Find out if and how much you can love others and if you love them too much. The opinion of the stars, sign by sign.

Love is known, it is the engine that makes the world go round. That set of emotions that are intertwined with actions that arise from the heart and that lead to experience something new and often difficult to define. Whether it is love as a couple, for your friends, or your furry ones, love is a feeling that must always be celebrated and cared for and that should never be lost sight of.

Yet some people come to love too much, ending up losing sight of themselves. This is not right since the first person you should learn to love is the one you see in the mirror every morning. And since the ability to love too much is influenced, among other things, by the stars, today we will find out if we are among the signs of the zodiac who love too much and what is right to do to find a balance in this regard.

Astrology: Do you love too much? Here is the answer of the stars

Aries – Definitely not
If there is one thing you are great at doing, it is regulating the love you give to others. Whether it is your partner, family, or friends, your love is never completely unconditional but well related to what you receive. For you, the most important person to love is you and this leads you to never put anyone in the very first place. Indeed, if someone tries to make you feel inferior or to receive love without giving it to you, your reaction will be immediate and never positive. In other words, you are someone who knows what she is doing and who, while loving, always uses her head. Which makes you strong on the one hand but sometimes makes you look a little too restrained. Finding a balance between the two could help you better manage relationships with others.

Taurus – Some People Only
Normally you do not let go to the point of loving too much. While being prone to feelings, you always know how to use your head and be rational enough to never succumb to anyone. Sometimes, however, you have your weaknesses, especially with relatives you particularly care about or when you fall in love completely. This way of doing things, which you are also aware of, can push you to step aside or bend over backward for the people you think are important in your life. Apart from that, however, you always know when to stop and how to regulate yourself. Except, sometimes, it takes you a while to get organized. Beyond that, your way of loving, as often selective as it is, is always warm and welcoming. Especially when you can love with the right balance.

Gemini – Not quite
Like any person born under the sign of Gemini your way of doing it is dual. It is therefore an aspect that leads you to love with often different intensities and is connected to your mood of the moment. However, loving too much is not your prerogative because basically, you are often much more focused on yourself than on what is around you. Of course, now and then, you end up losing a little home and if you have the right person by your side you can come to love her uniquely and especially. You’re constantly fluctuating the extent of his feelings means that in the end there is always a certain average that is perceived by others in some way stable. You are therefore saved from loves in which to lose yourself completely. Which for once makes you much more balanced than the other zodiac signs.

Cancer – Sometimes
What about you. Romance runs through your veins and this involves a certain sensitivity towards the subject. When you love you do it with all of yourself and this applies to relatives, friends, and, of course, partners. It must be said, however, that the risk of loving someone to the point of being able to say too much is run more with family members. Your nostalgic streak makes you linked to the past, to the experiences lived together with everything that has become part of your memories over time. For once, your self-centeredness saves you. If you don’t feel like you are reciprocated, you end up taking it personally, detaching yourself to the point that you no longer want to know. A way of doing that is if at times it can create even serious interpersonal problems, on the other hand, it helps to avoid loving someone too much, especially if you are not reciprocated.

Leo – Not at all
Loving too much is impossible for someone like you. You love what you think is right, you can get to do it wholeheartedly but you are by no means the type to get to love too much. You are and always remain at the center of everything and your love for others relates to this, making you free from emotional addictions or hunger for love. Even at the cost of being alone, you always know how to put solid stakes between you and others and in doing so you always manage to manage yourself. Of course, like everyone else you can suffer if not reciprocated but, in the end, you always manage to get over it. The only thing that maybe you lack from time to time is the ability to let yourself go and to be carried away by a feeling that is free from any comparison and that puts in the first place, at least in some ways, someone who is not you.

