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Height is half beauty, true beauty comes from the heart and all those other proverbs won’t get the better of us. Yes, it’s true: beauty is subjective but wouldn’t you be flattered to be in the ranking of the five most beautiful signs of the zodiac?

Okay, okay, we know: beauty is subjective and it is impossible to tell who is beautiful from whom not.
There will always be someone ready to tell us that we are wrong and that the ranking is all backward!

This is lucky: after all, if 99% of people in the world think you are ugly, there are at least 77 million people who can’t wait to tell you how attractive you are. Not bad, right?
Today’s horoscope ranking, on the other hand, is here to help us understand which are, according to stars and planets, the zodiac signs that are always considered attractive. Do you think you are in the top five too?

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The most beautiful signs of the zodiac: here is today’s horoscope ranking

It is useless to seek the opinion of your mirror: it will always tell you that you are wonderful, much more beautiful than others!
It is also wrong to ask your grandmother or your parents what they think: in their eyes, you are planetary models!

But in short, who should we contact to find out whether or not you are among the most beautiful signs of the zodiac?

Obviously to stars and planets, since they have already drawn up today‘s horoscope ranking. Are you ready to find out if yours is among the top five positions of the most beautiful signs of all? Let’s find out together who stands in the ranking of the beautiful and do not be offended if you are not there: many people will disagree with the result!

Libra: fifth place

Yes, those born under the sign of Libra conquer a place in today’s highly coveted ranking. Libra
is among the most beautiful signs of the zodiac: good for those who have a partner born under this sign, right?

Libra has high regard for themselves and their physical appearance and is considered beautiful precisely because they always take care of themselves perfectly.
They are not people who love heavy make-up or complicated outfits, this is not. You will never see them, however, sloppy or unprepared: they know how to sell themselves very well!

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Virgo: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Virgo are also found in our horoscope chart today because it is virtually impossible to see them walking around disheveled or not elegant.
What a heresy, the Virgin does not rather leave the house!

Virgo is a sign that has a real attention to aesthetics and is always refined and perfect. They are beautiful because they take maximum care, they are very sure of themselves and they are very careful to follow trends: you certainly cannot “catch” them with the boots of the past season!

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Pisces: third place

Graceful, kind, able to charm practically anyone: we could not fail to include those born under the sign of Pisces in our horoscope ranking today! Pisces
, in fact, are almost always considered very beautiful: they are the real confirmation that, in life, it is important how we place ourselves rather than the physical characteristics with which we are born!

For Pisces, the only real crime is to behave without elegance. They are people who care a lot about their public image and, for this very reason, they learned from an early age to always do the right thing. They are downright beautiful, for all the right reasons: if only we could learn from them!

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Cancer: second place

Even those born under the sign of Cancer are often recognized as having a particularly important beauty. The inner one! That’s why we find them so high in our ranking today: even Cancers are particularly able to charm all the people around them!

The most beautiful zodiac signs of the horoscope all have this characteristic: that of being truly fascinating, no matter what or how their features are in the mirror! Cancerians
, in particular, are people capable of penetrating your innermost, perhaps with acute and detailed questions, or simply thanks to their intuition.

At that point, for you, it’s practically over: you are captured more by the inner beauty of Cancers than by their physical appearance!
This causes you to see them not only as beautiful but also, even if you don’t want to, regret them and want them when you least expect them. They are true wizards!

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Aquarius: first place in the ranking of the most beautiful signs of the zodiac

Dear Aquarius, stars, and planets have decided to give you the palm of the most beautiful signs of the zodiac.
It is a nice recognition: what do you think, will you celebrate it? Ah, how do you say? No?

We should have known, after all, Aquarius is like this: those born under this sign, in fact, always tend to minimize anything that concerns them.
There is nothing they can do if they are like that! A real character of the beautiful (too beautiful) is precisely that of not knowing absolutely what to do with their beauty.
And Aquarians fully represent this stereotype!

By dint of always caring for the well-being of others, Aquarians end up being surrounded by a particular light, which makes them beautiful outside but above all inside.
Anyone who knows them cannot help but be conquered without even knowing why or how. Dear Aquarius, you are a true heartthrob!

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