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Is your partner one of those zodiac signs who prefer intelligence to physical appearance? Don’t worry: let’s find out right away together!

Yes, some people really can’t help but fall at the feet of scientists, mathematicians, or, generally, great professors.
Would you ever have said that?

Instead of six-pack abssparkling biceps, and long, flowing hair these people look primarily to the presence of mind, intelligence and accomplishments. Hey, now the question arises: is it not that your partner is with you just because you are beautiful ( absurdly beautiful, to quote a famous movie ) and not because you are intelligent? Let’s find out now thanks to the horoscope, what do you think?

The zodiac signs that prefer intelligence to physical appearance: we hope that, this time, your partner is in the rankings

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What do you look at in other people?
Are you interested in the measurement of the shoulders and the circumference of the waist or do you prefer to have someone with whom you can talk about abstract topics or who can fascinate you with their knowledge?

If you prefer the brain to the physical, there is a very real possibility that you are in today’s horoscope chart!
You are not alone: there are also all the other zodiac signs present in our ranking of today!

Well yes, today we talk about all the zodiac signs that prefer intelligence to physical appearance: we hope to find your partner in the ranking too, right? Here is who is in the top five: eyes open!

Capricorn: fifth place

We only place Capricorns in fifth place on our ranking today for a simple reason. This sign has a problem with physical appearance (as we all probably have) and often falls dazed at the feet of people who are only attractive to the eyes!

When, after a while, Capricorn realizes that you are not as ” smart ” as he would like, he ends up getting cold and rude. It ignores you, does not talk to you, and behaves as if it did not exist: for them, ultimately, the brain counts more than the physical!

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Pisces: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Pisces, while yielding to the fascination of the flesh (we could say so), are people who prefer the intellect to physical form.
The Pisces are people fascinated by the character of other people and often are in love without even knowing it!

Those born under the sign of Pisces will be able to confirm it: they fall in love at any moment and also with incredible strength and the reason is the whole “brain”.
Pisces cannot resist someone wittykindintelligent, and very sweet: this is the recipe to conquer them!

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Cancer: third place

Finally, we meet those born under the sign of Cancer in this ranking. Cancer is a person who often and willingly finds himself in love even if … he just didn’t want to!
It’s not uncommon for Cancers to start relationships with people they don’t like physically – especially after saying they don’t like them!

Let’s be clear: sure that Cancers like their partners or companions but let’s say that the physical aspect, for them, definitely came later.
If Cancer feels an emotional connection with you, you don’t need to worry about anything else! (Except when you break up: ask a Cancer for a physical opinion about their exes and you’ll hear a list of flaws that will blow your mind !).

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Taurus: second place

Those born under the sign of Taurus are people who do not look at the physique of their boyfriends. That’s why, often and willingly, he also happens to have to deal with people who are not exactly attractive!
Ford Taurus a partner is much more than a beautiful figurine.

This is true for everyone (more or less) but for Taurus, it is especially important. This sign can not establish a true and proper connection with others if they are not “smart”, especially emotionally, as he wants.
Sure, Taurus doesn’t mind getting busy with simply attractive people but they just can’t be with you if they don’t find your brain attractive!

The Taurus, therefore, is truly one of the zodiac signs that prefer the brain to the physical aspect and demonstrate it with their relationships.
Their partners are people who stimulate them intellectually: they couldn’t do otherwise!

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Aquarius: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that prefer intelligence to physical appearance

In the first place, finally, we can not help but crown the Aquarius as the real kings and queens of preferring … intelligence!
The Aquarium is people who do not judge others based on physical, especially when we talk about the search for a mate.

For Aquarius, a good partner has many characteristics: from reliability to emotionality, from hard and pure intelligence to the ability to help them in what they cannot do (very little).
The body, for Aquarius, is one of the last boxes to check and they do not always look for partners because they are “beautiful”, indeed!

Let’s say that it is precisely one of the last things that look in others: the Aquarius, simply, think first of elective affinities than those of the flesh!

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