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Find out if you love yourself enough or if you pay little attention to yourself. Here is the opinion of the stars.

The relationship one has with oneself is very important both for daily well-being and in the relationship, one has with others. Loving and respecting each other, in addition to generating a certain dose of well-being allows you to have better interpersonal relationships, assert yourself in the workplace, and more easily reach a fulfilling lifestyle.
Several studies show every day that those who love themselves in the right way are more ready to fight and improve their living conditions.
Love for oneself can depend on various things such as how one was raised, personal experiences, character, and influence of the stars. Today, therefore, after having seen which are the signs of the zodiac predisposed to minimalism and which ones are the most fragile, we will find out which ones are loved enough. Since this is an aspect that also affects the way of feeling, to get a more complete idea it is advisable to check your zodiac sign.

And you, do you love yourself enough? Find out based on your zodiac sign

Aries – A lot
Let’s face it, you don’t lack love for yourself. Confident of yourself, you love to get noticed and receive compliments from the people around you. This love, however, tends to rely a little too much on the successes you experience in life, which makes you very competitive and can lead to underlying instability on upon on. Loving each other only under certain conditions is a way to run into feelings that are not always positive towards oneself, which is completely not recommended to pursue. True love for oneself should come from the depths and be there always and in any case, even during any failures.

Taurus – Enough
Always moderate and with your head on your shoulders, you know yourself enough to know how to appreciate yourself beyond what others think and the successes you achieve in life. Of course, this does not stop you from fighting for your ambitions and improving yourself day by day. Love for yourself, however, helps you to keep steadfast even in difficult moments, in which you can build strength based on your abilities which you are always sure of, regardless of any situation. A resource that allows you to always find the right motivation to push even when others would give up.

Gemini – Based on the moment
As often happens with everything about you, the love you have for yourself also follows a variable of its own. There are days when you feel confident in your abilities and, in tune with the world and others when you tend to blame yourself for what is not right, isolating yourself from everyone and looking for something that can make you feel better. The truth is that the road to love oneself is often long and tortuous and only by continuing the journey with commitment and without ever stopping can one hope to reach the desired goal. A destination that would allow you to live better and feel at peace with yourself.

Cancer – Enough but in a twisted way
It can be said that you do not lack love for yourself. However, what creates problems for you is the way you love yourself because many times, perhaps too many times, this depends on what others think of you. As if you were in front of a mirror, you tend to feed on the thoughts and actions of those you care about, never really focusing on yourself. Similarly, and particularly precisely because the stakes are so high, you tend to have too many expectations of others, coming to feel resentment if you feel that you are not loved or valued as much as you would like. It is therefore easy to understand that if you could love yourself apart from others, your interpersonal relationships would also benefit from it.

Leo – Too Much
Among the signs of the zodiac, you are probably the one we love the most. In addition to having immeasurable confidence in your abilities, you love and esteem yourself to the point of always wanting to be the center of attention. Perhaps it is incorrect to say that you feel superior to others but you certainly do not feel inferior to anyone and this state of affairs is evident in everything you do and in the way you treat others. Unfortunately, sometimes you tend to put yourself too much in the center, risking making those around you feel uncomfortable. But this is a problem that doesn’t seem to affect you that much.

Virgo – Little and bad
Although your way of acting lets you imagine something else, the truth is that you don’t love yourself that much. To do this he constantly needs results or to make you big in front of others with merits or acquaintances that you can boast of. You do not have the confidence towards yourself that you would like and this makes you fall into pessimism very often. It is a problem that is difficult for you to solve but that you can certainly improve by working on it and trying to build a better relationship with yourself, basing it on your skills and not on what others may like. It is certainly an uphill path but not impossible to manage.

Libra – Average
Your love for yourself is average. Neither too much nor too little. You certainly have respect for yourself and when you can you try to pamper yourself and take care of every aspect that concerns you. At the same time, however, you are very strict and expect much more from yourself than from others. A way of doing that in some ways do you honor but that in others tends to make your life more complicated than you would like. For this reason, the advice of the stars is to try to be more elastic, forgiving yourself for mistakes in the path and leaving you the freedom to try and make mistakes since, in the end, it is the only way you have to become a better person.

Scorpio – In a complex way
Like everything about you, how you love yourself is complicated and often depends on how you feel about the type of life you lead. Always very strict when it comes to milestones and successes, you tend to love yourself more when you feel like you are working the right way for your goals. On the contrary, you end up not having positive feelings but isolating yourself from any emotion to focus solely and exclusively on your goals. It is a way of doing things that you put in place a little for defense and above all to be able to aim higher and higher. On the other hand, without the right love for oneself, it is difficult to proceed consistently in life.

Sagittarius – Very Good
you want a lot, to the point of often losing the criticality that you should keep towards yourself, reserving it only for others and sometimes even too rigidly. Seeing things only from your point of view allows you to feel invulnerable but sooner or later it could lead you to take a misstep and suddenly feel vulnerable. To ensure that the love you feel towards yourself remains unchanged over time it is therefore important to work on your way of being and thinking and above all, on the poor judgment, you have towards your actions which, unlike what you do for others, you always tend to forgive or justify.

Capricorn – In a contrasting way
When it comes to loving each other, you are certainly not in a good situation. Alternate selfish gestures that aim to satisfy your whims with moments of real self-harm, especially when you take on commitments until you no longer find the time to devote to yourself. The stars, in this sense, recommend balance. A word that is certainly difficult for you to make your own but that could do a lot for the quality of your life, teaching you to live in a more moderate but more authentic way many situations that at the moment you can almost say that you are suffering instead.

Aquarius – So much
You certainly don’t lack esteem and love for yourself. Sometimes you even tend to try so much that you overshadow others and everything to focus on yourself and on what you want most. The good middle ground is in your case the most correct path to follow and also the only one you should consider in order not to risk being alone. After all, if loving yourself is right and beautiful, so is wanting to and others and feeling the love of others for your person. Sensations that you risk getting further and further away from your way of being and that should instead be taken into more consideration.

Pisces – Not Enough
Your ability to love is great. Unfortunately, you tend to focus too often on others, forgetting how important it is to love yourself. If on the one hand your way of doing things is beautiful and of effective use for those around you, on the other hand, it turns out to be a problem for you that you end up too often with the expense of your way of being. The advice of the stars is therefore to strive to always put yourself at the center of things, because only by loving yourself in the first person can you help others you care about a lot. Not to mention that, by doing so, life will appear much more beautiful and worth living.

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