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Are you by any chance one of the most sensitive signs in the whole horoscope? Let’s find out right away together with our today’s ranking of the zodiac signs. Hey, come on, don’t go away… don’t be offended!

Has it ever happened to you that you have to deal with a person capable of taking offense or saddening as soon as you hear a word said in a tone that they do not like?
Or have you ever met someone moved to tears because he sees a sparrow learning to fly or because a dog is really small?

No, don’t worry: we are not talking about you … or at least we believe!
How about checking out the top five positions of today ‘s horoscope ranking , the one that talks about the signs … really, really sensitive?

The most sensitive signs of the horoscope: are you also in today’s ranking of zodiac signs?

There are people who don’t mind expressing their feelings.
Whether it’s anger , fear , happiness or sadness , whether they have to pull out tears or long streams of consciousness, these people care little.
They have no problem showing their sensitivity and, indeed, they are surprised when they discover that others do not behave like them!

If you’ve never met someone like that, then maybe you don’t even know a person born under one of the five most sensitive zodiac signs in the horoscope !
This is not a weakness but simply a side of some people’s character that can really put others in trouble .

Ready to find out if you are one of the most sensitive in the zodiac or if, or else, you find yourself in a relationship with someone who can’t help but cry ? Here is today ‘s horoscope ranking !

Taurus: fifth place

While they are generally pretty down to earth, down-to-earth at work and capable of having fun, those born under the sign of Taurus can also be extremely sensitive .
We know, we know: it seems absurd to you, since Taurus is, generally, a sign that does not show much emotion!

What often happens is that the Taurus gets overwhelmed by many situations that really put him in crisis. Generally the Taurus pretends that everything is fine until he reaches the limit: at that point, the Taurus simply explodes and all his sensitivity comes out of him !

Pisces: fourth place

Even if they are absolutely very detached from reality and are not afraid to offend others with their distracted way of doing things, those born under the sign of Pisces can actually be very sensitive.
Of course: they pretend not to hear you speak of them or not to know what you really think of them but, deep down, they really suffer a lot for the judgment of the people!

Pisces , in fact, can surprise you with the depth of their feelings and with the sadness of their soul (or at least when they commit themselves. The rest of the time they are mocking and utterly indifferent … or so it seems).
Even Pisces , therefore, are definitely sensitive when they get involved: be careful when talking to them!

Aquarius: third place

Impossible to say anything to Aquarius without them finding a way to take it personally and take offense .
When we talk about sensitivity, therefore, we must definitely put them among the top positions of our today’s ranking of the most sensitive signs of the entire zodiac .
They definitely deserve third place !

Aquarius , in fact, are people capable of experiencing many feelings and also of externalizing them (although not always in a direct way).
They can be a little passive-aggressive when they want: but it’s all a consequence of the many feelings they experience!

Leo: second place

How? Is Leo second in our ranking today? It must be absolutely a mistake, how do you put them in the ranking of the most sensitive ?
Yet, if you just stop to look at or get to know a Leo better , you will find that not only are they sensitive: Leos are also completely slaves to their emotions !

Often, in fact, those born under this sign seem very cold people , extremely focused on themselves and not very sensitive (precisely) to others or situations.
In short: the Leos have a bit of manias for being a protagonist , don’t they?
It seems that nothing can move them and they behave as if nothing had happened in many situations: it is a pity that inside they suffer a lot!
Their sensitivity is incredibly developed but Leos know only one way to get it out: through anger !

Leos , in fact, are among the most sensitive signs of the horoscope precisely because they try so hard not to be … to amplify their sensitivity beyond belief !
It is useless to try to understand them: in some way you will offend , hurt or make them angry or moved, no matter what you do!

Cancer: first place in the ranking of the most sensitive signs of the horoscope

Did you have any doubts? Those born under the sign of Cancer are extremely sensitive and emotional people and for this reason, of course, they are at the top of our ranking of the most sensitive signs of the horoscope .
We shouldn’t even tell you!

Cancers are generally people in tears in front of the TV : it does not matter whether they are watching  Titanic or a piece of any show, in which the protagonist decides to give a pep talk to a supporting actor. Cancer will always end up having wet eyes and feeling overwhelmed with emotions. We don’t really know anyone more sensitive and emotional than Cancers : they can’t really contain themselves!

Of course, if Cancer is that sensitive, there is also the not uncommon possibility that those born under this sign will take offense at literally anything .
Did you use a too cold tone of voice with them? Cancers get depressed first and then get angry. Does your last message contain one period too many? Cancers do nothing but wonder if you are hiding something from them and so on.
Those born under this sign have a sensitivity so developed that they overdo it many times but, unfortunately for you, they are also able to immediately identify if there is something wrong.
Have you ever tried to hide something from Cancer, emotionally speaking? Then you know very well that it is truly impossible: their sensitivity always helps them to see through the lies of others!

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