe you are always alert and alert but you have too much to think about as well as too much to romanticize about .

Capricorn: fourth place

When you manage to grab the attention of Capricorns we can assure you that you will have a wonderful experience.
Their attention is complete and completely focused on you.

The key word here is  when : having the attention of Capricorns is practically impossible. Always focused on themselves, those born under this sign are always with their heads in the clouds . They cross the street with the red light, they don’t look where they put their feet and, generally, they are completely disinterested in everything and everyone!

Pisces: third place

We know that you would have expected to see those born under the sign of Pisces much higher in this horoscope ranking .

Pisces are definitely people with their heads in the clouds but don’t be fooled by their attitude.
Much more often than they like to admit, Pisces are actually attentive to what happens: they  choose to have their heads in the clouds to avoid problems and complications!

Gemini: second place

If there were races for the zodiac signs that always have their heads in the clouds , Gemini would always come second.
They would forget to participate or what they have to do to be qualified: in short, they have absolutely no feet on the ground and are always lost in the clouds.

Geminis are generally a little reliable people . They don’t do it out of meanness or because they are unable to have goals or plans to follow.
They simply have a lot to think about and dream about, away from everyday reality: don’t blame Gemini if ​​their head is in the clouds.
They don’t hide it!

Libra: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs with their head in the clouds

Those born under the sign of Libra really have their heads always in the clouds: they lock you in the house while you are inside, they forget about appointments and deadlines and, often, they speak out loud thoughts and personal considerations that they would do better to keep to themselves.

Let’s face it, dear Libra : a little bit it is true that you have your head in the clouds but it is also true that you have exaggerated this attitude of yours to pass as clumsy and funny inexperienced.
Only now the situation is completely out of control and you have won the first place in the ranking of the zodiac signs with your head in the clouds !

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