Virgo – Definitely not
Let’s start immediately by saying that you are not among the people who love you too much. This term does not even fit in your vocabulary. Rational as you are, always start with brakes and consider every gesture or action received to understand how much to push yourself with feelings. Even when you receive a lot of love, you never know how to return it as you would like. And even if on the one hand you often love more than you can show, on the other hand, you have an innate logic that prevents you from loving someone more than you do with yourself. A situation that can make you a little cold and not very emotional but at the same time gives you certain security by helping you to feel strong in relating to others. Sure, letting yourself go a little more might help. But it is something that you should always and only do in your own time.

Libra – Not too much but just right
As you can imagine, as a native of Libra you are a person who is inclined to moderation. Loving someone too much, therefore, is not within your ability. In life you know how to give affection and, of course, you can show in your way that you care for others. Your way of acting, however, always contains a certain amount of detachment that can sometimes be perceived as a wall by those around you. Having said that when you care about someone you’re knowing how to love comes anyway. Solo must also be understood by those who experience it. And when this happens, the complicity is unique, whether it is the partner, a relative, or a friend. While not loving too much, it can therefore be said that you are perfectly capable of loving the right, remaining the balanced person that everyone knows.

Scorpio – Sometimes a little too much
What about you. Your personality is often difficult to frame and this is also reflected in your way of loving. Although you are a person who takes a long time to get to know others when you genuinely get attached to someone you tend to give them everything. And sometimes this way you do it pushes you to do too much. It can therefore be said that he is among those who can come to love too much. It doesn’t always happen and most of the time you realize it in time and know-how to fix it. It remains, however, that while not letting yourself be overwhelmed by what you feel, your emotions are strong enough to take away your sleep. This can occur with anyone but often occurs more with the partner. A situation that makes you feel strong and important emotions that you sometimes hope to feel yourself. Luckily you always know how to balance,

Sagittarius – Definitely not
Loving for you is part of life and is extremely important. Your way of expressing this feeling, however, is not all that strong and all because you tend to have a selfish attitude when dealing with others. One of your peculiarities is to put your needs first and to base yourself essentially on those. Others, as much as you love them, always come after. This is something you know and doesn’t hide that much and that anyone who knows you tends to expect from you. For this reason, it doesn’t create big problems in relationships. Too bad that sometimes you have the habit of becoming disaffected to the point of disappearing, leaving those who were part of your life with a big question mark. A way of doing that, if correct, could make the relationships you have with others better.

Capricorn – It is something that happens to you
Your way of loving others is strange, often fluctuating, and often difficult to frame. In some ways, it could be said that you go to periods but more often than not you are just too busy with your life to have the time to manage relationships as you would like. That said, when you get into the mood where you care about someone, you can get to love too much, giving them too much of you. The problem is that with every distraction you end up looking distant, creating misunderstandings that over time end up producing dissensions and sometimes even quarrels. Working on consistency is therefore an aspect that you should take into account. In doing so, you could make your interpersonal relationships better and above all more balanced in giving and take.

Aquarius – It Never Happens
For you, loving too much is definitely out of the question. Your life is so precious that it leaves no room for extreme feelings to turn to others. One could almost say the opposite, which is that many times you tend to give yourself little. You do it because between giving and receiving you prefer the latter but above all because in life you prefer not to have problems and not to spend too much on others so that only the people who care about you remain close to you. Yours could also be considered a form of defense which in the long run, however, turns out to be counterproductive. The ideal would therefore be to find a happy medium, able to make you feel good and benefit your relationships.

Pisces – Often the
natives of Pisces are people who experience feelings with intensity. Their way of love is therefore total and unconditional. This leads them to love too much more often than they think and without it disturbing them. It is a free choice which they are aware of and which they also know how to manage. They just don’t hold back and let the feelings they experience flow freely. As good empaths, they are always ready to understand and help others. So it is easy to understand how much they know how to love naturally. That said, they are people who also expect to be reciprocated. So when that doesn’t happen they end up feeling bad. Thankfully they can bounce back beyond the ordinary. And above all, they are always ready to start over without ever getting down.


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