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The stars reveal to us what are the signs that they can’t stand the separation and that they will contact you the same day with the excuse of Valentine’s Day.

The separation is hard for everyone but for these signs, it is particularly hard. These signs will always try to recover the situation and will take every opportunity that presents itself to do so and Valentine’s Day is a really good opportunity, so expect to be contacted within the day.

If your ex is part of these signs, he will do everything possible to get back to you and the party of lovers will put him in a position to not be able to desist from the temptation to try yet another reconciliation.

Here are the zodiac signs of the exes who will return to the attack tonight

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Each zodiac sign has distinct characteristics. According to the stars, some signs are very tied to the partner and for them the idea of ​​separation is maddening. Even if they are now EX they do not give up and are waiting for the right opportunity to return to action. If your ex is one of these signs by tonight you can be sure he will be heard.


When Cancer closes a romance even though they know it was an inevitable decision, they can’t help but feel frustrated and depressed. His ordeal is too great a burden to bear so much that he begins to believe that the best solution is to go back to the ex and rebuild what was destroyed. He will surely play the Valentine’s Day card to get you to try again in the name of love.

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Virgo is another sign that is struggling to get over the idea of ​​a breakup, and it’s hard for him to accept the idea of ​​separating. He is in great pain when a love story ends and he feels distressed at the thought of having to make a big change. As the party of lovers approaches, the thought of loss becomes more devastating and he won’t be able to keep it at bay for long.

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The Scorpio in love who has suffered a breakup suffers from the lack of his relationship and he too on Valentine’s Day will take the opportunity to try to get back with you again. And he will do it again and again because he is extremely stubborn.

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Capricorn seems to be getting over a sentimental breakup but is harboring a lot of pain inside. As time goes by, he realizes that he cannot or rather does not want other relationships and he will realize that he has lost the one thing that made him happy. Having come to this conclusion, he will wait for the right moment to ask for a second chance from his loved one. He will apologize for a long time and will be very convincing because he will feel enlightened.

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